Sunday, March 6, 2011

Status Update

Status Update
 Hi, just an update on the game and me.

I have had a bit if a migrane this weekend and some other issues slowing work recently. Still I have been doing

Mai - fixed and optimised. I have also completely revised her external file system. Previously it was Slave-Mai.var, and was basically http encoded. I have changed this to an xml file, also to support translation like the existing English.xml file. This implements a full translation system to allow slave girls to be translated, so we can create files like

Also this system allows a developer to replace standard text for a slave or assistant with just an xml. When I get the translation system more complete, this will greatly simplify developing a slave.

Part of this I wrote a recursive process to merge xml nodes together, simplifying some current code and lessening memory usage a bit. Unfortunately no native methods did this easily.

Sex Partners - I am implementing a system where you can choose the standard partners used for sex acts. Currently the game just picks random slaves, unless you or your assistant are the partner. This will allow development of minor or bought back slaves. It also fixes some issues with the reluctance/stat issues for doing acts they are not quite ready for

Otherwise some small graphic tweaks.

Other Developers
NarutoXD has released a beta version of Sakura Haruno from Naruto. There are threads in the forums for the releases
password: byNarutoXD

There are a couple of external events in development, please visit the forums for details

Off Topic - Hentai Game "Sex Ed"
This is a game I played a long time ago and lost. It is an enjoyable game where you play a female teacher, a self confessed nymphomaniac. The game is her trying to balance teaching students and seducing them and the other staff members.

An enjoyable game but really only a few plays you get as once you work out what action does what you can work out the ideal strategy to win the game. If not on your first play you should be able to do it on your second.

Still I rather like it. The developer once talked about developing a version 2 but they had a major set back when the project file became corrupt and they appear to have abandoned the game (no posts for over a year)

For the interested

I did toy with the idea of redeveloping this game, but the way the code and timeline is structured is a bit of a mess, it was the developers first flash game. To redevelop I would basically have to completely re-write it. Still a possiblility but remote.


  1. @cmacleod42
    found a text glich were it refers shampoo as having a dick
    took a screen shot

    and hope that migrane of yours goes away faster than mine there a bitch to deal with

  2. jason
    thanks for the bug report. I fixed that one when doing the sex partners changes. Actually I had not updated the Lick action properly for the reluctance stuff.

    The migrane is persisting unfortunately.

  3. There is a similar issue as the witch/alchemy one with futa+amazon tribe and the noble advantage.

  4. hey, did u see the donwload link for the files that i spoke of in past post?

    if u didnt, its 4th last post i think.

  5. TRK
    thanks, will check

    Thanks, yes I have them.

  6. keep the good work! its a rly good game.
    maybe if u got some extra time bring nico robin or nami into this game ;P

  7. I can't download the file from the link( May tou post another link? Thanks

  8. i've tried playing it twice, didn't go very well! haha, but what an awesome concept for hentai game... it actually takes management skills. your improvement on sequels impresses me the most. One thing i ask is to have better quality pictures on events, you can find good ones on Danbooru very easily.

  9. Just a quick question as i'm curious
    Just how much time did you spend on this project since you started editing poolka's 16 mb or so slave maker game.
    Hope you get better soon.


  10. cmacleod42

    I should thank you or apologize for bothering you ^.^;

    well, if u can fix it somehow, how will i know about it?

    thanks(and sorry) again

  11. JunHo
    Any images in particular ou have problems with.

    Please note I extensively browse sites like Danbooru, Rul34, e-hentai so I assure you better quality images are not easy to find.

    I require decensored and colour images for the game.

    Not really sure, I spend at least an hour a day, occasionally more, sometimes less. I have been working for quite a while now, nearly 2 years.

    I have looked at your saves, the obedience issue is just standard. Some girls have a limit on certain stats and Obediance is a common one. To raise the limit
    - have her take the Uninhibitory Drug
    - Spank her. Each spanking increases it by 0.5
    Not sure about the temperament issue, I have no thad a chance to investigate that one yet.

  12. Not relation to this post. but I have a Question

    (Grammar can look like strange. Because I am awkward english)

    That is about Demon Girl. I`m always done. 'Seduction' parameter max 88 percent not 100 :-(

    How can I raise parameter 100 ?

    If you know method, help me please. anyone

  13. Xerox
    currently you cannot (unless you play Belldandy)

  14. Is there a site that has a list of girls being worked on and a link to their most recent update?

    I admit I'm interested to see all the works in progress.

  15. Cmac - I know you didn't develop Sukara but whoever did needs to be aware that she has numerous bugs (errors). I tried to play her using SM version 1.3c and here are just a few of the errors encountered (the last 3 makes her unplayable).
    1) Clothing prices seem wrong or out of order.
    2) Many images are censored or do not match the described event.
    1) A couple of times I was unable to choose my events at night. "Do the planning" was the only option even though no events had been chosen. When it was pushed I rested each event.
    2) After a while the red status bars on many of her stats went clear scross the area wipping out the numbers.
    3) About the same time that happened her cooking stat fell to 4 and both her obedience and reputation stats fell steadly from over 100 to zero. I could occassionally get the obedience back up to around 20 but a visit to the beach or most other actions dropped it back down until it finally stayed at 0 and would not increase.
    4) I was so frustrated that everything was going crazy statswise that I decided to click on the 2 jobs option that had been unavailable the entire game and still had the red slash over them (Ninja and Public Relief). To my amazement I was allowed to choose them but when put into action they really messed up the stat display. Causing strange keyboard characters to appear.
    5) After loading a saved incomplete game of Sakura (before any stat bar problems), I tried clicking the slashed out Ninja option again to see if it worked. I again was allowed to use the option but this time the normal looking stats bars stayed that way (no wierd characters).

  16. Sorry, but where is download link of update?)


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