Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Additional Status

From my last post, I have developed a detailed event parsing system. This will allow events to be fully put into an XML file, making it easier to translated and easier to develop for non-programmers.

I cannot quite figure out how to post xml example code here, so for some examples see the forums, I have posted there examples.

Nothing much else for now, I am still having migrane problems, so time to take it easy.


  1. cmacleod42,

    A status update is fine too. ^_^

    Take it easy for a few days and relax, you've certainly earned it many times over. Here's hoping you get better with all due haste.

  2. You've earned your rest. Thanks for your continued efforts to refine this already awesome game.

    I'm really looking forward to the implementation of the Vampirism and ex-milk slave content.

    By the way, I'm a sucker for the bad ends. Just throwing that out there.

  3. PLEASE, HELP!!!
    I can't export my slave from Builder correctly. I read guide, and I have all fixes. No errors appeard. Maybe I just don't understand how to do that, but when I export, the program is creating a bunch of files but none of them is .swf, they are all .as, one image, and one .txt. Where is .swf file? How to make it?

  4. daniel_jedi
    Slave Builder does not create a swf file. It creates source code that you open with FlashDevelop and then build the swf file.
    This is explained in the guide for Slave Builder.

    a) download and install FlashDevelop
    b) open the .as2proj file
    c) Project menu, build
    This will create the swf file.

  5. cmacleod42
    Thanks for making that clear. I somehow had to missed it in guide. Thanks a lot, and sorry for me being blind ^_^

  6. hey cmac first lets me give you congratulacions for the big eforts, and the magnific job in the sucessifs updates principaly the last one is great^^,hi know you are not in the best of shapes but you have some prevyu for the final format of the version and you have some idea wen krystal fox and other possible furis are launched in the game.
    keep the magnific work and wishs of good healf

  7. Hi!

    I found this game on TVTropes the other day, and have tried playing it a bit. This XML upgrade sounds really interesting.

    When I play a game I often enjoy toying around with the premises. In this case, I'd like to be able to modify what effects on stats various acts give or use. Will that be avaiable with the XML upgrade? Is it possible to do already?

  8. Xzenu
    you cannot do that now. When the event system is in place you will be able to do it for some evenys but not everything will be migrated to the xml, and it will take a while for me to get around to the migration anyway.

  9. the newest version of slave maker seems to contain some bugs. In the game, after I had bought drugs, it did not work. Those girls did not obey my orders.

  10. "after I had bought drugs, it did not work"
    how do you mean?

    Since the alpha version all potions and drugs are not immediately taken. Go to equipment screen and 'Take Potions' and take the drug/potion there.

    Uninhibitory Drug and the Priapus Draft are the exception to this.

  11. what does the "Ex Milk-slave" in the pachage do, ie what are the plus and minus of being an ex milk slave???

  12. Hey.....I tried to use the FlashDevelop program to build the slave and it fails and Im doing what you also says it doesn't recognize the .gif extension...what should I do?


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