Tuesday, March 15, 2011


For a bit of a change, I have been working a bit on updating Aeris to fix some issues

I have added quite a few new images, filling in some more futa cases and some missing images like Naked Apron case.

There were no images like this what so ever, I created this one through head pasting.

Also adding naked piercing images made by CMTyssen.

I am finding quite a few issues
- the Lust Nymph story always happened first morning due to some debug code. It was intended to have a chance once fairy items and encounters had happened.
- I had no addiction drafts but drunk one and got a bad ending. The Use Potion option needs a little work, to hide unavailable options for instance or invalidate the act if no potions available
- some text needed more generic cases (sleazy bar service was for male guests only)
- some Akane left over code. For instance should Aeris be a bad cook?
- some more image edits and tweaks

Trying to also combine the internal breast/cock size code and the standard engine bits

If anyone is inclined, these two images need decensoring, I would appreciate if anyone can fix them. If you like just upload the fixes to a filesharing site like Rapidshare or Mediafire, or post in one of the forums



  1. just wanted to say keep up the good work i look forwared to the next realease

    hope your migraines are getting better

  2. Where can I download upaded Aeris? I've version 3.2.0 atm

  3. Dac
    I am working on updating Aeris, the new version is not ready yet

  4. where can i download the lastest version?

  5. any plans to/ way to make the changes she does to the protagonist carry over to the next "assignment" ... perhaps an added map element... "Aeris' fairy grotto" or something, where 'I' can go and see her and maybe have her work some magic on my new slaves?

    Not that I want to add to your workload Cmac :) ... okay maybe I am just a little bit.

  6. blackeyes_friday13th
    Of what? If Aeris, please read my last post. The game, see the download links

    People have asked for a version where she can be retained, and the original developer says he intended it as well, but gave up before then. Once I finish the updates and added a new path, I'll look at that mode.

  7. any idea when the alpha version your working on will be ready for beta and have a new full game download ready (new patches + updated slaves and assistants) all in one?

  8. Any chance of the addicition draft not giving a bad ending, but rather when she masturbates or other sexual activities you suffer the same effects of your assistants under the effects.

  9. just woundering if being refine as the slave trainer will have any real affect on the game

  10. most of the "Touch Her" selections at night do not end up with words. I've noticed this on Shampoo and Aeris so far, not sure about anyone else. It just shows a picture but with no words at all at the bottom. Also, i've noticed with Shampoo, not sure if it happens with anyone else, if you make your assistant "Lick Her" she ends up giving the slave a blowjob, even if they are not a dickgirl yet.

  11. Weston
    not really sure

    Probably not, but there will be ways of getting a good ending with the Lust Fairy story

    The skill does give advantages to your slaves refinement progression. The slavemaker stat has no effect in the alpha version

    those issues have been reported and fixed. Thanks

  12. Just wondering, will freelancers be able to keep Rei when the 'sell but buy back anyway' is replaced?

  13. Not in the standard story, actually Freelancers should not be able to train her at all. But I will have to add a story for that case. Currently High Priestess Daruna is jealous and posessive of Rei so would not allow her to leave.

  14. One thing I wish was that if you bought certain items, like the dildo and the plugs, and a few other things, that you could keep them through each girl, rather than having to buy them again. i can see buying the clothes and such over and over, but the training items? or the milking machines?

  15. Thanks for all your hard work. I just have a quick question, my save profile seems to have gotten messed up. My slave maker's personal gold displays NaN. Is there a way to fix this through editing the save file?

  16. i notice it somthing like that to me as well except it split my gold and no longer gives the option to pool gold or seprate it

  17. stonechitlin
    That issue is caused by a bug with Mai (since fixed). The easiest fix is to revert to a previous save game but I assume you do not have one.

    You can edit the save game, changing the variable(s)
    to an appropriate value

  18. ---Hey, I have an issue.

    I downloaded the latest version of the game, but it leaves me hanging at the assistant selection screen. It asks me to choose from a non-existent list, and doesn't leave me a chance to move on. What should I do?

  19. jpl08c
    the alpha version is an update NOT a complete game.

    First download the full 3.1.10b (or c) version and then install the alpha version over top

  20. Hey, idk if u still remeber me, i was the guy complaining about stats problems.
    I forgot to ask about the lady grey proble (im with 100 in naginata skill and she didnt appear). Did you test it?

  21. I have a suggestion for a new slave Kallen Stadfeld from Code Geass

    I cannot work out why she does not appear for you. The test is simple, basically you need skill 30+ and to have not refused her challenge.

    Sorry I forget, did I ask you to give me a save game (sorry if I did)?

    Kallen is under development by a person in the Futanari Palace forum

  23. Thanks for the reply cmac, that fixed the NaN problem. Speaking of Lady Grey though, does anything ever happen with her? At least as a male SM I have dueled her many times and won, does anything aside from that happen?

  24. Is there a problem with Minako because there is no way, that I can apparently figure out with a lot of story combinations, to get the cat savior ending. She will not accept being a cat slave at 50/100 points.

    Also, Peach's pictures are not correct when placing equipment on her. Her picture is also missing in the assistant selection screen.

  25. ---Can someone give me a short installation explanation? I've downloaded all three parts of b, as well as c, but something isn't quite connecting as of yet.

  26. jpl08c
    - Download the 3 parts of 3.1.10b
    - extract to a folder (just extract part 1)
    - now extract the update 3.1.10c into the same folder
    That is all that is needed

  27. Is there a problem with Minako because there is no way, that I can apparently figure out with a lot of story combinations, to get the cat savior ending. She will not accept being a cat slave at 50/100 points. When she goes to the party with Miss N, the guy makes her act like a dog, not a cat.

    Also, Peach's pictures are not correct when placing equipment on her. Her picture is also missing in the assistant selection screen.

  28. Jon
    the cat savuior ending is all tied up to her rescuing the True Catgirl, and learning true catgirl lore.

    How have you progressed on that story arc, have you met her and her friend at the lake? Have you gotten sufficient lore and been told the ritual phrases?

    Is she wearing the cat dress?

    The Peach issue, well, she is developed by another deceloper and we are waiting one a new update.

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  31. Ugh, sorry about the spam. Had some difficulties posting. I wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you have done on this game, you rock!

    In short I have two questions. First, will you make the slaves sexuality behaviour be optional? At the moment it seems both buggy and a bit strangely designs, as it seems like bisexual slaves hate sex acts with both genders which makes very little sense. Secondly, do you have any idea when you might be releasing a new full version?

  32. Victarion
    The sexuality effects will not be optional, but they are fixed.

    No idea at this time, I may do an updated alpha soon, but a full version is still a while away

  33. can't wait to see the new alpha then ^.^

  34. ---Hey, how do I accompany my slave on her appointments? Personal supervision, I think it is?
    How can I do that?

  35. jpl08c
    Click on the button on the top right labeled
    'Assistant Supervision'
    and it will change to
    "Personal Supervision"

  36. Thanks for the reply cmacleod!

    When you say the sexuality effects are fixed, do you mean that the bugs are fixed or that you have changed the system? Because when you first announced it you talked about "There will be penalties to obedience, joy, love depending on < 25 < 50 < 75 ranges" which seemed to indicate that bi slaves disliking sex with both genders was part of the design.

  37. Victarion
    the bugs are fixed and the system has altered as well to add a band in the middle with no penalties

  38. Cmac,
    So am I to understand the party is not required? That all I have to do is continue to go to the Brothel until the one cat girl gives me the secret introduction?

    To answer your question I have a save where Minako has met the cat slave in the Brothel, and I have sent her to the lake. Cat slave value is at 50/100, True Cat Lore is at 30/30, and she has been wearing the suit since cat slave 20/100, since that is the only way to get the score to advance.

    From your statements above it would appear that the traditional progression to generate a cat slave is not necessary, attending Miss N's party. That is good to know since it was a pain to get her to invite Minako and work out the timing for getting her to where the cat suit.

  39. Did you meet the cat girl in the brothel? She is also found in the Sleazy Bar instead (randomy chosed at start of game). But your lore is 30/30 so you should of gotten the ritual phrase already!

    Walk to the lake, do you meet the True Catgirl at the lake? Does she ask for help?

  40. hey cmac :) i got the same problem like jon, but my cat slave - level is on 50/100 (accepted)
    true catgirl-lore is on 30/30

    i met the cat girl in the brothel many times, but there es no ritual phase actually, im on lesbian state an dickgirl now
    whats to do next?

  41. Cmac,
    After getting that far she just keeps saying "I will not teach the phrase to someone who has not accepted being a cat slave" or something to that affect. If I go to the lake the true cat girl says nothing and jumps in the lake. Not sure what else to do.

    Will we ever see a point where Shampoo, or you if playing as lesbian/hermaphrodite, going to have your child and that somehow affect the game?

    A couple suggestions: Is there any way to remove some of the assistants that have no added abilities and add them to the purchasable slaves in the slave market, or turn them into slaves you can train, but with no fancy story lines or endings like a lot of the characters?

  42. Jon
    can you please post as save game for me to investigate.

    For the assistant suggestion
    An assistant can have as few as 1 image, most have a few. They have no where enough images to be converted to a slave, really it is just the same as developing a new basic slave.

  43. Minako's acceptance of being a catgirl does not happen at Nibiki's Party at 50/100 (although you may still have to go there to move past the point), her acceptance occurs during one of he chats she has with a "fellow catslave" worker while working at the restaurant or bar. She suddenly declares it. I got the Cat Savior ending, but naked with only cat-ears and tail (tho I did own the catsuit; handy to have when naked is less than an option, like some visits and acolyte)

    I don't know where else to turn... I've been trying to join MasterBloodfer's forum. I've done so under my email, as well as my husband and sister's as well (LoveRobin, LoveRaven, IlMarkll) just to make certain I didn't lose something to spam of accidental deletion.

    All we ever get is an email from canalmail, in Spanish, but can discern nothing like an "activation code or link" to finish the registration process. Also cannot find any valid email or link to access for help *without* being an activated member...

    Can *someone* PLEASE HELP? Contact them for me? Have an Admin or Mod contact me? (loverobin at aol.com)

    Please and Thank You

  44. Oh, and the True Catgirl Ritual Saying is not given as an actual phrase, but after several visits with her the text says "she tells you the phrase and gestures", so that when you go to the lake you "uses the phrase and gestures", which then moves the plotline forward.

    Dunno if anyone has mentioned yet, but in Alpha (maybe earlier but my SM wasn't at that level a catgirl trainer yet), when reaching catgirl 100/100 it reads as "perfect caRgirl"... "r" instead of "t"

  45. Love Robin
    For the Masterbloodfer forum you cannot use a hotmail account (you never receive the email) and maybe other such accounts.
    Try www.futanaripalace.com, I am active there as much.

    The cargirl/catgirl issue was reported a while ago in the forums and has been fixed. Thanks

  46. ---Is there a trick to getting milked? I turned my milkers into Knight Shan, and I haven't been able to get them to bite since that slave.

  47. Mac
    Thank you for your hard work, i like it a lot!

    Can you add some more training for the slave-maker, like catgirl and/or true-catgirl training and other stuff?

    It will be fun, don't you think? ^^

  48. Cmac,
    No I can not post a save b/c I deleted my saved game to start over with a different background, and b/c I may have accidentally deleted the SM3 folder in an unrelated blind PC rage the other day. :} If I run into the issue again I will let you know.

    With regards to your suggestion response I would like to have a few more general slaves. Everyone has some super secret story lines and endings. Be nice to train up some plain old slaves like the original now and again. Just saying.

    Any way you could throw in training a furry or two. They are in the game and you have encounters with them, but you never get to train one. Also, would be interesting to train a male slave if you were a female slave trainer.

    Any other new characters besides Aeris and Peach being worked on?

  49. jpl08c
    The Knight shut down the farm basically, so that is it for now, the farm is gone.
    I need to alter this process a little, but to get milking back you will have to start a new game

    those trainings are planned

    Krystal the Star Fox is in development and is Gardevoir from Pokemon

  50. I use AOL for my email. Thing is, I found via Google a whole list of topics on MasterBloodfer I'd like to peruse, but cannot read without active membership.

    Where, what folder, are the saved games to be found? I need to edit my Gold from NaN to a value as well.

    Random thoughts:

    > For us trekkies, the race of the tentacles could be "Kelvan" (from TOS: By Any Other Name), as the aliens' original form was described as "like an octopus with 100 limbs". Sounds like a tentacle creature t'me!

    > Would be great to capture a tentacle(Kelvan) or so, then submit slave to it for a Day or Night Session, ala Lending.

    > Part of Slut Training: chores like "Random Blowjob/Pussylicking" and "Sex on the Street" like the Morning Encounters.

    > Would be nice to make actual Tentacle Whores, ala the one Secure Pens encounter, plus ala Riesz's recruiting (would need a class of NPC girls, perhaps Sleazy Bar Lovers, more Nuns, etc)

    > Would be nice to be able to move to a different home. Gain enough gold to buy or rent a new Home between Trainings.

  51. More random thoughts:

    > Once I get Assistants, would be nice if it kept track of their training. I spend time to make them courtesans, catgirls and ponies, (and naked) and then as Assistants they "forget it all"... LOL

    > Would be nice to segregate the listing of slaves under My Gear as Trained and Purchased. Perhaps the Trained in Bold?

    > How about training Bodyguard and Combat Maid Slaves? Reuse the Arena. Give Maid Sumi some hidden depths...

    > I love Gardevoir! As she is a "race" and not an "individual", can maybe train more than one/once?

    > Slut Maker background should be able to train cumsluts and/or pussysluts even without Cumslut Kasumi. Perhaps at a Higher/second level.

    > I want to keep Rei, dammit!

    > I was looking to buy the Twin Sister slaves from the Arena (one turned herm and mounts sister, "Will be available on the block tomorrow"... liars!)

    > Ponies should have option to "Take for a Ride", a combination of Ride Her and Take for a Walk. Maybe as a Personal Supervision and at higher Pony Trainer Level.

    > Slaves with catsuits should also have ability to reach their special abilities/endings even with cat-ears&tail (naked), even if it takes longer, or must wear the catsuit to get *past* a point in their training. I prefer them naked.

    > What, no Bunnygirls? Considering the Sleazy Bar routinely uses the costume… could be a Slut Training.

    > Would be nice to have option for a (some?) slave(s) to be TWINs. Perhaps have half again as long for training and stats harder to affect, using more gold (items needing to be doubled, etc). Perhaps requires a Renown Leveling.

    > I bought Onsen Spa, but the storyline still referred to Lady Azure as the Owner. I could discern no benefit of making it my Home. What's up with that?

    > (Fallen) Nun Training. Perhaps as a punishment/penance/"holiness cleansing"... Slut Nun, Temple Whore, etc

    > I tried the various other Backgrounds (True Catgirl, Catgirl, Elf, etc) but discerned no appreciable difference to the game.

    >Ino the Assistant can train Ino the Slave!

    > Would be nice to become a Dealer of Training Goods. I mean, once I'm 4th Leader or 3rd Pony or 2nd Catgirl, etc, and I have like tens to hundreds of thousands of Gold, why cant I buy and maintain a supply of Gear? Pony/farmhouse could be the Stables the same way Onsen Spa can be a Home.

    > Speaking of oodles of Gold, should be able to "Buy Nobility" levels, perhaps Titles.

    > I should be able to buy anything the Morning Trader sells, even if it'll not do me any good. After all, just because my SM might worship the Old Gods or be Godless is no reason why a slave can't make use of a New God Item (vice versa). Especially Rei, Naru, and Belldandy the Halo. Warn a buyer it might not work for them, but allow the purchase and see it it will work for the slave.

  52. There is no new updates. WTF? Did something happens with cmacleod42

  53. Hi first off wanted to say I love the work your doing on this game <3

    Second I wanted to ask if you have plans to make any furry/neko/catgirl type characters? I've tried working with the editor supplied by another user, but it doesn't seem to work for me.

  54. *Love Robin said...
    > I want to keep Rei, dammit!

    As many would like too ^^
    A fun way to give a chance to keep Rei would be to scheme/shame priestess Daruna (maybe using corrupt/demon adept Rei status) so she lose priestess status or is forced to retire from priesthood, and so lose any "official" pretext to keep Rei by her side.
    Could be a quest linked to one of future houses upgrade (temple in this case).

    *Jon said...
    With regards to your suggestion response I would like to have a few more general slaves. Everyone has some super secret story lines and endings. Be nice to train up some plain old slaves like the original now and again. Just saying.

    --> You can download Eri, she's a generic slave with a nice set of pictures.

    *To Cmac:
    Speaking of Eri, there is a dickgirl picture in her cumbath set that appear even with futa/herma disabled.
    I know you're not her creator, but i dont have his/her address so i thought i'd just tell you ^^

    Hope everything is going well with the next update.
    Keep up the good work !

  55. Vermin,
    Where can you download Eri from?

  56. Eri is here:

    Was with one of previous alphas, can also find Ino, Yoruichi and a couple more, but these have quest/story

  57. Vermin,
    Thanks I will take a look. I need to start grabbing these alphas.

    I know you said you wouldn't answer release date info questions but is there a beta coming within the next quarter our so with some of these characters in it?

  58. I just downloaded the SDK and looked at the example slave Akane files. It looks like there's a function called BiggerBoobs, not documented anywhere in the SDK it seems, which returns true if the bust size is larger than at the start of training. It also looks like Akane only has a larger and a smaller breast size for all of her dresses. Given that Aeris' Lust Faerie path has her boobs and her cock getting larger over time, can you add extra boob states (and cock states, for that matter) to Aeris? It would also be nice to have the option for multiple boob sizes for other slaves too, with the forthcoming BE additions...


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