Sunday, May 30, 2010

Slave Maker 3 version 1.05

Hi, a new version and also new hosting for downloads and a website.

Thanks to Shenandoah and the Futanari Palace I now have hosting for the downloads of the game and for a website for it.

The website is

So far the page is very basic with a basic description of the game, the links and these release notes. I will see if anyone is interested in helping to develop the site with me

As I have this generous hosting I no longer need to upload to Rapidshare or MediaFire as I have a generous offer of bandwidth for the game. I will probably upload later to provide alternatives, and to lessen the load for the Futanari Palace.

Download Links
Full version containing all fixes and new features

Upgrade from the previous version 1.04. Only fixes issues in the core game, not any slave specific problems. Only download if you are very limited with bandwidth

Release Notes 1.05
Fixes almost all reported bugs, a couple of small issues remain. Some small code tweaks to optimise and hopefully speed some bits up. You will see the Slave Market screen where you select your slaves girls is a bit faster to load.

Compatible with existing save games, except some changes to events will mean some events may repeat that were intended to be one-off. This will not happen once you start a new game, just for existing games in progress. For example in the Slave Pens you may meet the large breasted slave again.

New features
Kiss action is now always available for your Slave Maker
Order of sex participants altered for consistency (you, servant, slaves)
New creature in the Secure Slave Pens, more story will follow
New minor slave, Cora the nurse
Wealthy background now gets the Maid referred to in their background, Maid Tara, who can assist with some sex acts
Pony Master gets his ponygirl who can help in all sex acts
confirmation prompt when deleting save games
load/save screen altered a little to fix problems with the exact place it is called from
Credits screen updated with links and more credits (sorry Faustie and thanks)
This website, thanks to Shenandoah and the Futanari Palace
Note version number slightly rearranged now referred to as 3.1.05 where previously it was Slave Maker 3 version 1.04
Options screen rearranged into 3 tabs
Courtesan training has a skill showing the progress of the training
Cumslut Kasumi as an assistant allows the slave girl to become a cumslut too


  1. Grats for the hosting and good job on new release :)

  2. Probably missing something obvious, but is there a why to carry over a save game ? Can't find out where they're stored.

  3. Can you upload to, for example? Rapidshare is a little... annoying.

    And sorry my English if it's not tolerable. Still learning...

  4. Error 404!

    File Not Found!

    The link is dead pal.

  5. Yes, the link to full version is dead

  6. Though occasionally but it's works. I use dmaster, and it starts download ~30min later than I add link.

  7. yay its out thanks
    just use rapidshare the wait time is worth it :D

  8. The futanaripalace hosted versions have been removved, the bandwidth was too much for the site.

    I'll add more mirrors later

  9. i've the same problem as jack...

  10. I can't use rapidshare for some stupid reason (my computer doesnt want to, dont ask me why) so direct download is my only choice and its not working...I'm disapointed =( From what Nerva said, its apparently great...I wanna try it out T_T

  11. Hi Cmac. Since hosting the full file stresses the FP servers too much, how about if you just use them as a tracking host for a torrent of the full file. Torrent is usually the fastest d/l means anyway.
    Regardless, ty much for all your hard work. Great, great job.

  12. I have everything up on my 4shared site which you can find here:

    and Squark has the full game up as well here:

    I think we are the only two with mirrors up right now. That should help out a bit.

    The Windsong Bard

  13. Thanks Windsongbard, now I don't even have to wait!

  14. is there a way to just download the upgrade from 1.04 but wif all of the features? i want all the features but i dont realli want to download the entire game again to get the smaller fixes.... >> thx for the game. great fan.

  15. Jack
    Make sure you have the exact same folder name as the previous version. Flash uses the foldername your run the game in for the location of the saves. Change to the same folder and the saves will be back

    I changed almost everything, a version without the changes would be maybe 450Mb instead of 480Mb so I did a full version

  16. Savegames are in:

    C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\932VNRTK\localhost\\SlaveMaker3.exe

    I did a search with locate32 for "SlaveMaker3" to find them.


    It's the first SM version I play... but Mistress Epona won't appear on my map.

    Been visiting the port area again and again and again.
    I get the event where I'm given the gag ball again and again... I can visit the stables (being sent away) but... no Mistress Epona. :((

  17. uh well... the user folder should have been:

    C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\932VNRTK\localhost\[full_game_folder]\SlaveMaker3.exe

    The comment software killed the expression in brackets I used. :)

  18. Sam
    Do you personally supervise the walk to the docks? The mistress at the docks will tell your slave maker about Mistress Epona, not your assistant

  19. Thank you for letting all our girls be lovely cumsluts. cant wait to see what the new minor slaves have to offer.

  20. Honestly considering the size of the game now, you might want to consider some kind of automated diff patcher instead of full downloads. If you did that, i'd be happy to host as well.

  21. ahhh! cmacleod42, thx! I'll try that.

  22. got some bugs for you don't know if they have been brought up and they are all from you full download of v3.1.05:
    first after selecting an extreme sex act the menu reverts to the normal sex acts.
    second (don't know if it is a bug) but cumslut overrode rank 3 ponygirl and duel prize endings.
    third when you start training with cumslut kasumi as assistant your slave automatically gains the title cumslut until you save and reload her. also this causes a weird glitch where the girl gets cumslut cumslut title after accepting the training.
    (don't know if its a glitch but) the other girls cumslut ending text still refer to them as good martial artists.
    I also had a glitch that happened when i trained kasumi as the first girl with powergirl as the assistant. after the training it had power girl in the slot one of assistants as an owned slave and cumslut kasumi right below her with the name powergirl.
    on a side note thanks for also putting in all the optional assistants especially the companion cube hilarious sir. Keep up the good work.

  23. @Flagnine1 - All of those bugs were reported and resolved. Also, the companion cube was my work (also Power Girl). So...thanks for enjoying. :P

  24. I have found another bug. It seems that sometimes when you play a female lesbian trainer your slave will become bugged. By bugged I mean once you "officially" start her on the lesbian training path and then save your game and then reload; Sometimes the slave (in my case shampoo) will revert back to the "normal hetro sex" options and you will no longer be able to move the sexuality meter any further towards the "lesbian" side. Even if you reload a game from a point in which this bug never appeared before the bug will still be there. I'm going to delete and put the game in another folder. Is there anything hidden in a different folder that I need to delete to remove all of the old game files?

  25. soduukappafoo
    Can I please ask you to get a save game where this happens and post it to me. Register at one of the forums (futanaripalace is easiest and you can attach rar/zip files to posts) and post the save game. The forums also give details on the location of save games.

    There are no hidden files, to remove all saves you can basically just rename the folder you play the game in.

  26. I've got a slight problem. Some of my assistant slaves have been replaced by the 'standard' ones, such as Hild/Tsunade; I've only noticed this when I've started to train a new slave after upgrading recently. When I try to reload a save (from 1.03 to be specific) this bug still occurs. Same thing happens if I try to switch to Sandbox mode, too.

  27. zephtris
    There is a bug in the latest version where assistants are shown twice as as some trained slaves. I have fixed this and I suspect your issue is the same bug,

    I will release 1.06 soon and please check then if the issue persists

  28. Hey cmac,

    Whenever the house upgrades are polished and released, will they include anything for having your own cowgirls instead of just repeat visiting the farm?

  29. So I have a bug I'd like to report. When I start a new game, I don't get to choose a house. Instead, I get a picture of what looks a little like a crystal ball, offset above and to the left of where the picture of the house is supposed to be. The 'change house' buttons don't appear to do anything to get rid of the image, which means that I'm forced to use it. Everything appears to still work fine after clicking it, but I just thought I'd bring this to your attention.

  30. delcera
    Check in your install folder you have
    This is the code and images for housing. If you do not then you have an incorrect installation and should re-download and reinstall

    Probably, but undecided yet

  31. Your url for the new site (and this one) is long and inconvenient.

    Your new website url is

  32. 1. Numbers near sex skills on the "More" page stopped increasing. For example "Spank Her 2" remains 2 even after mastery level stated below increases.

    2. "Backgound:" word on SM stats page seems to duplicate after loading. It becomes "Backgound:Backgound:" and gradually "Backgound:Backgound:Backgound:"

  33. rostopovich
    1. reported previously and fixed. This is why I ask people to report bugs in the forums so I do not get bugs reported in multiple places

    2. I do not get this. What slave and background do you get it for?

  34. Hello,

    This probably wouldn't be a priority, but is there any chance that the SlaveMaker character could accompany their slave and Miss N (or just Miss N if the slave refuses to be loaned out) at those special parties? They'd have to go "undercover" of course (which might be difficult for male slavers and/or those with high reputation) and do the serving as a "maid" themselves, but given that there are (or were, if I remember correctly) some of the "maids" involved that are strongly hinted at being nobles themselves, out for a night of clandestine/risky fun - it wouldn't be completely out of the question for the player character to do so as well.

    Repeatedly doing so (or having bad luck/choices on one go) would run the risk of getting a "bad end" where the slaver is coerced or trapped into long-term service or enslavement. (Miss N might even be approached about selling the slaver? The first time she could decline and warn the player, the second time it happens ... "bad end"? For those with "bad end = game over" disabled, it could just cause the slaver to suffer a reputation/finance/time progressed hit?) Of course, there's also the risk for trainers with a high reputation/renown being recognized, which would be especially harmful to those with certain, more refined backgrounds.

    It would be stellar if the player then had the option to be forced to play as a slave for a while, though given the general focus of the game, it seems less likely...

    Along those lines, it would be interesting if there were a few days (or more) of downtime if the slaver gets captured by the tentacles but is rescued w/o a 'bad end'. Something along the lines of being mistaken as a slave and sent to the slave pens...

    There is precedent for a "slaver gets 'bad end' by becoming a slave" in that there is a "be transformed into a cowgirl and game over" event, so I don't feel it is /too/ out of place in inquire about it.

    Thanks for your time and for making this!


  35. Can you add to slaves Haruhi from Melancholy, Asuka from Eva and Mio/Azusa from K-on?

  36. zeek17, go to the SM Forum on MasterBloodfer, and read some topic, really. Daisy_Strike already work on Mio.

  37. 2. To get this you probably should reload save game with Fx key.

  38. Just wondering, but have you ever considered changing the code of the flash so it is a bit more open, and common people are allowed to make their own easy mode slave by simply adding a new folder, new pictures and a .txt file that could communicate with a "customslave.swf"?
    If it worries you that this could make the game too easy, maybe you could make it so the "customized" slave doesn't give out any exp, doesn't have any events and cannot be bought back/kept in any way.
    I think this could make your software way more popular, as people could play with their favorite characters with ease.
    Thank you.

  39. Oh, and thank you for the wondeful games.
    I know a bit of flash (only up to cs3, though) and I am interested in helping in anything.
    Feel free to contact me this or the next month, if you want some minor help.

  40. Jose Augusto, go to MasterBloodfer and read about Slave Builder....
    Before ask, try to search in the forum. There you can find answers for most questions.

  41. Is there any plans for ending story after you've trained all the slaves?

  42. ranger
    There is an unlimited number of slaves, more are in development, so an ending is a bit awkward really.

    There are plans though to have a final slave where you train the Lord's daughter who is being an unruly slut

  43. Jose Augusto
    The idea of a generic/customisable slave has been discussed at the futanari palace. For more details please check the forum and the generic slaves topic

  44. hey man if you need ani assistence in running the site page-me i am avaiable for watt you need i am 1st year student in the multimedia area in Coimbra, Portugal. so if you need any help mail-me

  45. The 60 MB download link is bad. Please fix soon. :[

  46. I can't find the download anywhere. I look and look but it always says "file does not exist". Can someone help? The extras would be nice but I just want to play to begin with.


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