Sunday, May 2, 2010

Slave Maker 3 version 1.03

another bugfix for Slave Maker 3. This resolves most reported bugs and adds a couple of small features.

Notable fixes
a) Fatigue increases are no longer multiplied by Slave Trainer skill effects
b) Multiple issues for Rei
c) loading and saving could cause stat capping
d) corrupt save games for some players
e) fixed a number of sex acts and their text

Please note the saves games are now split in 3 parts to reduce possible corruptions some players were getting. This change is completely transparent and also completely compatible with existing save games. After saving the game will create files
I leave it as an exercise to the hackers but this makes it easier to create pre-trained slaves.

Some small changes
a) There is now a Singing tutor
b) There are now Constitution and Fitness statistics, closely related. See the hint for constitution and the small orange bar. Fitness is limited to constitution. Fitness reduces fatigue increases by a maximum of 50%
c) Weapons & Armour only need to be bought once. Until a Slave Maker equipment screen is done visit the armourer and buy the items again and you will be told you already own it and have now equipped it
d) there is a count of type of slaves like ponygirls etc

There are two links below, an upgrade that fixes the major issues, only use it if you are limited by bandwidth. It does not include all the fixes just a majority. Many girl specific fixes are not included

The other is a full install with all fixes, including Menace v1, the updated Orihime, updated Rydia assistant and the new assistant Tsunade. It also removes the Lite versions of Bridget and Mariya. You can restore these by editing
Note assistant Mugi is not included, pending Daisy_strike telling me she is ready.

Full Install - No other version required, the complete game


Upgrade for version 1.02

As always this mirror has all the files, full and upgrade (being uploaded)

More mirrors will follow


  1. Thanks! Not sure if anyone else has found it but I am finding getting the 85 score for shampoo to be rather difficult unless you choose a master that can go above 80 on skills. For example had her at 100 on reputation she had won all four of the main contests and got the trophy been proposed to by the count. Also had her at 100 on blow job and fucking..80 on most everything else except joy I think..only got a score of 66. Seems a bit excessively difficult to me but just my thoughts.

  2. Thanks, very enjoyable.

    @ Daniel, if you're getting a score of 66 under those conditions, you've probably accepted Shampoo's love, and instantly lost 20 points... which means that before that point, you DID have over 85. If it's necessary to accept her love for the ending you want, you may have to come back to her after leveling up your slave trainer skill.

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  4. Just to be clear, if you have 3.02 and just download the upgrade, you don't miss out on anything in the full install, right?

  5. FeralOpossum
    Yes you do, the upgrade "fixes the major issues" but many minor ones are not in it. Almost every girl was changed, but in many cases minor changes fixed. Menace is not included or the changed and new assistants.

  6. I just wanted to let people know that I have another mirror up on my 4shared site. It can be found here:

    I have both the complete game and the upgrade on my site. I have the exact same files that Cmac has posted above plus a single rar file containing the complete game.

    The Windsong Bard


    The Windsong Bard

  7. hey does anyone know how to fix the "more" button bug in the "choose your slave" screen? I click the "more" slaves button, but it only shows the same 7 slaves. How do I fix this?

  8. paparazzi
    There is no bug. In campaign mode (ie if you have not selected 'Sandbox' in options) then you are only shown the slaves you have sufficient reputation to train. It is difficult to remove the more button with the current design so it just loops to show the current slaves.

    When you complete training slaves and your renow builds more girl will be shown in the list

  9. @steamhare. Actually I didn't accept her love on that one. I did the first time I played through but that was on verzion 1.00 and I ended up with a higher score and an ending of sex maniac...just remembered that I think she still had the apron on when I did the ending the second time around. I had put it on to allow her to work in the restaurant naked in the hopes I would get a pic with her in the apron and no other clothes (no such luck) might have been the fact I didn't take it off not sure. Will see what happens in 1.03.

  10. Thanks a bunch again Cmac.

  11. @ cmacleod42:
    So you're saying it's better to download the full install rather than the upgrade?

  12. Do I have to start from begining with every new version ? And second thing....I can`t unpack that, it says there`s an error in file slave-menace.swf

  13. ReMeDy
    The upgrade has a majority of the fixes, not all, so yes it is better

    No you do not have to start over, every upgrade has been comnpatibile with existing save games.
    If you get an error extracting try downloading the part of the archive with the error from another mirror. For Menace you can visit one of the forums and download her separately if you want.

  14. Oh okay, that's what I was concerned with. I was afraid I'd have to start over with the full version. Good to know that's not the case.

  15. **Spoiler Warning**

    Sorry, this may be the wrong place to ask but in readme there is the part under endings/event.
    "Yurika - Dickgirl Milking and/or Dickgirl Cow"

    is there a specific ending for the above or is it just an referance to the event that she can work as orgasm milking?

    If there is an accuall ending for it how to reach it i did what more or less i think was right, though she couldnt become permanent futa. But in the end got married ending. xD

  16. Check the wiki out and the links to the right of the screen turkoo the answers you seek can be found there.

  17. i got a rather decent ranma hentai pix pack. It has some rather good pictures as ranma as a slave. if i wanted to send them, how would i do so?

  18. Jane
    You are welcome to upload to a service like RapidShare/MediaFire and post here. Or join one of the forums and PM it to me.

    I do have a lot of Ranma stuff (900Mb roughly) but hopefully you have some stuff I do not

  19. cmac is the master of Ranma, so I'd be shocked if there's a pic he doesn't have :P.

  20. found several bugs:
    - ver 1.03 night option, lesbian: i've turned one of the slave into a herm (astrid's potion 3x), but she couldn't do the option due to the other slaves & assistant is also herm (the assistant i choose is kimberly, which i've found out that she's a herm only when i tried to do the action)
    - ver 1.03 ponygirl: the bondage action that should begin as the automatic 1st action always got erased when i clean the action or (the next night after the she's converted) when the action is the copy of the previous night. to avoid this, i tick off the option "do the same action" & continue the game. the next night the bondage action will show-up, then i could activate the option again

  21. Satya
    Please do not post bug reports here. Please visit one of the forums and post there

    Be aware the game generally wants female, not dickgirls for lesbian actions. This has been extensively discussed in the forums

    The bondage action can be removed in version 1.03 and you will be warned if you do not do it. She will become unhappy any day you choose not to do the bondage action

  22. So I cleared my Cache using CCleaner, and I wiped my saves. Wish I had remembered that was going to happen ...

  23. Sorry for the delay, I was out of town.

    Currently uploading the 3 original files for the full 1.03 & the update to the following as usual. No more single file downloads as you can find out the reason below.

    Hotfile has added the ability to let others download files even without a premium account at max speeds called "hotlinking". So since I have 1.2tb of traffic for hotlinking so I shall enable it for these files. Enjoy.

  24. I was wondering how you're going about rewriting scenes that are already written?

    For example, the "Make her masturbate" command has been heavily expanded, but the "Fuck her" command is basically unchanged from the very first version of the game.

    Any particular reason why?

  25. SatansBestBuddy
    Visit the MasterBloodfer forum, there is a thread there is people working to rewrite all the sex acts, actually to customise them for each girl instead of being generic to all girls

  26. J'm realy don't understand whay you:
    1.turn off a lesbinans treinings want player choose a play as dickigirl and Amazon profile, beacose I'm think that dickgirl can do the same as normal girl.
    2.Change "Lick her" in to "Make her a blowjob" beacose I'm think that dickgirl can do the same as normal girl.

  27. Will there eventually be any trainable male slaves? Because, as your average bi-sexual dominatrix, I think that the option of male slaves could add diversity and a broader appeal to the game.
    I understand that there would have to be significant changes in some areas, in a similar fashion to the changes applied when training a lesbian slave. I'd be willing to find or provide some pictures for male slaves.

  28. Dumb question: How do you enable ponygirl training? I've got it on in the options, am at the farm house and have equipped the full kit you need in version 2, but the option is not appearing where it once did. Am I missing something obvious?


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