Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Minor problems with version 1.04 and Plans

Minor problems
There is a bug in version 1.04 when changing in options between Sandbox mode and Campaign mode. The new default 'Slave Trainer' skill levels do not change correctly. Well they do but for the next game you start.
To get the right values
a) start the game, enter options, select sandbox/not sandbox
b) exit game
c) run again and it will default properly

I have fixed this and also an issue where the load button appears on the faith screen.

Lastly I forgot to include Ayane who has a fix for end game payment and some text issues

I'll include all these fixes in the full upload I do later, but will not actually do a new version.

So far these are the only reported issues so hopefully this means most of the bugs are done.

I will now be working on

a) Ayanami Rei
b) Krystal the Star Fox
c) Cat Slave training (almost done)
d) more story content for the core game, additional meetings, events and finalise the beach and 'Dark Lady of the Rocks'
e) Slave Maker equipment screen
f) house exploration
g) house upgrades

No particular order or estimated time, but Ayanami Rei will have a vanilla version ready very soon (a few days)


  1. Nice to see that changes keep going, good job.
    I have 1 question, its completely not for this place, but i cant type it anywhere else, if any1 can answer it - Ill be very glad:what happens with Darsel's Ino slave? I dont see its thread changing in masters... forum. Did he stop working on her, or smth?
    My appreciations.

  2. I have not heard one way or the other, so I assume Darsel is working on Ino, just nothing to post at this time.

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  4. Great work! Love all the things
    you did to improve the game.
    BTW, I notice when Cosplay Cafe is selected,
    it still ask you for confirmation.
    Since you were making some change, I wanted to LYK.
    Thanks again for your work.

  5. Menace's Cosplay Cafe asks the confirmation question independent of the core game. You'll have to wait for an update by daisy_strike of Menace's slave file to conform to the new norm.

  6. From what I can put together between Master Bloodfer and Futanari Palace Darsel had a bit of a setback. About 4 weeks ago on Futanari Palace he said we wanted to update his assistants first before getting back to working on Ino. Then on Master Bloodfer he says

    "In other news, it seems I've suffered a bit of a set-back. It shouldn't be anything major, but will probably be a couple weeks until I can mess around with it. (It seems Visual Studio decided to not play nicely with Flash CS4)"

    So it may be awhile before Darsel can get back to work on it. Darsel has actually logged on to both sites within the past week and hasn't said that he's stopped working on Ino. If you really want to know the status on Ino you can probably post/pm him about it and you will probably get a response. At any rate I am sure we will find out soon about his progress.

    The Windsong Bard

  7. Just a quick question, has anyone else tried a .sol editor on this version? I liked poking around and now I cannot open the main sol file, gives an error of "Unknown type tag (0x0D) for key vComment at position 0x00001FCB."

    Thanks so much for the work to date on this cmacleod42! Top notch work.

  8. Please disregard my last post, I tried a newer .sol editor and it works. Minerva works fine

  9. I want to train Tatsuki From bleach! And some naruto Girls would be awsome. Oh and how about Jo From Burst Angel!

  10. There is a bug with the pony master, when you train your first slave you get tail, harness, and gag (maby just the first 2 cuz i started with farm house) but the rest of the slaves i just start with gag (from house)

  11. yaho
    Not a bug, intentional design. You start the game with those items, not each slave.

    Pony Master needs a better supply of those items, but this is a todo item.

  12. how about some girls from Mahou Sensei Negima and Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club. Eureka from Eureka Seven and Girls from Inuyasha. Girls from pokemon would be nice too.

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  15. There is a problems with dickgirls, they can't gain fuck skills when their trainer is a woman.
    The solution would be to allow them to gain it by fuck or lesbian trainings.
    I thought it was more logical when they could become a lesbian, hermaphrodites are not appealing to gay men but to ladies too, being a lady the idea appeal me, the male tool associated to a woman tenderness.
    A thought came in my mind, why a dickgirl can't use the anal, fuck lick trainings and skills on her trainer, owner, slave.
    Shampoo when she become a dickgirl say that she want too make love and a baby to her mistress, actually she can't.
    Slaves are trained for people with particular tastes, not for everyone purse and tastes, tastes are multiples, surfing the web show it quickly.
    The problem is that without dickgirls relations , playing a woman trainer is gray and near uninteresting.I cant play a man trainer .

    Thanks nose kiss

  16. i have a suggestion, make mistress epona give you a tail when you visit her with slave, whuld make things easier for pony insted of searching for her all over the palace

  17. Quick question:

    The dark skinned elf you meet on the beach, is there a quest line tied to her? The writing makes me think there is, but is there really?

  18. good job and thanks for the hard work

  19. creamymouse
    "There is a problems with dickgirls, they can't gain fuck skills when their trainer is a woman."
    Why not, buy a male slave or employ a male assistant, and they can fuck your slave.

    There has been quite a bit of discussion on dickgirl and lesbians and slave makers in the forums. For the lesbian part please see my last post.

    For Slave makers the issue that was mainly considered was one of dominance. If your slave fucks you then how much are you in control.

    So are you saying you want you dickgirl slave to fuck you or your slaves/assistants either vaginally or anally. Lick is already in the game now with the blowjob action which in lesbian training becomes 'lick you'. Also for some slaves the lesbian act is a fuck action, just not when in lesbian training. Anything else you think would improve your enjoyment?

    I'll take a poll in the forums and see what the general feeling here is.

    I have had that suggested before or a sex shop. I am undecided.

    So far that is all but more will happen, also it is laying story elements for other stories, like slavegirl Deedlit

  20. Sounds great. I love the girls currently included, but I was hoping... perhaps we could get Sailor Moon, Ryoko Hakubi from Tenchi Muyo, Princess Peach or Zelda from Nintendo? I'd REALLY love Ryoko. To humiliate and punish that rebellious space pirate demon girl. I'd make my own scenario if I had any kind of skill for this sort of thing. Pregnancy would be great to expand upon, other than just tentacle pregnancies! :)

  21. LillianAmArauder
    I would love to do Ryoko too, not sure if there are enough images for her though, I do have enough for Mihoshi though, so it should be possible.

    Pregnancy has the problem of 9month gestation and most slaves train for about 2 months so it is difficult to do anything with it.

    Possibly for bought back slaves as a background story.

  22. I'm actually wondering if there are enough pictures for someone to do a slave Leia. there are more then a few artists that have done some awesome work. shabby blue, t. catt, miravi, and spicetrader immediately spring to mind.

  23. manga_luver
    I doubt it, remember you need the non-sex imaages, like her working as a waitress or attending school, or praying/dressed as a miko/nun

    Also few of the Leia sex images I have seen were consensual, so you would need a non-standard story like Ayane's. Even then I am not sure I have seen the variety of images needed.

  24. What is interest of dickgirls in the game then if they cant gain skils if their owner is a woman ? The other question is then why to have women as slave maker then if for most women as trainers or slave makers are useless ?
    The last point is that people see all in black or white or you are all straigh or all gay or all lesbian. But bisexual exists and dickgirls are perfect bisexuals and in decadents societies bisexual are i think more common than people allgay or all lesbian.
    Slaves are a market for people with particular tastes people who can ask their slaves to swap or please guests of all sexes.
    About your question of what kind of trainer you are if your slave can fuck you .
    Male trainers can fuck their slaves, why women could not ?
    Trainer is not only being dominant, it is teaching techniques of love and of obedience, if you fuck or be fucked by your slave it not means that you are dominated but that you teach or dominate other by sex.
    How many men lost their life or mind because they were charmed by their lover, by the power of sex. Women can enthrall by their sex technique, the control is not usualy in the dick.
    If you not want gameplay and interest for women slave makers then remove them from the game, it would be more honest.
    but for what i see actual gameplay deny bisexualism and deny to women possibility to enslave someone mind by their sex techniques.

  25. I am sorry for my harsh answer, i appologize,a visit to the surgeon for checks made me be nervous.
    I tried, some time ago to join your forum but it is all in italian for what i see.

    Perhaps an option could be added about dickgirls as there is for other things in the game ? It would allow a bisexual gameplay for thoses who want it. And would improve the gameplay for ladies slave makers.
    Once again i appologize :)

  26. i know this isn't the place to post this but i registered for the bloodfer forums and i have now been waiting 4 days for the confirmation e mail. If you could hurry it along or something it would be much appreciated. Thanks keep up the good work.

  27. creamymouse
    No problems, I am just happy to get another perspective on the game and welcome ideas and opinions. I am still a little unclear what you would like to see in the game. To check for your dickgirl slaves
    a) have a option to fuck you or a female slave, and this increases their fuck stat
    for female slaves
    a) have a fuck action where you fuck them with a strap-on and it increases their fuck stat
    I am not sure in these cases about the blowjob question or lick.
    Any suggestions?

    I am just a user of the Masterbloodfer forum, I am not a moderator or administrator, if you are sure the email did not get trapped by your spam filters, can you first of all try to register once more. If this still fails I'll PM the admin for the forum.

    FutanariPalace is a bit easier to register for as it is completely english and there is an active subforum for my game.

  28. I was curious as to why it is so difficult to use "lend" successfully when not playing with the lesbian trainer stat. It is slightly frustrating to get a girl's stats where they should be when using the wealthy/dominatrix and still have lending be seemingly impossible. I do however love this game, I think a shop for, or an option to find more things like blindfolds/masks/hoods would be excellent. I realize finding the images may not be plausible, but then again, I have absolutely no idea. Thanks for your hard work!

  29. Justin
    Lend action generally needs an obedience 90+ (varies a lot some as low as 80). If you have slave trainer skill level 1 then you cannot get her obedience this high. You need to improve the skill level using the skill point after your finish training

    Adding the items is easy, but showing them during act/chores is rather difficult. I have had suggestions to always have a slave collar for instance and expanded peircings and also tattoo's. I do have a shop in planning to add these things

  30. Howdy, sorry to be a bother but i would have a few questions about the future of sm3, as a fan. I'm not an english native so please be patient with my whining. First of all about the tentacle part of the game, will there be any addons? Maybe a quest or somethin for the Slaver to breed slaves for a price? Secondly about the cowgirls, maybe a background as a milking farmer? Dont kill me for this, im not even sure how you make this game and how hard it is but in my eyes these things could be a plus for the game.

  31. Eddy
    Both the tentacle and milking ideas have been often requested. I do plan to expand both, but for tentacles not really breeding, but more encounters and quests. Maybe offering a service like you see in the Secure Slave Pens.

    For milking it would be a legal version of the farm (ie your own slaves, not abducted girls) or something completely different. Maybe an Astrid type farm too.

  32. Thnx for the answer, i realy appreciate it. I wish you all the best and hope you wont be bored with sm3 for years to come.

  33. I was wondering if plan on adding any legacy features, where in after retirement you could choose a successor and maybe give a bonus, such as skills money or property, to add a little extra replay value after you run out of slaves, i.e. not returning to complete nothingness on a second play through.

  34. Hmmm, that second Justin comment was not made by me :P Anyone, I didn't realized on the obedience thingy with the 90ish requirement, thanks for clearing that up :)

  35. cmacleod42, If you're the one in charge I would like to express my gratitude. Thank you for working on this game. It may not seem like much but I thoroughly enjoy your work and wish you the best for any endeavors you might wish to pursue/continue.

    Now, this might come off a bit selfish but I hope you'll continue to work on this game for a looooooooooonggggggggg time. Anyways, I was wondering if you have donate function up? I'm pretty sure some people would love to donate. I know I would.

  36. hey cmac, do you think you could add the possibility to buy a new house after finishing training a slave?

  37. Hmmm. I'm male but I've (accidentally) ventured into the dickgirl slave maker terrain and then I decided to try making a female slave maker. I can see creamymouse's point.

    I mean, a female trainer should be able to do whatever to her slaves (using tools if needed - ie: strap ons). I don't really see a dominance problem here if you think that 1- women can enslave men through sex (and that`s a real fact lol) and 2- if the female slave makes the slave do some chores/jobs/sex acts this should boos the maker`s dominance towards the slave since she`s ordering it.

    I'm not sure if I'm being clear but I really don't think that a woman ALLOWING you to fuck her as a slave is anywhere near submissive >_>

  38. Oh, before I forget: in the case of a dickgirl or a woman slave maker actions such as blow job (or lick her), tit-fic (?) and fuck her should also change the slave's alignment to lesbian. Maybe you could also add an option to make orgies or gangbangs consisting of girls and dickgirls only to help with lesbian training or something... Man, this thing has potential to be plain awesome lol

  39. Love the game. Have for a long time. You rock.

    I wanted to throw an idea past you and I have zero idea how much work this would require, so take it with a grain of salt.

    How about a quest, or trainer that would allow you to turn certain slaves into furries. ie change Ranma into a real catgirl, Akane into a cow, or Tifa into a pony hybrid?

    Like I said, no idea how difficult that might be, but damn it sounds like fun.

    Thanks for the game and your ear!

  40. Hello cmacleod42!

    I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the great work you do on this game.

    I'm playing since the version 15.4 and it's great to see the game get better all the time!

    Thanks alot!

  41. John, Cmacleod42 is the one in charge of creating the game. In fact aside from some of the slave girls and assistants he is the sole creator so in other words he is the one in charge. :D

    As for donations he has said this on numerous occasions that he will not accept money for this game. In other words do not expect there to ever be a donation button for this game for the following reasons.

    The first reason for this is primarily that the pictures have been used from various artists most of which were used without their formal permission so it would not be right to profit from their work.

    Not only that but the original game was actually made by a guy called Poolka and even though it has evolved quite a bit it is still based off of his game.

    At any rate this is why there will never be a donation button.

    The Windsong Bard

  42. What about Marriage? That could be fun. As a game ending if you get the girl to fall in love with you and acquire her. Purchasable buildings would be great too. Especially later in the game, buy a house in town, turn it into a brothel, and make the slaves you own work there. :D

  43. Ooo, I like Ashes suggestion, but wouldn't the problem be finding furry pics of said girls then?

  44. Windsongbard, basically he's like Icefrog of dota; working for free. It sucks knowing that he doesn't have any "real" incentive to continue this project tho.

  45. got a new glitch for you
    if you save in between trainings in the purchase slave area when you come out of the save screen it returns you to the training screen and allows you to complete the training of your last slave again giving you the renown and skill point. it also ticks as a completion on the recorder.

  46. Ashes
    There just are not enough images to do it. There are images of most girls dressed as a catgirl, thus I am doing a Cat Slave Trainer skill.

    For furries it will have to just be specific slaves like Krystal who I am working on

    No longer a problem, I have restructured the load save code

    All that is planned, marriage, housing and more

    I have been working on this game for over a year and still enjoy working on it.

    I generally do not answer questions about updates, but, this weekend

  47. Dude, Cmacleod42, thank you. Thank you very much. :)

  48. c'mon, give us the 1.05 already!!! Nah, seriously, take your time. I just can't wait. :(

  49. keep up the good work
    love this game :D

  50. ^ Quit badgering the guy and learn how to read previous comments.

  51. hoolaa sorry but do not speak good English good very good job with Slave Market in March but I would like more slaves tuvienran more characters I can give them the images for the characters and let me know what that site and I will give for example the pictures of NAMI one piece or love hina and any good anime that is all


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