Thursday, April 8, 2010

Updated SDK and Beta Report

I have updated the SDK to fix some errors and add more documentation on time and the diary

Beta testing is continuing, bugs are still being found, lessening a bit but a few awkward ones remain.

I am going away for the weekend for a family function, so I'll review the issues when I return, depending on how many bugs remain I'll either continue the beta for another week or do a release. Not sure at the moment, I suspect I will continue, if so I will release the following weekend


  1. Indeed. Have a nice trip. I played HentHighSchool2 recently and it gave me quite a bit of perspective on the difference in quality and reinforced my appreciation for your hard work. Keep it up!

  2. Hey cmac, you asked for those errors in text:

    (Take a note that english isn't my primary language, so i aren't sure about these)
    (And these i found from the start of the game)

    Converted by Tentacles start text: having lea(r)n(ed)t many skills and talents.

    Cock of demonic origin:
    ...barely past puberty you got lost...<--> barely past puberty, you got lost...

    Mistress cock start text: find dominating other, making<--> find dominating others, making... put them to the test training slaves.<--> put them to the test with a slave training.

    Abandoned Keep:
    Externally in good order(,) but the inside is (in) poor/(bad) (shape).
    ...recently (being) cleared out,

    (For) the rest of the...
    There (are) many fine texts...

    City Apartment:
    Chance of rape (and/or) tentacle assault...

    ...with many staff to serve you.<--replace--> with a large staff to serve you.

    New Slave:
    You are assigned her to train<----> You are assigned to train her

    New Slave:
    You are assigned her to train...<-->You are assigned to train her...
    ...shows she delighted in it...<-->...shows she is delighted in it...
    ...she seems very sensitive...<-->...she seems to be very sensitive...

    Your statistics:
    Skills and Talents:
    Slave trainer 1:
    ...she learns from you and how skilled you can encourage and make her achieve <----> she learns from you and how skilled you are in encouraging and making her achieve things she does

    Tutorial - Night Planning:
    ...from 6pm to late (evening/night,) you will...

    Touch her:
    ...her getting used to such touches though.<----> (her getting used to that kind of touching though.)

    Tutorial - Planning Sex Extreme:
    ...same sex, bondage,..<---->...same sex, bondage or...

    Cum Bath:
    We require, you, (Slave Maker's name) and 2 male slaves. (should it be (We require you (Slave Maker's name) and 2 male slaves.)

    Same in Orgy and Gangbang. That , between words you and your Slave Maker's name is not needed.

    After a new day tutorial:

    We should ensure that (Slave's name) is accompanied at all times (when) she is allowed to go out to ensure (that) the creatures do not take her.

    Cock Milking:
    A tiring but...<--replace--> Little tiring, but

    Rest of these are nitpicking but:

    Ex Cowgirl start text:
    You protest(,) but...

    Wealthy start text:
    ... a servant if you will(,) as you...
    ...this refined and calm home(,) but...

    Farm house:
    Empty for a long time (,) but...

    New Slave:
    became too unruly and aggressive(,) so...
    ...since she umm(...) became a woman...
    It's a rare condition(,) but not...

    Tutorial - Day Planning:
    When you are not supervising(,) you can...

    Daytime jobs:
    Very well paid job(,) but...

    It will belittle her a bit (,) but it...

    Make her masturbate: front of you (,) but not...

    Touch her:
    ...isn't accustomed to lesbian acts yet(,) so she...

  3. Sami... curse you... forever.
    Here I thought that I could manage until release and you come and dangle this juicy... tidbit in front of me.

    Let me know if you need any, um, help.

    Now if you will excuse me, I am of to wash my nethers in lemon juice (must restrain myself) and pray to the allmighty Atheismo for cmac's wellbeing and inspiration.

  4. Sami that was EVIL! Making us all squirm, those who are not in the beta.

  5. He just guaranteed a week delay for the rest of us :P.

  6. Sami: Some of those corrections are actually worse than the original text. Specifically, items #2, 3b, 4, 8, 9a, 9c, 15, 17, 20-25.

    Others are not technically wrong, but don't really help either. You seem to like to add extraneous commas everywhere which, while not incorrect, are usually unnecessary.

    That being said, you did manage to find and fix quite a few errors. Nice!

  7. @Kalebon

    I'm not in the beta.
    I just managed to get the beta (first one)before Cmac put it under password.

    I noted that in one of the previous posts.


    Yep, as i stated English isn't my primary language and i haven't had the need to use it that often besides games and tv.

  8. Isn't that a bit contradictory though that a person who doesn't use English as their primary language is making English corrections? I mean no offense, it just seems odd =). Hell, I work with typography as a Graphic Design major and I still don't feel 100% confident with my English.

    I'm sure the help is appreciated regardless.

  9. Most of his corrections were good. I didn't read the whole list but on the whole they were consistent with good English grammar. He noted that he wasn't on the official beta, so some of those corrections might have been made already. Even if they weren't, their correctness could depend on the context of the phrase. Also, I happen to be a native English speaker but that doesn't make me any more or less able to make language corrections, often people who study hard to learn a language are better at it than native speakers. I didn't even learn the difference in English between who and whom until a second year Spanish class ;)

  10. I remember once trying to make a Phoenix Wright Flash game and I brought on a beta tester who slammed my English really hard, lol. He must have been an English grammar Nazi, or he really loved being a beta tester :P.

  11. I'm back, and checking feedback.

    Thanks Sami for those, I agree with many, but are few I disagree with, particularly some of the comma additions. Thanks, all changed and added into the game

  12. Heh, thanks for you for making the game.


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