Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Slave Maker 3 Release

Finally here is the new version, Slave Maker 3 Version 0

This version considerably changes gameplay and adds a lot more potential for developers, like twins, males and more. The main changes are

1) Totally revised campaign system where
a) girls are trained once
b) may only be trained when you have a sufficient reputation
c) girls that are bought back/get love ending may be retained and used as assistants. They have some effects in training too, more to come
d) there is a 'Sandbox' mode that ignored all these restrictions. You cannot change modes without starting a new slave maker

2) Actions and planning are time based. All actions take x hours (1 or 2 mainly)
a) actions can be queued in any of 3 lists that are remembered from day to day
b) 2 new jobs and some others altered
c) all actions like shopping, visiting, take a walk must be planned and take time
d) lend action works differently

3) 2 new houses and 11 new backgrounds.
Please note Houses cannot be explored in this version. A lot of aspects of the new backgrounds (eg tentacle hybrid bits, many negative aspects) are not implemented yet.

4) New location to walk in, the Beach,
Where your slave can take swimming lessons with a swimming instructor who seems interested in your slave maker. Mermaids frequent the beach and other odd beings

5) Some revised stories and 2 new Bad-Ends

6) Encounter with Furries
(can be disabled in options)

7) Slaves and Slave Makers have skills
They can help or hinder training. Note singing will not advance, yet. Also beaware your first slave is unlikely to get advanced trainings or endings due to your low skills, but you can learn

8) Assistants can do more than look pretty
Hild has special events that happen when she is your assistant, more will follow

9) Most girls are unchanged except
Some graphics changes, more dickgirl dresses, breast expansion versions, but
a) Akane has a new milking story. Also slightly expanded end and reward if you sell her to the Lord
b) Ranma has her Shampoo love story fleshed out a bit, but only when she is trained with Shampoo as the assistant

To install and play
- extract the files below (a spanned archive) into a folder of your choice. Note there are subfolders now
- to play run SlaveMaker3.exe or SlaveMaker3.swf

Links (note typo in name this is version 1)


part 1
part 2
part 3

Wingsondbard's mirror

Note: anyone may upload these files anywhere, but you may not charge for it in any way

Please, no requests for support or help here - please visit one of the linked forums


  1. And I have to work for 6 more hours!! Thank you, looking forward to this evening.

  2. やった!!!!!!
    english words cannot express my joy!
    Thank you very much for your hard work and effort and all those who helped in the process just so that us humble people could play this game!
    I believe not only I but other people as well wasted for more than a year for this version, wishing it would come out!

  3. Gary
    it has not been that long, my last release of Slave Maker 2 version 15.8 was November last year

  4. Thanks a lot for this. I only recently discovered Slave Maker, so I guess I'm pretty lucky to have a new version come out now.

    I'm wondering, though, if you've considered commissioning art yourself, and make it a commercial product? The quality of the game is high enough, I'd say, although I don't know what kind of demand there is for it.

  5. U DID IT NICE!! its 11:30 at night :( got to go to sleep, CMAC GA DASKI DESU!! lol jap to say i luv cmac! thanks man ur awesome and u did it for free and all!! u shuld desrve and award or sumfin, he man about the um..how to say it upgrades? nice thinking and stuff, oh yea how about training to girls at 1ce? lol well UR AWESOME!! lol fail gary!!!. oh btw ty all those who helped also!

    ps: now to download...


  7. yeah mediafire sucks with uploads, megaupload is nice you can upload the whole with a free acc, till 1024MB

  8. Yea! Unfortunately I have a sick cat to take care of, but I will be anticipating a great game waiting for me on my computer. Something which is so difficult to find with a computer which is on the verge of falling apart. :p I wish you great luck in your next endevor.

  9. YOSH for mirrors! hope u feeling better cmac

  10. Some people have got CRC errors for Slave-Ayane.swf if you do visit Windsongbard's mirror and the file is separately uploaded there

  11. Dear Satan... THANK YOU!

    Thanks to C as well ^^


    There needs to be a donate button around here somewhere. The hentai games I've bought through DLSite are terrible compared to this one, and you do it all for free. I want to show my appreciation!

  13. Hotfile Mirrors.


    The 3 parts are the same as above thus uploaded working swf for the corrupted swf file.

    And SlaveMaker3v0.rar is being uploaded now, A single file which includes the Slave-ayane.swf and oddly was 4 meg smaller than all 3 files (not counting the extra you add downloading the single swf). Enjoy.

    Thanks for another upgrade to an impress game cmacleod42. Hope you get to enjoy a well deserved rest with this release and feel better.

  14. Found a bug that can be used to train girls' stats up or get gold without using up any time. If you set up a schedule and hit the "Do the Planning" button, you can get the benefits then hit the "Planning" button, then choose one of the "Set" tabs the "Do the Planning" or "Leave" options reappear, and when you choose to leave no time will have passed and you can replan, reexecute, and get all the free stats and gold you like. Personally, I have no problem with having such an exploit in the game, but figured it was your place to decide.

  15. Cmac i love you...if you had tits I'd kiss you!

  16. Don't discriminate against the tit-challenged Talon :p

    In all seriousness, you rock cmac. You get a hug and about a million internets from me. (and now, back to the silly) I'm pretty sure the hug is worth more, given the rapid inflation on the value of internets, but you asked for nothing, so this is the best I can do.

  17. "Girls can be trained once." Does this mean that if we want to see the different endings for each girl, we'd have to use multiple slave makers?

  18. Thank you for all your hard work cmac! I will procede and test the result of all your hard work...as soon as I'm done with those damn college homeworks T_T
    (before you ask, YES I am over 18 so don't call me a kid that's where he should not be!)

  19. Don't worry warrior, college implies 18 or older generally (with a few exceptions). I'm in the same boat as you. Writing a paper while the game downloads. WOO!

  20. Yeah I know but some people just don't get that and automaticaly associate scolarity with being minor.

  21. Funny, I'm also writing a college paper while the game downloads.

    Cheers cmac, I've been waiting for this for a while.

  22. Looks really good, and am looking forword to playing.

    Just want to point something out. Naru also seems to be broken. Not getting images and the stats aren't up.

  23. I do see a problem with the non-sandbox mode...eventually, you'd run out of girls to train, and would have to start a whole new slave maker. That would make it rather difficult to max stats, get all the endings (if you want one of the generic endings, like the one where you're futafied, which girl do you not train fully?, etc).

  24. I see Bridget twice on the campaign assistant screen

  25. @zeekthegeek That's because both versions of Bridget were included with the download. It's the same thing with Mariya, but nobody seems to notice him. :P

    Basically, one is the full version, while the other is the 'lite' version. The 'lite' version was released for people who want a male assistant, but don't want to see him nude at any point. Unfortunately, until I release an updated version, it's almost impossible to tell which is which without loading it up, though they do have slightly different image sets.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. bug in money resets, when i chose the female fighter and owner did not like him and requested 500$ plus another 500, after that shops claimed i had no money then after working for 1 gold i had my money reset.

  28. I confirm that money reset bug. There is also a bug in the time, sometime when I load my save which was made during the day, the game will now be night-time for some reason.

  29. In the same vein as sushijones (waaaaayyyyy back there) I've paid for worse games.

    Thank You.


    As I noted in my post please visit one of the forums and post there. It is a pain to keep all the reports sorted and I would like to keep the places I have to check at a minimum

  31. So are you going to put skuld back in or do you also think that a fictional character's age matters?

    Still, great work.

  32. hey i was just wondering how do i get a pony girl?

  33. Bilak
    I will not put Skuld back in, she is a child, around the age of puberty. She is much too young to depict in a game about sexually training slaves. Please no discussion about her being a god, etc, she looks and acts like a child.

    And yes age matters

    walk in the docks/port once your slave agrees to bondage actions. You will meet a mistress and get an introduction to a teacher

  34. Excellent work. There are a couple of glitches but it's a great leap forward and I eagerly anticipate the next update...

    The Glitches:

    Glitch #1: Girls no longer seem to be able to read. Selecting a book doesn't que up any actions, making this a major glitch.

    Glitch #2: When buying from the item merchant with the trader background it always takes you back to the default screen, with overlapping buttons. It has an easy work around, simply checking the girls equipment takes you back to the shop screen, so this isn't a major glitch.

    Glitch #3: Some of the text cuts off a bit short, particularly during some sexual actions. The text is still legible and it doesn't happen often so this isn't a major glitch.

    Glitch #4: When going for walks sometimes after several events are exhausted the girl will just get a picture of the place she's walking to, with no text.

    That's pretty much everything I've found. I think there was something else but I can't remember, I hope this helps.


    Have you ever considered adding Zelda to the game? You could rip some of the images out of Sim Brothel, and there's plenty of art for her on Google Images.

  35. Well I'll be, I remember playing the first Slave Maker years ago.
    Thank you very much Cmac for carrying on with this game, I look forward to play it.
    Valmarith I have heard of Sim Brothel but I have not been able to find it so if it's not to much trouble could you tell me where it is?
    Thanks in advance to you and Cmac for these fine games.

  36. Quite an unpleasant bug - after you choose whether Urd drinks the antidote to Priapus draft or not the button "next" does not appear, the game stalls.

  37. While I'm sure the effort is apreciated, I'm just going to step in and remind everyone BUG REPORTS DO NOT GO HERE. As has been asked several times already, post to one of the forums. The bugs you're talking about have already been reported and are resolved/in the process of being resolved.

  38. Thanks a lot!!!
    Just downloaded and gonna test it before going to school.
    Damn... I can't wait to come back quickly tonight!!!

  39. Can you direct us to the proper forum, because one of them is in French or Spanish and the other two are about dick girls.

  40. @Valmarith: Those are the proper forums. Sign up for either one (Masterbloodfer is a bit trickier since their captcha uses ñ or Ñ).

  41. Ok I ran a search on the FutanariPlace forum after signing up and found the threads about this game thanks.

    Hey quick question, are you allowed to take paypal donations? I am sure a lot of people would chip in a modest donation to support your efforts.

  42. Am I retarded or have I messed up one of Flash 9's settings...every time I run the .exe, it forces it to go fullscreen without the top menu (File, View,etc) I have to Alt+Tab to get out of fullscreen...or to exit...

  43. @HV3 - Nothing messed up. It's designed to do that. Just press escape if you don't want it fullscreen.

  44. Great game. I enjoy it more than I probably should. I do have one question though. After I train two slaves and start a third, I try to save and the file always has everything NaN. Gold is NaN stats are NaN and it makes my new slave end in one day. I'm kind of a completionist and wanted to train them all. Anyway, any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  45. Yeah I need help. Every time i close out Slave Maker 3 all of my saved games are not their when I re-open the program help please

  46. Just to say, as your average bi-sexual dominatrix, would it be entirely against the spirit of Slave Maker to add the possibility of male slaves? I'd be willing to find/draw necessary pictures and such.

  47. Great game cmac! Just one thing, though: I'm having the same problem as windkage. Namely, I keep losing saved games. Is there any sort of fix I can employ? Anyone?

  48. Does this game flash also have gay male for yaoi slave?

  49. Currently downloading the game, so I'll see what it's like when it's done. I'm just saying I'd support the possible idea of male slaves.

  50. sugestion: I know that the creators of beta changes are having difficulty perform them. My suggestion is that one choice 3 or 4 programmers, so the work that person will be reduced and the changes can be made successfully. What do you think of the suggestion?

  51. sorry to be using this page to talk about the bugs in the game slave maker 3, but the slave Kyon has a defect, since he also does not appear in the list of assistants and only display the name and not Kyon kyonko. when accessing the place of slaves conquered, he appears with a defect in the first fixed frame where it appears as a man, not as a girl at the bottom of the flasher háum kyonko that does not appear. Could solve this?

  52. it keeps kicking me out of reviewing other slaves that i have i cant talk or do anything with them

  53. was playing with hinata (lol) and using the dark forest route got her breasts to 612cm or 91" but i NEVER saw one of her BE pics ..... is there a method which does show a pic, and will these pic's be used in the future.

  54. I am unable to download any of the files. it keeps saying the files are missing.

  55. Can't download anything. I keep getting "File Not Found" messages.

  56. Forgive me for bugging you like this, but I don't suppose a torrent would be the best way right? In my expseriance its faster and easier.
    I can't seem to down load any of the links.

  57. The files don't exist according to the links


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