Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.08

Hi, this is a quick update for Slave Maker 3, mainly to fix some bugs introduced in 3.1.07

Upgrade from 3.1.06 or 3.1.07

The full installation 3.1.08


Advanced Housework issues
Dress staying stuck when visiting the beach
End of courtesan training got stuck and repeated every visit
scrollbar could overlap the new tabs
some icon issues
some full/new moons were not shown in the diary
some slave/act selection issues
Leave button appearing when deleting actions

More alternate images for Slave Maker jobs, mainly dominatrix and brothel
Pagan gets a custom job
An update check, the latest and current version shown on the title screen. It only checks weekly, downloading a 12 byte file. If you do not like this then block the exe from accessing the web with your firewall.
more small optimisations
Morning/Evening screen slightly rearranged to make room for more content

New debugging tab when SlaveDebugging enabled
New dress attributes
New items, including cat ears, faerie wings
Methods for the slaves introduction screen
New SDK on the way

Note: the full version has some fixes not in the upgrade
a) some girls would not show their name as Cumslut xxxx on the assistant selection screen
b) if your slave refuses to be naked for the Advanced Housework contest then no Next button was shown
c) Also this version includes the latest version of Daisy_strikes assistant Mugi


  1. Jumping on macleod for a wet nose kiss

  2. Huzzah. :) Thanks for the work and the new version.

  3. Nice update, hope you don't mind if i ask if there's a way to start the game in a window not full-screen.

    P.S.: The update thing looks nice but it might mean a drop of the number of visitors a day.

  4. Alucard
    No, but just hit the esc key to change back to windowed mode.

    I have had others ask this as well, so I may have to add an option into Options/appearance

  5. Found an issue playing as Ayane.

    I tried to enter her into the Advanced House Keeping contest and it asked if I wanted her to remove all of her clothing except for her apron. I clicked yes. It said that she blushed and refused. I never got a "Leave" button to appear after that.

  6. Didn't check new version yet, as it pretty hard thing to do.

    1. Fitness!! stat is damn hard to get. How many full slots you supposed to spend on it - 100?

    2. Swim trainer woman seems to have memory issues. She just resets any progress if you skip a day of visiting her. Or is it save/reload issue? Anyway I couldn't get to that half-price deal.

    3. Ryo doesn't work. How much time should pass before he becomes available for sex acts? As of now its like forever.
    Btw, shouldn't I be able to hire assistants from Guild for as little as 5 instead?

    4. Please please make REPLAYs in the game! For that you only have to write sequence of user and rng choices down, and be able to read it and replay. This would be great! For you this thing will help in debugging. This can even replace savegames entirely.

  7. it's not only ayane that have that problem, all the girls seams to have that 1

  8. Contest issue fixed. I am uploading a full version of 3.1.08 and if it matters the issue is fixed in that version. I am not bothered to do another full release. Meanwhile do not do the contest if your slave is not willing to be naked

    1) it increases slowly by Fitness Training (about 0.5), and Dancing/Prancing (0.25). You do not have to max it really

    2) load/save should not be an issue, but your relationship resets over new slaves, an unintentional issue, will be fixed in the next update

    3) Ryo will do any normal sex act, like fuck.anal/blowjob, just bot orgy, gangbang

    4) Replay's? We have the planning sets already. Can you explain what you mean?

  9. 2. Resets over new slaves yes, that I noticed. But even during one slave the progress was lost somehow. Maybe its because of my Complete's every so often.

    4. The player will be able to save not just current state of game, but entire sequence of his input (and rng choices), and then *replay* it at any time by loading from file. That will allow people to show their gameplay to each other.

  10. Why can't i get the ponygirl training option to appear? i have the master/mistress thing done, i've got the bit gag, leash, harness, and pony tial done, she's fully pierced, i've met mistess epona...what am i MISSING?

  11. You need the skill
    Pony Trainer level 1 (see your stats tab)
    You have to visit Mistress Epona 10 times to learn it

  12. Does this mean pagans have an alternative to the Acolyte job and Theology class now? Because they really need one.

  13. No, the Slave Makers has a job.
    Their slaves can still do Theology training.

  14. I seem to have a a problem with it deleting my saved games every time I quite then come back a few days later.

  15. Sam: go to http://slavemaker.futanaripalace.com/
    and scroll down to troubleshooting.

  16. hello, I have discovered this game few days ago. I really a good game, but something bother me.
    I have learned I've removed Skuld from the original game because she was to young. I don't understand it. I have the manga Ah my goddess and it said in the manga that she is older that the main character (who is 21).
    Skuld is a goddess, she live more longer than any human.
    Rei and Minako, which are only 14, are more questionable

  17. Come on over and download the latest version of the assistant Bridget! http://anonym.to/?http://smassistants.blogspot.com/2010/07/assistant-bridget.html

    Also, in reply to Kraken, Skuld may be older, but she looks like a kid. That's where the line got drawn.

  18. But, she is'nt a loli, So, where is the problem?

    Flat chest is also good.

  19. "I have the manga Ah my goddess and it said in the manga that she is older that the main character

    I also have the manga and I have never seen this mentioned.

    She acts like a child around pubery, she dates a your boy of the same age. To all references I am aware of she is of that age. So I will not put her in the game as a sex slave.

    The other girls have has a few years pass and are all 18+ You can suspend a little disbelief and accepts that, especially the way they are drawn in hentai.

    By no stretch of the imagination can I consider Skuld 18+ so she will not be in the game.

    The point here is I do not want young children in the game, both from my own opinions and for a lesser degree legality.

  20. I agree with your stance on this topic of no under 18 slaves cmacleod42. Unless there is proof that Skuld is over 18 then she doesn't belong.

  21. I just wanna ask question.
    In the campainmode, why some slaves are not trainable yet,even after train all the others slave ?

  22. Yashe
    Training needs certain levels of reputation for your slave maker. You get reputation each time you train a slave and it depends on your score. It sounds like you had not got high enough scores to reach the ncecessarly level for Rei I assume as she has the highest requirement.

  23. It's said in the manga by Belldandy, "the godesses have always been here, they lived forever"

    Don't forget that Uld lose her Godess License in the volume 4 for 50 years for a little error.

    The goddesses live many time longer than any human.

  24. Kraken
    none of that means Skuld is anything other than the age she appears to be. Yes, she will likely live much longer than humans, probably immortal, but she and all the goddesses were born. All indications are Skuld is a child 12ish years old at the start.

  25. Thanks cmacleod42, i just began to play 2 days ago.

  26. Pagans need an alternative to the Acolyte job and the ability to train all slaves, maybe with added penalties and bonuses for some. Really I mean the pagan religion is just useless, it gimps the main character.

  27. Anyway I look forward to explorable houses :)

  28. Here is an idea, since you have furries in the game why don't you make one an available slave like Krystal for Starfox.

  29. Fox Paradox: http://slavemaker3.blogspot.com/2010/04/notes.html
    Just scroll to the Girls in Planning and Development part.

  30. I just came back from being away a while and the new version seems interesting but, my download quantity is limited so i wanna know, is there a new version planned to be released soon? like in the next 5 days or so? If there is, I'll wait for the new version to save some download, if the next version is in a while, I'll download this one for now.

  31. Has anyone been having problems with thier saves for Kasumi? Or is it the fact that I am using .sol editor?

  32. Rein
    yes, one is due in a day or two

    No issues I have seen or had reported. Try a more recent editor like .minerva if you must edit

  33. Yurika appears to be bugged in terms of becoming a dickgirl. Even after drinking Astrids potion over 3 times, she never truly becomes a dickgirl nor the training officially starts for one. She would randomly train back and forth from female to dickgirl during training; but would always be considered female in the endings.

  34. splice101
    That is not a bug, that is intentional. Yurika will never become a permanent dickgirl, it is a manifestation of her drug sensitivity. I have had others note this. Ill add some explanatory text

  35. when can we expect a new update ?

  36. cmacleod42
    Thanks for the quick response. Thought the game was corrupt or bugging or something.

    Read the comment above my first. Someone else actually asked the same question and it got swiftly answered as well.

  37. Thanks for the hard work cmac glad to see some of the stuff discussed as in process is not just lies. One problem the new pics for dominatrix and mistress cock are not showing up for me first on the update and then again on the full version i just get a blank screen.

  38. Flagnine1
    Thanks, this was reported in a forum and has been fixed, please wait for 3.1.09 (tomorrow or the day after)

    I do not lie about my plans for the game. It can take a fair time and there is a matter or priorities.

  39. Seems no matter what I do I always get the blush and refusal for advanced housework even with 150 ob and nothing on but the apron anyway, am I missing some requirement?

  40. Hi guys I need some help. Whenever I try to play the game I get through everything but I get stuck at the slave market. No images appear. Ive downloaded all 3 parts and yet each time I open them it comes up as part 1. What can I do? What should I do?

  41. Davey
    It is a known bug that will be fixed in the next release. I think it is only in the full install version of the game. The upgrade I think works correctly.


  42. Vis
    you have extracted from the archive wrong. Just extract the first part and it should automatically extract the other parts. In the end you should get a folder with
    a few .txt,.rtf files
    The Folders
    each containing various swf, .txt, .png, .jpg files

    Please check your output folder

  43. Just a general question, will Catslave training be implemented in the next update? If not is there a general ballpark guess of when it will be implemented?

  44. I can't seem to be able to buy extra slaves from the slave market, please help!!!!!

  45. Davealooba
    Not the immediate next (3.1.09) there are only bug fixes, developer changes and a Slave Maker equipment screen in it

    You need personal money (check the Your Stats tab). Earned
    a) training slaves
    b) winning contests
    c) working side jobs

  46. Greetings. Coming first place in the beauty contest does not give the +10 to reputation that the other contests give.

  47. Hi, love the game. Is it possible to get the tentacle queen ending with Riesz when you worship the old gods? (due to the lack of acolyte job) Thank you for all of the effort you put into this game. :)

  48. Coyote13
    Yes, you can meet the nun in another place, at another job in fact.

  49. Hi Cmacleod. I wanted to let you know that Slavemaker was finally added to CWF (www.curlysworldoffreeware.com) and is now available as a download from there in one collected file. So if you want to direct people at that instead of multiupload that would be cool with us. If you let me know about updates as well, then we can easily add the patches from version 3.x to version 3.xb to the site as well. But please drop by the forum and give us a visit, as we would love to hear your oppinion on a matter regarding wether Slave Maker 3 is the latest version of Slave Maker Revised or if it is a stand alone game...

    Best regards

  50. The game needs a better optimisation. It takes a lot of RAM and seems to lag sometimes, especialy when youve been playing for a while. A good way to do so would be to have a better distribution of the memory, to only have it memorised in the RAM what is necessary for the time. To do so, you could add a short animation that plays when the time switch from day to night from night to day that serves as a break from the game to forget useless data for the time and memorise other data in the RAM it will need. The animation could be something as simple as a rising moon/rising sun with the date, time and remaining days before the end of the training. That would greatly optimise the program and speed it up for users with slower computers.

  51. Ok i know i am a noob and i have read the responce to Vis's post by i am at al loss as of what to do.

    I downloaded the latest version, and extracted it using BitZipper. No problems so far. The defult program my laptop wants to run it with is Adobe Reader. I load it up and it works fine up to the point where you pick a slave. There is semingly nothing to choose.

    Am i running it with the wrong program, have i extracted it wrong?

    I am new to extracting (i extracted the whole file to desktop). Could someone explane or link me to a detailed how to for newbs plz.

  52. Try 7-zip, best freeware out there for archived files in my opinion. Make a new folder and put all three parts in it, then just right click and select "extract here".

    I don't seem to be getting any training points, has that aspect of the game changed? I have completed a couple slaves(Shampoo/83 and Yurika/67/idol after love modifier) and haven't seen any to increase my skills, is there a specific page I need to go to?

  53. hey bro.... i cant use the link... may be thats was broken... can u set the new one ?

  54. are there going to be more slaves for us to train? althought it is fun to make our own,i think it's funner if you dont know what to expect.

  55. for some reason multiupload doesn't seem to work


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