Monday, June 14, 2010

Menace 1.2

Daisy Strike has released an update for Menace. To quote her post from the futanaripalace

Changes for 1.2


Menace loses to Anarista event was not firing correctly.
BE ADVISED it is now, losing to Ana during the second battle will have MAJOR consequences.


There was a bug in the Arena. The slave's account didn't had enough gold to cover the 'watch' option and was denied access, despite the slave maker's account having plenty.

-- resolved

Raphe: long list of Edits

-- resolved


The "Ponygirl" action results in a yes/no query about the onsen.

-- resolved

Sphinx wasnt showing when you fought her.

-- resolved.

Nothing shown on sphinx bad end.

-- resolved

Mr. Tibbs

sphinx now matter how you lose it just rotates to another fight whether its SM or menace.


I cannot for the life of me get owners vengence bad end. I have had yammamato take her away but never had a bad end with her (bad ends always on). Just curious hope everything is going great with otherworld. Thanx

-- reworked how these fire. Unable to test can never get the sold event to happen

v1.04 in Sandbox mode with Ayane as assistant. Bad end where Menace loses the bossfight with Anistaria. The graphic with thumb, wrist and elbow cuffs appears but only in the lefthand pane, and there is no way to move forward. I am trying to reduplicate now.

-- resolved i think Text for first 2nd lost part 1 will now fire and losing the second battle is very bad.





  1. Thanks for the update, Daisy Strike & thank you, cmac for sharing it.

  2. After I add Menace to the game, blow job in chores just show the background. Also, while I enter the ending of Riez, it cannot moves on. Maybe there are some problems, can you fix them, please?

  3. ricky
    For Riesz you have probably updated incorrectly. See my last post, in the comments I posted a link for the latest version of Reisz

    The other issue has been reported and will be fixed in the next release, until then don't use the option

  4. Cmacleod buddy!! :D

    Just a question: Will you include this Menace update to your next mayor version of SM?? (I mean Slave Maker 3 1.0.7)

    - Rikko

  5. I can translate texts for you on Russian, work with slash I am not able, but if you give me texts on english, I give out you correct texts in Russian, the Russian people and the Ukrainian people know your game

  6. I can say more, cmac, in Russia your game is pretty popular =D

  7. Can I suggest using torrents for the distribution of SM3? As far as I can see the updates involve only new files added and current ones modified. The problem would be with file removal but I believe it's easier to point which files delete when needed. And you don't need to rely on cyberlockers (although they could be used as alternatives for sure).

    I'll provide a list of open trackers later if you decide to try it.

  8. i can't figureout how to get these endings, and the wiki won't tell me.
    cat slave/ arena cat champion
    owner's vengance
    enslaved by menace


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