Sunday, January 9, 2011

Revised Slave Maker Design

I am almost finished a revised system to create your Slave Maker. The previous system used a preset group of backgrounds.

The new system uses that still as one option and also an Advanced system

 Here you choose gender, religion, set options and pick measurements. I may just make the measurements picked by the game and not editable.

The is the existing system of backgrounds, now called packages. Note I have freed up some to be gender neutral like Trader, Warrior, Leader. Some now apply to both Male and Dickgirl, while others are limited to particular genders still. No new ones.

If you choose the advanced option instead you will get 100 customisation points to choose from a list of things for your Slave Maker
  • Initial Statistics
  • Starting Skills
  • Items to start the game with, or to start all slaves with
  • advantages, say Brothel Madam, Dominatrix, Pagan Preacher, similar to previous backgrounds, others completely new
  • strange events like Demonic Cock, Inhuman Ancestry, Tentale Hytbrid
  • Where you were born, a country town, Amazon tribe, Old Faith strobhold etc
I am working on the mechanisms and refining and balancing. Once it is working I'll post prototype for comments and suggestions for balancing.

I may add some background images for the tabs to make it a little less plain, but this will wait until it is all working properly.

Probably a few days work remains for this change.

A bug was found where disabling tentacles in options did not work. I did a recent change to centralise some tentacle encounter tests and forgot to disable correctly. If this matters to you, copy the following file into you Engine folder of your installation

Jaren has released a new version of Yoruichi, from his post,

Ok here it is finally. Its a good thing I spent time testing, as I caught a few issues at the last moment.

One issue I have seen (But not solved) is that sometimes the ending resulting from the same conditions changes. I think saving and loading fixes it, but I couldnt figure out what causes it yet. If someone does figure it out that would be huge.


  1. Looks good so far... can't wait to customize my slave maker.

  2. Ow..i want that xD,i like it,way better than the current one,any preview when it will be enabled to download?

  3. Hi, i was wondering if the game would still work even if im missing patches from 3.1.10. i got the 9.1.09d patch from last year and decided to check for updates today, and as it turns out, i've missed some patches and there's no way i can get it anymore because the links are gone/down except for this patch. the full installer is also gone/down. please help. thanks

  4. Download the last full version 3.1.10b and install into the same folder and then install the 3.1.10c patch over top.

    This will preserve any save games, as long as you retain the same folder name.

    3.1.10b is a full install containing all files for the game. 3.1.10c is an update of 3.1.10b with only the fixed files

  5. I do not know how to rest, but it seems to me better in the first screenshot options do not fit, and choose from several options.And most importantly, that they affect the text in the game. Your version sounds very good, perhaps even more interesting to my dream - the choice is not itself directly, and through her parents ...

    I look forward to!

  6. This idea of indirect elections of the character came to me when you create a character in the game "Arcanum Fan Edition" - I really liked it a lot-profile figures: semibounded and half-orcs, elves, wanted to play a huge or other half-breed, a choice of prehistory is also very interested by - even with the graphics level of the first Fallout, I rezhus in her second summer in a row ...
    Can enter the prehistory in this game, or ideally, as in the dragon age

  7. Maybe you should take the opportunity to resize the portrait window there? As far as I know, everywhere else in the game, the slavemaker portrait only shows up in the assistant window, which has a square aspect ratio. Whereas that selection screen isn't. When I was creating a portrait pack, the images would always display awkwardly in one or the other. It'd be best to stay with one standard size.

  8. Does this mean we'll have more options to choose from after we've completed a slave? Because I have a ton of points in need of spending...

  9. Just a thought, but would it be possible to add a function to convert all measurements into the English system...feet, pounds, inches, etc...

  10. May have the opportunity to add a selection of prehistory for a coach (with some accompanying bonus), with the possibility of adding Point remaining's in case of refusal from her (as in "No Special Talent")...

  11. Looks like an awesome idea. It'll be nice to see how mixing and matching skills affects gameplay from the start.

  12. the new feactures seems nice.
    I was ben thinked about the game and a idea subsists its about the degree of submission/dominance of the slave maker with this degree more easy of change with for example some night actions,or some options and day actions like astrid the count etc.
    This degree also can riguer some events and endings or even so the relations with the trained slave if this kind of measure ae possible or planed for the futur i want to know.
    grath job so far^^.

  13. scares me the senselessness of many parameters. if there is a weight, then it should affect anything ... for what?

    such as obesity, accelerates the growth of temperament but also reduces the sensibility

  14. def loven what i see cant wait for it to be released

  15. Don't suppose you'll ever free up a pagan alternative to Acolyte training and let pagans train all girls eh?

  16. Jaren has released a new version of Yoruichi

  17. I too am glad to see how this is starting to turn out, cannot wait to test it when it's released as beta.

    - zaku2142

  18. This might be a stupid question but is minako's story still not working because I can't get the cat slave in the brothel to tell me how to talk to the True Catgirl at the lake and I couldn't get minako to accept cat slave training is there some thing extra you have to do with her?

  19. zero
    Minako is working as far as I know. Please note the catslave is not always in the brothel, she can also be in the sleazy bar.

    But, if you met her in the brothel, then you need to increase Minako's True Catgirl Lore (see her stats page 2), meet more catgirls until it is high enough

  20. @zero
    minako worked fine then i tried. i only used the wiki for help and succeeded.

  21. zero
    She w2ill only start catgirl training if she wears the most expensive dress, the cat suit

  22. And what about the improvement of the old assistants, there is still a 2.xx version? They are generally altered, or not yet up to them?

  23. warlord.andrej-wrafgxp
    That is up tp the developer, I did not write those assistants.

    There is a thread in the futanaripalace discussing possible effects for the slaves. I will be up to them and someone1001 to decide and release as they want

  24. love the new system, excellent idea!

  25. please cmac it is possible in a near futur the degree of submission of the slave maker be changed more often in the game and this changes of submission/dominance level triguer events and ends for the slavemaker? thanks for iour greath job in the game and good luck in iour new game^^.

  26. Awesome stuff! Keep up the good work.

    Any chance we'll see some loli slaves?

  27. If it is possible to add events to the rising/lowering dominance of trainer

  28. cmacleod42 could be brought into game in the future versions chastity belt not able to use her vagina and cock?

  29. Just want to report a small bug.

    While training Yoruichi with Mugi, I instructed Yoruichi to work as a acolyte and even though the Nymphomaniac stat had the red decreasing icon, the value was increasing.

  30. Cantinho da liberdade & warlord.andrej-wrafgx
    More events are planned

    not from me

    chastity belts are planned when I have the time

    Jaren has done some changes to stat changes for jobs/chores for Yoruichi, probably what is happening is he is decreasing the increase of a value, so you get the minus icon but have a net increase. It is awkward to fix this in the game.

  31. There is a new slave in development by atacu in the FutanariPalace,
    Sawachika Eri from School Rumble. So far just vanilla, no custom events

  32. otacu is the developer (not atacu)

  33. hey where is the original link not the bug fixes or will the bug fixed ones still work?

  34. Yay! I found the final treasure!
    --TEXT TDB--
    Oh wait..


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