Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.07

Hi, a new version of the game. Mainly bugs fixes but with some new features, notably some UI changes and a new contest

Fixes almost all reported bugs,

Pony Training and other slave skills would disappear after loading a game
Daily events did not happen for some Slave Maker backgrounds
More speedups
Courtesan training was not listed for end game
Leadership skill was missing a description
Some skills listed incorrectly in the saved planning list
Some stats and contests scores were not rouned and got large number of decimal places
daytime blowjob did not work
sex skill trainings changed even if the training was refused
Master and Ponygirl could be queued multiple times
Prancing did not affect dancing
Discuss act referred to contest wins incorrectly
Visiting the Dealer got the equipment button incorrectly
Some image and act selection issues
debug display (-1/-1) removed

When going to the beach your slave will automaticcally wear any dress that is also swimwear
New tab structure for statistics. Note shortcut keys PgUp, PgDown
Many more alternate images for contests
New contest, Advanved Housework, only available once a housework contest is placed. Has other requirements too, partially explained
Includes the new assistant Paine
Expanded text for Slave Maker tentacle rapes
Leadership skill bonus to obedience decreased to 0.25 per level
Changes to Slave Maker stats
- initial values vary a lot more
- more have limits and are always noted with Limited. There is also an explanation in the stat hint
- Attack/Defence now limited to 75 for all except Warrior who is limited to 100. This is an ABSOLUTE limit
- Dominance limited to 85, except Dominatrix/Mistress Cock who can go to 100
- conversation limited to 85, except for trainers with Refined skill
- lust 80 for non dickgirls, 90 for dickgirls (not a new limit)
- rate of stat increase/decrease varies by background a bit (generally +/-10%)


Upgrade from the full version 3.1.06, does not include the Menace 1.2 update


Full Installation (includes Menace 1.2 previously announced)

or (parts are interchangable between the mirrors)


  1. Can we have a boat house, so we can go to the beach even when we don't have swimwear? (and also possibly have a quest involving an island of dark elves?)

  2. I seem to have encountered a bug in the "Advanced Housework" contest.

    When I entered without wearing an Apron, the contest still continued on and my slave lost with 0 points. After I lost I was given no option to continue on with the game.

    I was able to Save the game and Load the same file in order to continue on, but until I figured that out I was completely stuck.

  3. Thanks for the update. I had been frustrated when I realized that the daytime blowjob didn't work.

    Any idea when some new content will be available? Character, events, NPCs?

  4. Diet
    There seems to be some odd issues with Advanced Housework. I'll fix in the next release

    No idea. I will be working on Rei Ayanami mostly now

  5. I seem to be having problems getting the draft to give to Lady Farum so that she will give me a pass to the ruins. I've visited the locations (lake, etc.) I use to get it numerous times for 10 days and nights now without any luck. Has that changed in version 3.1.07?

  6. Thanks for the Update Cmacleod!!


    DOwnload as of it compatible with old saves, right?? (Saves from

  7. blevins
    No change. Visit a forum and post a bug report and preferably also post a save game

  8. Excellent! Thanks, Cmac
    Lthough I have noticed that your Rapidshare Link to part 2 links to part 3 instead >.<
    (Uses the Mediafire links, but thought to mention)

  9. Is all slaves can be trained as a cumslut?

  10. for some reason im starting to lose interest in this game as more restrictions are put up......

  11. Rah
    For example? I did not put anything much in this release, unless you prefer to the small changes to Slave Maker stats. That was to help individualise the backgrounds. The limits were ones that did not matter or affect gameplay in anyway

  12. @ricky
    Yes, but you must have Cumslut Kasumi as your assistant for this to be possible. Just have them do lots of blowjobs and cum baths. It's easier with the Cock Mistress because you can do blowjobs during the day.

  13. Why i can never get Tentacle Whore Slave and Maker Ending. Can anyone teach me how to get the ending? Thanks

  14. ricky
    I have not written them yet. If you look in the fie release note.rtf it explains that all the new backgrounds (ie those on the second page) are incomplete and are basically functional, with stats, skills and some effects. Most special endings and events are still in development

  15. Sweet, i can dream again.
    Then, let's play.

  16. I hope this is an okay place to file bugs? Sorry if it's not, I'm not sure I know the correct place.

    I've just encountered a similar situation as I encountered above.

    When attempting to go to the stables while your slave isn't a Ponygirl, the game will stick there without a "Leave" button that allows you to move on.

    Sadly, my save solution doesn't seem to work in this case.

  17. Hum... I can't keep Belldandy as my assistant when I let her become a demon (or angel?), do I?

    No points and... she's gone.

  18. I had the same problem at the stable today. I'm also getting images on top of images whenever I go to the lake in this newest version.
    I really love this game and appreciate the authors tireless work.

  19. Diet & blevins
    I prefer bug reports to be made in one of the fourums. The issue has been previously reported there and noted as fixed. I will release a 3.1.08 today/tomorrow

    correct and intentional, Belldandy leave for heaven/hell. You do get both points and money, but there was a bug in an earier version where these did not happen. Please download the most recent full version and you will get pay and points

  20. i cant seem to finish courtesan training anymore, not sure if it's due to the patch or because i got slave trainer 5

  21. Ziggyh8saim
    The patch did nothing for courtesan training. What happens to prevent it

  22. not quite sure, reloaded an older savegame but still have the same error:
    it gets stuck at 60/100 and you can continually visit the lady for the third training
    -it even says "Training completed" in the calender multiple times

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. awesome game! i wish we can gain more traits and/or switch backgrounds.. quest to be the ultimate slave maker!!! :)

  25. Ziggyh8saim
    I did remove some backward compatibility with old saves (before 3.1.05) so it maybe your issue is caused by this. I'll review the code, I have another report of a similar issue from another. I have not had general reports so it must be an unusual path

  26. how's the new version coming along? i'd love to see more slaves :)

  27. Actually that might be it; I don't remember when I started my current game but it's probably from around 103: I encountered the same error when i loaded a game that was saved on June 20th (106) on version 106.

  28. New game, removed old save game folder including config.

    Still get the error where it get stuck at 60/100 courtesan and can repeatedly visit Lady for the third part. Clean (non updated) install of 3107 from mediafire.

  29. I had cumslut kasumi as my assistant and trained yurika, tifa and naru. when training a new slave/selecting assistant, only kasumi and yurika have cumslut in front of their names.. tifa and naru dont. I have called all of them cumsluts..

    However, all of them have cumslut in front of their names when i go to the equipment menu..

  30. Ziggyh8saim
    I would like a save game from your situation. Please register in one of the forums and post a save game. By far easiest for the futanari palace

    when training a new slave/selecting assistant, only kasumi and yurika have cumslut in front of their names

    This is a known issue, it needs all slaves to be updated to allow for the name change

  31. Ziggyh8saim
    I have found the bug, no need for a save game anymore

  32. I've encountered a couple of problems since I updated.

    I can no longer get Anal Plug, Naked, or Lend Her to level up.

    I also encountered the Freeze/No Leave Button issue at the Stables, but that has been addressed.

    All in all, it's a very fun game and I'm glad I checked out the third version. Frankly, I didn't enjoy the first one much, but this one is very addicting.

  33. I too have found that when entering the advanced housekeeper competition, it asks me if i want her to enter as just naked, and after that options.
    i have to use the options tab to reload the save.

  34. few issues, can't get my old saves
    i don't seem to be able to collect personal money, it is always at zero.

  35. Do you plan to write extensive text, like you did for Make her masturbate/naked/and dildo? Because that would be awesome =D

  36. All the bugs people just reported have been previously reported in the forums and have been fixed.

    Visit the forums, you will see there is a rewrite project aiming to customise and expand the text for all girls. The acts will differ across all girls in the game

  37. Good work in Updating his Game.

    But a Bug i cross was playing as Female Trainer wiht Background For the Brothel Home and Shampoo, when i go with her to Beach, it gives the Message, she is not wearing Swimmsuits an will change into one, and then the Normaly Picture of Beach only show behind that of Shampo, it does not disapear.

    2 Questiion, Will there be ever a Real Pregnancy, (Not Tentacle) Esxample as Bad Ending or in compination mit Weeding and Buy Back Good Endng or so.

    And In Option is somethin about Incest, whit my Understanding of that It means Having Sex with near relatives, Like Mother Fahter, Brother and Sister, or Sons and Daughters, but I never encounter something like that or didn't see it, where is it?

  38. @kollyn I've had the same problem with basically all of the girls. They put on their bikini and then their picture is stuck right there in front of the image I'm supposed to be able to see.

    As for the incest, unless I miss my guess, it's on the docks in the slave pens where they're trying to train the two sister slaves to pleasure each other.

  39. About the Slave Maker's Stats, I generally liked the changes, but I felt wrong for the leader not achieve 100 in Dominance. The Leader background is all about Dominance, for starters, and not having a 100 Dominance option for the Male Backgrounds is lame.

    Please, think about it.


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