Monday, April 12, 2010

More Beta

Still more bugs are being found so the beta continues.

I am aiming for a release this coming weekend


  1. Well, I suppose it was too good to hope there wouldn't be need for more testing I suppose. Take all the time you need. Not like there's any urgency to get this out before it's ready.

    Anyway, continued good luck on your bug hunt.

  2. Well there is a bit of urgency...

    I'm dying to play it!

    Still keep up the good work

  3. Let's not get our hopes too high guys, he may be aiming for a release this week-end but I don't think the bugs aims for the same thing. Bugs are b!tches.

  4. I wish it had come out today as it would of been a great b-day gift :) But I will wait eagerly for the last bug to be smashed with a giant hammer.

  5. Let's not get our hopes too high guys, he may be changing the game mechanics, but I think the majority of new content is still being produced by the fan base. The fan producers will have to re-factor their code to adapt the new mechanics. Appreciate the game for what it is, when it comes out.

  6. >>> Let's not get our hopes too high guys, he may be aiming for a release this week-end but I don't think the bugs aims for the same thing.

    If that were the case, he wouldn't set the target date for only a week. He'd establish a lengthier date or refuse a target date altogether.

  7. K....I'm not tryin to be an ass or anything its just that many of us have been waiting for this for a long time....the thing is its been a LONG time and we deserve to atleast get whtever is done and the developers could continue to improve it while we discover and enjoy the updated game. i know it may be only a week but even so....its just not cool to see pple say its k u can have ur time and finish till all the bugs are pisses me off and im sure it does piss other people too but their just too scared to express this...I'm just sayin Cmac ur bein to greedy.......

  8. @Rah
    I hope you're kidding but I'll share my 2 cents to be safe: developer is just ONE person with health problems and you're playing this for free, you've no right to demand anything.

    I think you're the one being greedy here, certainly not Cmac, so please just be quiet and keep waiting like everyone else. kthxbai.

  9. @Rah:

    Certainly. He's being far too greedy. I mean, this is a game that you're not paying any money for and so clearly you have every right to demand it immediately. Real life works that way, honest. Sure it does.


  10. @Rah

    "We deserve to at least get whatever is done" isn't a fair thing to say. We don't deserve and are not entitled to anything. Cmac is working hard with his beta testers to make a game that's going to be as close to perfect when it's released as he can. He isn't making money off of this. This is merely a hobby. If he chose tomorrow to just cancel the whole thing, he could and we wouldn't get any say in the matter.

    I'd rather wait a while and have a stable game than not wait and have a buggy game. In the gaming industry you see this as well. A company will release a game long before it should have and the whole thing has so many bugs, it'll die out in the first month of its release.

    Cmac, the majority of us will remain patient and wish you luck in finishing your game in the time-frame you give us. You're doing a great job and I do look forward to your eventual release. <3

  11. @Rah

    First of all you're unbelievably obnoxious and childish--you're not entitled to anything, you're not contributing anything, and you ought to show some respect to the person who is singlehandedly devoting an incredible amount of his free time into creating the game that you enjoy. If he wanted, he could keep the game all to himself and wouldn't be any poorer for it. You have some nerve to call him greedy.

    Secondly, I am a beta tester and I can tell you that there are still plenty of issues to sort out. If you had what is complete now, I know you would only pitch a fit about how certain routes can't be completed etc. Cmac is withholding it for a reason.

    I and others are using our spare time to go through every imaginable route in the game, weed out all the bugs, and report them to Cmac so that when you get your ungrateful, grubby little hands on it, it will be perfect.

    Now go sit in the corner of shame and wait while others toil thanklessly for your benefit.

  12. @Rah
    There are tons of games that started free and were abandoned before it was 100% complete. The original SlaveMaker is one of them. Others games like VH01, Fairy Fighting get much less updates even when each game having some developers. Cmac is the only person that is truly, working in the game, programming and developing the point system that is a very hard thing to do. Of course, there are people giving ideas, testing the game, collecting pictures in the internet, but all the hard work is with Cmac. In truth, when he launched Slave Maker 2.0 I didn’t believe that he would keep updating for so long time, since he gets not even a single cent for this and have to spend much time on the project. So don’t be rude, let him have his time, correct the bugs, the testers to have time to test and don’t press him up, many people would not go so far. And Cmac, Thank you very much for this SUPER game that is already 10000000000000000000x times better than the original SM!
    …Yes, I know, my English sucks, but it’s not my main language XD

  13. Rah
    What is the use in playing a game with bugs, wait a week or so for a working game.

    In case you are not aware I have written everything in the game except Orihime and someone1001's assistants. There are a number of girl's in development but be aware I have 4 in development myself

  14. lol, I was about to give Rah a verbal smack down, but it appears that everyone else beat me to it. One wall of text later, hopefully he learned something.

  15. Take your time, I'd rather wait for a few more days, than get it now, and be frustrated by game-breaking bugs and the like. I know it will be all the better when I finally do get to play it.

  16. Wow aren't you lucky cmac, you have a whole horde ready to defend you whenever someone complains about you =P

  17. oooooh I can't wait !! I don't care if there is bugs in the first release, I just wanna try it, wish I was a beta tester for this, that would have been so awesome.

    Thank for the great work you do Cmac, and to the others that have or are contributing to this awesome game.

  18. Cmac:

    Hey, Cmac. No offense meant; I know that all the hard work put into this game, except for the fan made girls, are your effort. I've been an avid fan (and still am) since way back when your release looked a lot like pooolka's version (and before all the dicks started showing up, lol). I simply got the impression that this release was mostly a campaign mechanic upgrade.

    If I'm wrong, then I'm even more hyped for the new release, lol.

  19. >>> I simply got the impression that this release was mostly a campaign mechanic upgrade.

    I've seen beta screen shots and though I'm not in the beta, I can say it looks dramatically improved in every way, especially the interface.

    The only downside is having to start over from scratch, which is why I refuse to play the current SM until this is released knowing I'd be wasting my time =D.

  20. >>>>> The only downside is having to start over from scratch, which is why I refuse to play the current SM until this is released knowing I'd be wasting my time =D.

    Ditto. Can't wait for this release and I cannot kill time playing the actual version 'cause it's all going to waste anyway. \o/

  21. fun is never wasted. *nods sagely*

  22. lol its like the porn version of Dwarf Fortress. Everyone is drooling for it to be released but can't complain because its free and are just happy its being worked on.

  23. where can i download to help with beta support?


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