Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Updated Darsel's Assistants

Darsel has updated his assistants Alena and Manya&Minea

Here is a copy of his posts in the forums

Latest assistant release:

If the bad end has confirmed anything, it's that I'm a huge tease. By all means, feel free to offer feedback and let me know of any bugs or typos you run across. (I'd be surprised if I didn't miss some typos with the sheer number of revisions the events have been through.)

I've got some mixed feelings about the bad end and the.. 'victory scene'. The latter isn't really my fetish forte, but hopefully I've managed to make it.. enjoyable. With the bad end, well, did I mention it's long? As a bad end, I wanted it to.. "conclude" the main character's role as a slave maker. However, I suspect I may have dragged it on a bit longer than I should have. If that proves to be the consensus, I'll probably try to butcher it down in a later version.

Anyways, have fun!


  1. Thank you, now check ...

  2. first new assistant this year, looks interesting

  3. What do you do with the file, please?

  4. cyberaird, download the ZIP file and open it. It contains three files. The text file explains what to do, but essentially you just replace your current assistant files for Alena and Manya&Minea with the updated versions.

  5. how do i can triguer the new bad event with the updated assistent please.

  6. Cantinho da liberdade
    be bad to your slave (assuming you mean Alena), get her raped, tentacle assulted etc

  7. loll tanks for the fast answer i promise i will trate my slaves like a roman merchant of slaves with a prisioner of war female capture.

  8. ran in to a issue with system screen
    it only shows options and load and i end up having to load auto save to fix it then it seems to be fine for a while

  9. jason
    When you are doing the day/night actions (ie you have clicked 'Do the Planning'( this is exactly as intended. Saving, Retiring, Complete training are disabled until you reach the end of day.

    Or are you saying you only see those options in the morning/evening?

  10. think it was in the middle of the day when i tried becuase i was trying to find the special skill that allows me to make more than just 5g from working for the guild

    thanx for letting me know that

  11. Lemme just say I love your game out of game like these its my favorite. I have a question and I am hoping to get an answer. Is there some kinda lump file for all the recent updates or do I have to download them all and put them in their folders?

    Or perhaps does every subsequent file hold all previous updates?
    ^_^ thank you (5 or 6 girls down tons to go)

  12. @james
    Slave Maker 3.1.10c
    is the latest download for full game the other 2 post you extract in to the folder for the type it is

    slave updates go in to slave folder
    assistant go in the asst folder so fourth
    hope that is what you wanted to know

  13. so whats the deal with rama raping shamoo lol that cracks me up when i see it

    also how do i get the girl un afraid to wear the cat ears and tail

  14. @jason you let her meet cat girls but before you can do that you need to personally attend singing lessons for awhile so you can have the singing cat lady teach you the cat girl trainer perk. You can't even meet a actual cat girl until you have it. If you can't seem to make it choose mugi as a assistant she has helpful stuff that will help you get to the one you want. She can either force your girl down that path with her instruction or she can tell you what to do or just help out in general.

    I personally haven't gotten cat girl yet but I think its cause I missed some things. :| got a 100 point wedding

    mmmm um and where do I find the download and is it going to delete all my current saves?

  15. The downloads are either found in my previous posts or see the Dowload Links of the right of the page. The top links to a webpage with information and the links.

    If you install into the exact same folder then all save games are preserved. If you rename the folder then save games are lost (they are still there, just not available)

    Ranma is reluctant to be a catgirl you need get the skill Cat Trainer 2 before you can train her. So train another girl, learn the skill then when you finish training use your skill point t increase Cat Training.

  16. yeah? thx for info...
    I read your previous post and very glad.
    I am happy that you did the house upgrading and other stuff...
    Waiting for your new realese, because wanna to try this.
    M.b. beta-realease for test this?

  17. I just wanted to join the chorus and mention what a wonderful game you have created. I appreciate all the hard work you have put into it, and am always happy to see your latest additions. I'm really looking forward to the house upgrades.

    Please keep up the good work, and if you ever add a donate button I will be one of the first to click it.

  18. I copied the swf files but when I get to the choose assistant page, I coudnt choose one....


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