Sunday, January 23, 2011

Revised Slave Maker Design - part 4

New Alpha
I know I said the previous alpha was the last, but one more.

This fixes assorted bugs, with the shop and shortcut keys, some selection issues, Lady Farun rescue, hint text, and some advantage/event mixups

Also adds
  • Inept Warrior disadvantage
  • Guild Membership/Freelancer selection.
  • additional images for vampire, catgirl, furry
  • more introduction text for some of new events/advantages, but more to be done.
  • packages for Vampire, Catgirl, Furry, Ex Milk Slave
Freelancer Slave Makers are only partially implemented in this alpha release. Most end of training issues are not inplemented (like price and changing reviews etc)

Remember this is not an official release and it is an upgrade only, it is not the complete game. First install the full version and install this over top. Also the previous alpha releases are not needed, this completely replaces them

Upgrade Link

Slave Sawachika Eri
otacu has updated the slave Sawachika Eri from the anime School Rumble. She is complete, but there are no custom events, so she is a vanilla slave

Note you may have to rename the file in this archive
to a free number, depending on your installed slaves

Slave Yoroichi
Jaren released an update of his beta slave Yoruichi a week ago

EDIT: another update of Yoruichi


  1. Ooooh, a new update. Does this upgrade directly off the slavemaker3.whatever, or does it upgrade off the first one of these new updates?

  2. previous alphas are not needed.

    There are a couple of bugs, I am fixed and uploading

  3. link re-upped. Some bugs fixed. Please redownload

  4. i was wondering if you were having troubles with th efull version links in the link/download page, cause they keep saying they are no longer available

  5. im having some issues with the new apperiences i cant get any to of them (i.e furry catgirls or vamps to show up after i have selected the according skill do i need to take the immages out of the folders? or rename them?

  6. I'm sorry for asking here, but I can't really make my way to the forums. @_@ Anyway, how do I download the full game? The links to Rapidshare and Multiupload say that they're no longer available. I'm not sure what to do.

  7. phillip
    The links have changed for some reason

    I'll fix the website

    With the current version in this post they should work fine. The previous one had a problem with the appearances but not this one.

    Check you have the folders
    with the appropriate files.

    Did you install this alpha version over your existing installation, and not into a subfolder?

  8. Are some of the new updates that appeared in this new release supposed to say "Not Available?" I also noticed that the "Not Available" sign shows up on other Advantages and Skills that were previously available.

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  11. I have encountered a problem with the update. Every time I try to start a new game it always tries to stick me with a Vampire background even though I didn't pick it. I'm pretty sure I did everything right when I updated. Is there anything that can fix this without reverting to the previous release?

  12. First of all, tnx for the great work, can't wait to see the final release ^.^

    second thing: i don't know if it's a bug or it's normal, in the latest version, the money pool of Slave - Slaver, are always separate, and the options to put it on or off it's gone O.o

  13. I played the alpha last night for the first time and I think it's really cool so far.
    So a couple of thoughts for now:

    1. The initial stat boundaries should depend on your birthplace and advantages. For example, if you are a warrior, it would make sense to have higher minimum attack and defense statistics (say, no lower than 40) than if you picked any other class (where you are allowed to go below 40).

    2. Realism. I picked a female slave maker with slim bust, small clit, and average breasts. On the first day of training, I checked out her stats to see the exact measurements: 32-20-32, 0.5 inch clit, 4'11'', 132 lbs. 132 pounds at 4'11''?! That's not slim, or even average. If she is slim, she should be 100 pounds or less at that height.

    3. Just wanted to mention a bug. While trying to buy clothes for my slaves, the prices jumped to some large number (for example, 3.85234852 E006). Sorry but I can't pin down the cause. All I know is that this problem never occurred until I downloaded the alpha version with the revised slave maker design.

  14. Does anyone else have problem with cat slaves? I manage to met the requirements for equiping Cat Tail and Cat Ears, but when I try to equip both at the same time nothing happens, I can equip one but when I click the second it won't equip. Same thing happens with Ranma's and Shampoo's cat dresses and doesn't say why.

  15. Wolfmaster91, i believe you and i are having the same problem, it only happens if you choose the Noble Advantage though...

  16. Ishamael417
    there were bugs in the previous alpha releases. Any in particular you feel are wrong?

    It is just a inrtoduction issue. In Your Stats 2 tab does it show Vampire?

    To join, pick being a Freelance slavemaker. It is not available anymore for Guild Members

    please upload a save game showing your problem and I will investigate.

  17. How about a fourth gender? Shemale, like a dickgirl with no vagina. Functions as a dickgirl but replace all instances of "pussy" and "vagina" with "ass" or "anus"?

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  19. I love the alpha idea. I have some suggestions and complaints. Decided to put them in bullet form to be more orderly. Hopefully my last two points are at least considered for future versions of the character builder. Males are REALLY getting the short-end of the stick at the moment.

    ~Maybe make Secret Old Faith more story focused. Perhaps maybe even writing it in a way to make it a special event instead of a advantage? I dunno. I just see a lot of potential story telling there. Can easily make it a special event by giving the Slave Maker a vision from the Old Gods. Then there are other potential obstacles such as trying to keep the Old Faith practice hidden, people discovering your practice, keeping them quiet, etc. I just think there's a lot of interesting story potential there.

    ~Allow those with the Secret Old Faith advantage to train Rei. Not only would it be fun to try to keep your practice of the Old Gods hidden from her, it would also be fun to try to convert her to the Old Gods (opening up another story possibility, dress, and possibly even diving into the Old Gods culture a little more)

    ~Give Male Slave Maker's more gender only Advantages and Special Events. It's kind of unfair that both women and dickgirls have gender only advantages but yet a dickgirl can access all male advantages and special events. I know dickgirls have both genitalia and all, but even women have access to stuff dickgirls can't. It is nice to feel at least little unique after all =P

    ~Make gender specific advantages and/or special events require slightly more points for Dickgirls or less for Men or Women to even out the Dickgirls ability to have a wide selection of advantages and special events. Seems a little unfair to me. It's essentially saying that Dickgirls are the best gender to make because they have all these additional options at the same cost.

  20. I notice that sometimes when referencing ponyslaves the text says ponygirls/ponyboys. Does that mean you're going to implement boy slaves sometime? I'd LOVE to train Bridget as a slave.

    Also, it'd be nice to have Strap-on fuck and Strap-on assfuck available to female trainers without needing the lesbian background- perhaps a strap-on item that can be bought?

  21. Cles' last point regarding female SM ability to "fuck" her slaves even without the slave having agreed to lesbian acts might be an important thing. I trained Aeris (normal sex, not futa) with a female SM (Lesbian trainer 2) and had no way to actually train her in the "Fuck" skill (if you ignore the "lend" option, the orgy-related options, the brothel and random rape). Plus, there was no way to get the "use nymph magic"-option while doing the night duties. It goes without saying that the Lesbian trainer 2 wasn't high enough, but it illustrates a kind of weakness. And further more, in Aeris case, it seems that the only way to get the "use nymph magic"-option while training is for the SM to have a dick, or maybe even a strap-on, but I haven't tested Aeris with a high lvl Lesbian trainer yet.

  22. @Martin
    Aeris was created by someone else which may be the reason she doesn't fit the game mechanics like you are used to.
    But is it really that bad if your gender gives you advantages for some slaves and disadvantages for other ones? Could be a nice way to make it even more interesting to try playing every gender in my humble opinion.

  23. @a
    I think it would be counterproductive if the stats just said slim/average/heavy since customization is meant to make a game feel more "realistic" and immersive. The more detail the better. Simply tweaking the numbers and maybe even adding more increments would be the best solution.

    The game is not a competitive multiplayer one, so balance should not really be the focus of development. If you want the game to be easier, you can always go to the options screen. But, of course more custom events in the game overall makes everyone happier.

    If your problem is that you can't do the "Fuck" action at night because you don't have a dick/strapon: Purchase male slaves at the slave market to fuck her (assuming you're rich enough).
    If your problem is that you can't do the "Lesbian" action at night: I was able to do the "Lesbian" action at night as a female SM and I don't even have Lesbian Trainer 1. Just raise the slave's obedience to a certain level and you will be able to do that action. And to do that faster you'll want male slaves so you have access to a wider variety of sex actions that raise obedience.

  24. Seeker_of_Slaanesh
    Sorry, no, I am not really interested in adding shemales. No issues with them, just not interested.

    a & M
    The stats has some typos, I'll review. I'll leave the system as-is for now, selecting a build but them showning details. This allows for Slave Maker BE and cock/clit expansion

    I do not want to penalise being a dickgirl, so the costs will stay.

    Any suggestions for male specific advantages?

    I agree about Rei and Secret Old Faith, you should be able to train her then

    The game supports male slaves, it is jist no one has made one yet.

    BUT, Kyon is in development at the futanari palace.

    For Awris, it is just she is incomplete and needs story arcs for female slave makers.

    For your query, I have been thinking of completely unresticting all acts, so allowing lesbian acts, strap-on etc when the slave is not ready for such acts. Then you will get reluctance, refusal or penalties but the game will let you try. The same would apply to male slave makers giving blowjobs to dickgirl slaves etc.

    I just have to decide how to handle when the slave is not ready.

    Still it is as M said, you can buy a slave to do the acts for you at this time.

  25. Jaren has released an update for Yoruichi

    Sigh... I have taken care of most of what I wanted, but its going to take a bit more then I thought to clear my list of issues. Ill be too busy to work much on this for a couple weeks (My birthday is this week amongst other things) so I wanted to get a new version out in the meantime. I didnt have time to test the changes extensively, but I did a bit of tests, and it seems to all work.

    A few issues came up during the process, but Ill wait until another day to get into those.

    In this version:
    -New pictures added (Mostly courtesy of Cmacleod)
    -Added morning event to decide if you want to pay Yoruichi's fine or not (Required for 'good' endings, and I do have a couple thoughts on other impacts)
    -Changed the mechanics of the run away event a bit
    -Rebalanced most of the night action stats (Testing on this pretty much has to wait until a fix for the stat icon images exists)
    -Fitness text should now match the pictures

    Hopefully have fun all =)

  26. Hi Cmacleod

    In the first, I love the way that you give at your game. It's really Fun... and go back for the business:

    - I found a bug with the background ( with the advenced mod ), with the option FURRY... the background is Vampire. I think I have see this bug an other comment but i'm not sure.

    - In the HOMEBORN for the GIRL: The AMAZON TRIBE have +4 Constitution and +4 Constitution, in the old release i'm remember a malus in Dominance ( -2 i think ). It's a bug or a correction ?

    I will not make any suggestions, there are already enough ( You have hard work it seems ). Good Luck and thank you for SV3.

    PS: I LOVE the FURRY

    PSS: Sorry for my English and BON ANNIVERSAIRE

  27. Mistress Taka
    Thanks, for the compliment. I was aware of the bugs (yes the Amazon issue is a bug) and they are fixed.
    The Vampire one is just a typo id you pick Noble it got confused with Vampire.

  28. Hello cmacleod!

    I see you continue to impress with your awesome updates. I think I play SM3 more than I do most of the games on my PS2 combined. =P

    I was hoping for an update where we would get the chance to pick and choose our advantages, and would ya know? Ya did it. You sir, are damn awesome.

    Just one thing that I know has been mentioned. Selecting the Noble advantage shows up as the Vampire one instead. Other than that, I've seen no significant bugs yet.

    You wouldn't happen to have the source for the first male vampire image would ya? The one with the coat?

    Keep up the great work!

  29. dmrogers0014
    Not sure where I found the image, fairly sure it was just a Google image search for Vampire image or Vampire art

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  31. @ cmacleod42: Oki ^_^
    Have a diffrent suggestion though: If you keep a slave (through love or buy back) could you make it so that your diffrent trainings for that slave affect their bonuses as an Assistant. (IE if you have trained your slave as a Courtesan then that slave gives bonus Conversation and Etiquette, if Catslave then +1 Catslave Training for each event that increases it by a bit.)

    A few possible bugs in Alpha (note that I dont know if they are bugs or by design):
    - You can only meet certain people once (count, lady Farun and after you get a new slave you cant find them again).
    - Cant sell two slaves to the same NPC (confirmed with Bountyhunter/Irina)
    - Kasumi cant fall in love (heart is max size, no confession).
    - Riesz Dickgirl Toy ending does not trigger despite all conditions (according to the wiki) have been fulfilled.

    Hope Im just not repeating stuff you already know, I just love this game and want to help ^_^

  32. Also a minor thing. Could you change the placement of the Delete Game button on the Load Game screen. Or make it a Yes/No prompt. Cause if you slip...

  33. Cmak
    and the site futanaripalace did not like the picture?..
    2D section...

  34. This is for the guy that created Eri, most of her outfits dont add the right stats, dress 1 doesnt give Joy at all, dress 2 only gives +10 stat and its charisma not constitution, dress 3 has the wrong stats and wrong amounts, dress 4 only is wrong amount for sensibility, with dress 5 the 2 stats that are right are wrong amount and the stat amount thats right is wrong stat, and dress 6 is wrong amounts about 5 on all making nympho have 0. i am aware this is only a vanilla, just telling you what i have seen wrong thus far so that it can be fixed.

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  36. oops, meant BEST combat for guys.

  37. I chose Minor Noble as part of my background. After I trained Akane, I was penalized for selling her, even though I didn't sell her (never even met the Lord).

  38. I notice that while I selected "Freelance" and had to "buy" Shampoo to start, I'm getting the option of "Work for the Guild" and loaning her to a guild member.

  39. I've also purchased the market slaves for advanced dance lessons and enhanced medicine/healing however they are not appearing.

    It would also be nice to see which "support" slaves I've bought, perhaps on "Your Stats 2".

  40. [reaches up to scraatch out half that last post] Hm. Found the slaves under "equipment". I would still like to see them on the "Your Stats2" tab, but that's a style issue, not function.

  41. It seems that being penalized for selling Akane has nothing to do with the Lord. I was also penalized for selling my next slave, which I again did not sell.

  42. I agree a lot with a's suggestions, mainly because it's at least something. Men really get screwed over in the alpha version. They're locked out of almost half of the character creation options with not even anything unique to make them stick out.

    As I thought about the issue itself, I thought of a couple of ideas.

    1. Knighthood: Since it seems like only males are knights, why not make it an option? Of course that sounds more like a background than an advantage, but who cares. As for what it actually does, there are a few possibilities. Such as raising attack and defense due to weapon training, increase Charisma, increase renown, etc. Hell, you can make Knighthood a background and have those listed as advantages that require the Knighthood background.

    2. Assistants: Add additional assistants but have them restricted to work for a slave maker of a certain gender. Maybe some just prefer working with a certain gender. An assistant can be just as good an advantage after all.

  43. Hm.
    And after my first non-Shampoo slave on the Alpha, I definitely picked freelancer, it's labeled freelancer in-game but the Guild is still handling the sale. I see no difference right now between freelancing and being in the guild except I had to pony up 300 Gold to start on the slave.

    Might this be related to it being Eri, who is a brand new add on, or is this just some ironing out that needs doing?

  44. And lest I forget amongst the critical observations:

    I LOVE the new look and advanced Slavemaker creation. Brilliant work there.

  45. Spacebird
    For the Freelancer see my post

    "Freelancer Slave Makers are only partially implemented in this alpha release. Most end of training issues are not implemented (like price and changing reviews etc)"

    So, I have not finished that part yet

  46. i liked the assistant idea where slaves that are bought back can gain diffrent bounous or penalties for their out come in the game this would encourage people to try to obtain diffrent ending with difrent characters. how ever i think that insted of making it a flat +X to whatever if there are a certain type it should very by slave (example we'll use catgirls training a slave that dosent have as strong affenity for catgirls to be a cat girl givs say a +1 where as training Mina who has a strong affinaty for them give say a +2) in addition to that idea i think it would be a good idea to keep the general talents they have and at the ending if you do get to buy them back/ love be able to see the bonuses for both the training results and the general results and pick one or the other.

    as for the men advantages you could give them the ability to once a week raise a slaves stat by +5 or have a choice of 3 stats to chose from for the week (similar to the joker cards) i did like the knights blood idea adnd it could add a small boost to the attack/ defence or just raise the cap and allow the SM to train in a weapon skill to a max of 200 (or a cap of higher than 100)

    idk if you were planing on iplamenting thins but you could add puppy slaves similar to cat girs and there is refrence to one in the town this could be a male only traing as dogs are MANs best friend

    just a few ideas happy b-day and what ever else you got going on.

    btw i was wondering how people make slaves and stuff if there was another program or how the scrip is written i'd like to try my hand at making a few to help you out could you send the information i might need to my e-mail

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  48. Other suggestions:

    ~Shemales: This isn't my thing but someone suggested it above. Obviously some people have interest in it so why limit them? Since a shemale is technically still a male, I would say allow the option under the male category. Either it being an advantage or a background choice (being a male that was raised to act like a woman. C'mon! Would be the perfect time to use a Bridget picture from Guilty Gear =P ). Maybe having the option increase Charisma or allow men access too Brothel Madam.

    ~Illness: -10 points.Requires the Slave Maker to take certain drugs to stay healthy at the cost of their own gold. Stats slowly decrease if the Slave Maker does not take their medicine.

    @ a

    There is no such thing as too many suggestions. Nothing can improve if suggestions aren't thrown out after all.

    I fully agree with your idea that males and females should get a increase to certain stats. It balances out the fact that dickgirls have access to all these advantages without actually penalizing dickgirl players. It might take a dickgirl player a little longer to max out certain stats compared to males or females, but they can still max out those stats.

    I don't know if I would have the increase in certain stats be limited to certain genders. On one hand its a good idea because it offers a unique difference between to Males and Females. On the other hand a lot of that honestly depends on how a character grows up. A woman can be strong if raised that way and a man can be raised to be sociable. Either way, increased starting stats for Men and Women should be done.

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  50. Couple of questions:

    1. Is there any sort of reward for increasing cat-girl beyond 50(acceptance)? If so, could the skill points increase a bit faster since after you exhaust the night quest and beach events there are very few sure ways to increase the stat?

    2. Is cat girl with Reisz bugged after you start her down the wolf-knight path? I have been unable to meet the catgirls at the farm with 30 skill.

    3. Lastly, is the vampire-slave maker fully functional? When I chose it, I've haven't seen any feeding events or changes in options.

    As always great work on this Cmacleod

  51. @Civildeviation
    1. didn't find any in at least 3 tries where i made it to 100
    3. definitely no

  52. When I tried to make Orihime do Acolyte I was given a choice to force her to go or not, but the choices buttons didn't appear.

  53. @Hessi_james
    Thanks for the input on those two problems I had! Unless there is more planning on being added to catgirls later on I hope the scaling changes.

  54. hmm.... playing in the guild, I completed Shampoo with Courtesan, Cat Girl, and full Farie. I was penalized for selling her, but I did not. It delivered her to a customer despite the story being (as it always has) that Shampoo basically IS the customer, you've just been training her as your assistant.

  55. Weston
    "btw i was wondering how people make slaves and stuff if there was another program or how the scrip is written i'd like to try my hand at making a few to help you out"
    See the SDK links on the download. Get the full version, the PDF is a helpful addition but does not include the example source code

    Puppy girls I think would be best for all genders as there is a lot of effort to add a new type of training

    PS it is not my birthday Mistress Taka was referring to, but my countries.

    There is a thread in the Futanari Palace reforming existing assistants that have no effects, so hopefully all will be upgraded.

    Thanks for the suggestions, there are never too many. Some I am not sure on for the new advantages/disadvantages, some are fine

    I do not find many of the male only ones version convincingly only male as such,
    - cock size ones seem to be dickgirl relevant
    - orator, why not all sexes?
    - Knight - remember Riesz becomes a Wolf Knight

    But I may pick some arbitrarily
    - I have make Tentacle Hybrid male only
    - I may restore Weapon Master to male only too

    I am not aware Riesz does not work for catgirl training, but she is not fully updated for that yet and I will review

    I am not planning to make things easier for catgirl training, to represent it should take effort to train a catgirl. I will add a special ending for 100

    Thanks, that was reported and is fixed

  56. Oooooooooh... LOL, I want to die. I stop talking, It's over.

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  58. Has anyone thought of using custom slave games to make their slaves for sm3? seems quite easy to do since u can make the char look a lot like the anime char u would like to use for ur slave, and theres almost all possible sex acts u can think of for the screens.

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  60. Well I'm not sure if this has been already mentioned but could you add a special tentacle for female slave makers like males having tentacle hybrid, and dickgirls having corrupted by tentacles....well and tentacle hybrid since costumisation as well. For instance a special event called i dunno tentacle queen or ex-tentacle queen or smth similar or maybe a posibilty to become female succibuss.

    P.S. couldn't find edit button so I removed previous comment due to some typos and such XD

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  62. uhm...the quest to unlock ruins doesn't work anymore?

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. theres just few bad sides to my idea u would need to edit the pics to add dicks and im not totally sure do they have tentacle stuff or group sex, 2nd one did have atleast few tentacle stuff but not sure of the newer ones.

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  66. Maybe a game to add the ability "Lots of Jizz"(for Dickgirls), as in Fenoxo's Games?

  67. i encountered a problem i dunno if its just me but the freelancer slave trainer your supposed to not have a buyer and will continue training till you find one but everytime i sell my slave to someone how come i have to pay compensation to the owner for illegally selling their slaves???

  68. AndreZachJohnny:
    Cmac has repeatedly stated that most of Freelance trainer is unimplemented, so at the moment when you choose freelance you are basically playing as a Guild Member whom has to buy the slaves at the start of training and only has 1 moneypool.

    Honestly Cmac, I think that instead of combined/seperate money pools being guild/freelance related, it should instead be an option in the advanced SM menu.

    Also I still think that the current point caps in the ASM editor are to low... but think a good compromise would be to lower the Renown min to 5, that way we can have an extra fifty points, and will no longer rely on disadvantages for points as much.
    also just a question but why have you disabled the ability to select Catgirl AND furry at the same time? If anything I would think that it could lead to a True Catgirl(boy) background that could only be purchased if you have selected both.

  69. Senryu
    Is your mines issue with this latest version? I was sure it was working in this one

    some nice suggestions, especially the claws & fangs and the chauvinist ones

    I separate them by guild/freelancer because that is how it would logically work. As a guild member you have your personal money and then the money that is part of training and is owned by the slaves owner, not you.

    Sorry I feel this is the best divide and will eave it. It you want one money pool, then play a freelance slave maker.

    For the points limits there has been some discussion here and in the forums and I generally feel the current setup works. It does not allow you to have everything to start with, and emulates most of the packages reasonably, and thus how things were in previous versions.

    What is other peoples thoughts on this?

    A catgirl is a girl who acts and dresses like a cat, who is cute and playful. A furry is a anthropomorphic animal of an unknown, supernatural origin (in my setting). A True Catgirl is a non-human species, a separate race of catlike creatures (Mithra)

    So I feel furry and catgirl are mutually exclusive. A feline furry is a female cat but not a catgirl. While a furry could become a catgirl is it a bit confused so I have made them exclusive.

  70. There should definitely be the option to allow female and futa slavemakers to let their futa/male slaves do them in the ass. I was kind of disappointed when there wasn't. Perhaps it could be a trait like a suggested.
    There needs to be some more use for slave maker's personal cash reserves (i guess upgrading one's estate works), or at least the ability to use them to buy things for the slave.
    Perhaps the ability to retrain slaves you've trained before? Probably not a common thing, might be a random event tested for every time you finish a slave. They could retain a bit of what they had learned before based on their ending and cause of return, and possibly any feelings they've had for the SM.

  71. So I created a dickgirl slave maker and I could choose the full package of ex-milk slave but could not select it in the advanced special event tab. I changed home towns and other things and couldn't get it until I switched to a regular girl slave maker. Obviously one of these is a bug, either the dickgirl should be allowed to select in the advanced tab to be an ex-milk slave(the one with breast sensitivity and curing the milk drug) or not be able to select the entire ex-milks lave package. I'd prefer to be able to select it in advanced.

  72. at "cmacleod42"
    i've done all what SMWiki say (saved Lady F. from the monster, visit her), but Lady Farun never mention the ruins, and i can't choose to ask for permission to visit the ruins.
    maybe i'm just doing something wrong, i don't know >.<

  73. I'm unable to download the full game because all download links are down.

    I don't know what's wrong with filehosting companies these days... Erasing files by default without checking first if the files actually break copyrights? You are the legitimate author and developer of the game! How they could be so dumb!?

    Anyway, thanks for your work.

  74. Googleeame
    Check my reply above
    January 23, 2011 5:55 PM
    the links there work

    Did you comfort the big breasted slave at the docks. The quest only happens if you promise to help

  75. yep, that's what i do:
    1- buy the bear
    2- go to the slave pen and choose confort
    3- keep going to the slave pen until the secure slave pen is unlocked
    4- go to the secore slave pen and rescue Lady Farun
    ...but when i go visit her i can only choose to win a rae, money, or "nothing"....
    there is something i have to do before..?

  76. You need choose no confort, but help.

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  78. lol Yeah! don't know why, but i always thought that i was need to choose confort....

  79. Needs more furry stuff, starter perk, player images, trainable furry slaves, that sorta thing.

  80. hey for some reason mine never has the different slave trainer appearences in it. they arent in the right place i guess. where do they go?

  81. silverfire
    What do you mean by "starter perk"

    Are you using the current version of the alpha I posted in this post?
    With the previous one you had to move a folder, but not this version.
    It may just be you extracted the update incorrectly, say into a subfolder of the game, not into the root folder of the game

  82. I found a little bug to exploit. You can start with for example -15 points instead of 0, it happens (the easy way) if you choose advantages up to 0 points, then pick up disadvantages again up to 15, and spend those 15 points and uncheck disadvantages.

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  84. nevermind i checked out the latest version and found such already included

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  86. a
    I'll post a new alpha in a day or so. This has
    - bug fixes
    - disadvantage Chauninist
    - advantages Claws & Fangs, Holy
    - updated introduction system. Ideally I want to merge home town, special event and significant advantages. It is rather complex so maybe a simple version to start with

    The final/full version of 3.2 will have
    - fully working freelancer
    - house upgrading
    - slave interaction ie talk to owned slaves and give simple orders. This includes minor slaves
    - house exploration (not sure if all houses or not)
    - Dark Lady of the Rocks
    - Lotion event
    - BE in the forest, + cowgirl training
    - more events when walking
    - some slaves will need to be unlocked (hint Tifa)
    - and more

  87. Thanks for making great game.

    I noticed in version
    (I'm like 99% certain...anyways the cattraining
    with the headband+tail was new)
    that there was no permanent dickgirl
    transformation with unusual cum ability.
    Have tryed couple times in this new
    alpha part 3 and 4 and still dont work.

    Noticed in alpha part 4 lesbian dont work
    if your a dickgirl slavemaker,
    This might be intended and not a bug,
    what I liked aboute the lesbian thing when
    having dickgirl slavemaker was the pictures of
    males that got replaced in nigh sexscenes.
    Whole point for me personally aboute them
    dickgirls is the absence of males in mah pr0n.

    Again thanks for great game and this new
    alpha seems very interesing, will make the
    game even better.

  88. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  89. did catgirl encounters get reduced? I selected my slavemaker to be a cat girl and so I started with catgirl training and I rarely ever encountered catgirls. I couldn't even get Shampoo to 50 by the end of her training period. Plus I think if we've selected our slave maker to be a catgirl, then under school training there should be the added option of 'cat training'. 'Cat training' could guarantee a +1 for example but maybe could only be used once a day. You would still have to do the other catgirl quests in order to let it continue of course.

  90. @ebuild,
    I think they are the same, though with more content the probability of finding them is reduced. If you really want a specific result, you often have to load and retry.

    When using Minako for catgirl training, I kept getting catslave training to 30/100 and then it'd go down to 20 the next day when trying to find the farm catgirls.

  91. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  92. a
    You suggestions I have used are just easy ones to implement. More will follow when time permits

    For imputting values, my first draft of this version did allow you to specify values, but people generally did not want it, just a simple selection of build and such. Simplicity of creation seemed more important than flexibility.

    I swore that Minako bug was fixed. I'll check again

    What is the lesbian issue you are reporting? Do you mean there are still same males when doing fuck actions etc?
    To do that every girl has to be updated and not all have. Also only some girls actually have the needed dickgirl images

  93. When having dickgirl slavemaker.
    When pressing "lesbian or "fuck you"
    In "night action" below "other"
    its unavailible and give the message:
    Woman are for serving herms and there cocks.
    we will not do this sort of training.

    Text thingy + sound made me assume intended,
    guess ability to have lesbian skill while
    lesbian is unavailible in game is a bug mabie.

    Was just saying mabie bad idea to take lesbian
    away from dickgirl slavemaker.(just sugestion)
    Perhaps it could be availible when changing
    in options "lesbian love dickgirls".
    (had that option on)

  94. Do you mean there are still same males when doing fuck actions etc?

    Had to mension that yes those could be
    avoided if lesbian was availible for dg sm.

    Really sorry for double post, would have
    edited that in if I could. =p

  95. May I ask a stupid question.
    I don't know how to install these slave mod into my slavemaker 1.30c. Extract them in the same folder didn't work for me. What I need to do?

  96. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  97. Here's another suggestion for finding buyers:

    -Make jobs pay less in general, this is essential.

    -Have a set of buyers offer 'bids' for slaves based on different stats. One bid is based on catgirl training, one is based on dancing, etc.

    -Trainer makes very little money from day-to-day activities, but can make lots of money by pleasing one of the buyers and getting a high sale price.

  98. I'm getting an unresponsive script (this has happened twice) during Rei...

    1. Purity is less than 10
    2. Lust is over 80, obedience is 100, nymph is 100.
    3. Trying to get the demonic pendant. I constantly am visiting center of town and slums (have yet to get it once with Rei).
    4. Rei loves me, I accept her love. She proposes to become an assistant, but I refuse. She fails her exorcism exams.
    5. When I enter the slums, the game crashes, a scene with Azana starts ocurring before the game crashes. "Some men surround Rei and Ino, making lewd comments. They grab Rei intent on rape. A terrifying Azana steps out of a shadow, furious," is where the game freezes. I am forced to abort the script. The date is 1252/24 8:00 AM.

  99. Hi, is there a link where i can download the latest full game because i am having problems. thanks

  100. I've had the same thing happen to me in the last full version as Karl. Go to the slum and the game locks up everytime after seeing Azana. I saved the game before going to the slum and tried to go there on different days with the same lockup result. Must completely leave game and start over.

  101. M.Falcone
    yes, this link at the top of the page
    I checked and updated the links yesterday

    Kari & blevins29
    I had fixed a bug link that for Azana, but I was sure it was fixed. What version are you running. You need to run 3.1.10c (or the alpha)

  102. Jaren has released an update for Yoruichi

    Ok... I made the time to finish off my list tonight. This version 1.3, will be as I noted before the last version I put out with new features for the foreseeable future. I have a really exciting plan for a new game, and so I wish to put my time to that. In particular I want to do something non hentai so that I can talk about it with my friends lol...

    New in this version:

    -New additional ending if you decide not to pay her fine.
    -New naked images
    -Another item positioning pass done
    -Onsen image positioning fixed

  103. Ah I see, the alpha version does fix the crash. Or at least, I've yet to see the event happen.

    Sadly, even after getting the demonic pendant, I could only get Rei's corruption to 50 by the time my game was up. Apparently none of her training events occurred (as in, not even the first one, where you explore the house) either, so I could only expose her to increase her corruption. Is this normal?

  104. Kari
    no the fix should be in the alpha version too.
    Can you post as save game where you get the problem so I can investigate.

    You got none of her tests that happen every week? I was not aware of any such problem for her, I'll check

  105. i have an idea for the freelancer points and ending that would make things a bit easier

    have the same number of days for training just like with the guild. except it can be said that its not the end of training thats when her auction is.

    the ability to train girls for shorter periods of time is impressave and you gain reputation by doing such so that the harder girls will still need to be unblocked.

    when the days are up and a few people from the game gather like the lord, farm hands, brothel madams and such.

    and it goes to a seen with the girl in a solo picture like she is tied or in a cage or some thing and the 5 or so people would pop up and pay so much baised on certian stats (i.e lord likes lots of carismatic and refined girls but puts less for stats like nympho and lust because he loved his wife)

    and it proced through the people like a compititon (i.e autcion) and the highest bider wins and buys her

    this could also leave room to where every one who starts as frelancer can re train slaves for their owner for an similar play to the guild but she is already sold to him so its cut and dry. you could still sell her to some one else but this trainings ending is set up like the guild one

    the only difrence when doing this would be the trainer would be looking for certian stats and such at the end for higher score

    how thes are clear enought to understand if and one wants to help this idea add to it

  106. Cuz, Ima just waiting for new realese...

  107. for both Freelance and Guild, I think it should take longer for the girl to love you, and the longer you keep a slave when you are freelancing the more she loves you.

    Make it sometimes difficult for a buyer to either pay you what you want, or to like your slave enough to pay a lot; so you end up keeping your slave longer and she loves you more and more.

    This makes it so you still want to train her quickly and sell her, but not be too restricted to a time limit.

    I hate the time limit cause I have bad luck getting girls to become catgirls or ponygirls. Everyone says it's all based on luck and to reload, well that never seems to change anything.

    Also for freelancing I think if we feel we've trained the slave enough we should have a board where we can post a slave, like some sort of 'slavelist' with the amount of money we want. Then if the slave meets a required skill level for a certain npc, they will then purchase her if the price is within their tolerance.

    Long post, sorry.

    I have another idea for images. I posted something similar on Otherworld. Find a generic hentai body, and then use that for all the slaves, replacing the head and bust size for each slave. Then you just use over and over the same bunnysuit or lingerie, as well. But then that could also lead to the ability of selecting different colors...or styles-OMG the options...

    Anyway what I hate now is if I do all the breast expansion, or get piercings or insert things you can't see it at all. If there was one body then you could easily just overlay or make a copy of the body with the added accessory etc. Instead of having to go through and doing tons of pics individually for each slave.

  108. @ebuild
    it's huge difference whether you train a ponygirl or a catgirl. it's very easy to get a ponygirl to 100/100, even if you never reload. but it's hard to reach that with a cat girl.

    "Anyway what I hate now is if I do all the breast expansion, or get piercings or insert things you can't see it at all."
    that isn't true. there are at least two(i think it was three) larger breast versions after you did some BE. for piercings it is true though.

  109. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  110. I wanted to comment on what ebuild wrote a little earlier.

    "...what I hate now is if I do all the breast expansion, or get piercings or insert things you can't see it at all. If there was one body then you could easily just overlay or make a copy of the body with the added accessory etc. Instead of having to go through and doing tons of pics individually for each slave."

    I sympathize with this feeling. I would also love to see the results of buying piercings and accessories. However, I also like the chance to see pics of favorite anime characters in their unique outfits. The game would lose some charm if we just used a generic body and clothing options.

    Still, it would be great to see an image of your character actually displaying piercings or enhanced body part. Maybe a workable solution could involve only having the naked view of a given slave show all body changes. This still requires much work and revamping existing characters, but I am willing to volunteer my own time.

    Here's a link to a series of images that I've used for myself. It illustrates progresive enhancements. I think I shows what is doable given a good base image and standardized accessories. It would take me 90 minutes per character if you wanted me to do something similar for existing game slaves.

  111. Hi, just wondering, Could you (or anyone else) add some male slaves to train, since I'm bi. Also Love tha game, My favorite is aeris, altough, I don't know if this is a bug but you can't buy more than 1 Addiction draft at once, And on otakubell SMwiki it says something about an ending on wich you need three at once.

  112. @lasisas you can only have one addiction draft at a time, use it then get another addiction draft, with bad end on and if you use 3 of them

  113. cmacleod42, back on December 15 you requested help decensoring some images. Here's a link to decensored images for Aeris. I'll get around to Orihime and Menace over the next couple of weeks.

  114. I dont like much the idea of generic body tool, it might be perfect for dress up games but it would kill the originality of S.M game.
    Each slave having her own set of pics is one of strong points of this game.

    When adding the new girls Eri,Peach,Aeris and co we have the 18 limit.
    Is it a dead end or the limit could eventually change?

    Nice to read about house upgrades for 3.2 !

    Are slut and succubus endings upgrades planned along in the "and more" ?

    Great job anyway Cmac, cant wait for the release :)

  115. Let every training project starts on Monday. Probably because of religious matters.

  116. C.M.Tyssen
    Thank you very much for the decensors.

    The edits you did for piercings are similar to what I do for the variant dresses in the game already for breast expansion, dickgirl. This is a similar method but for piercings and works just some effort for all the naked images in the game.

    If you want to do similar edits to the other naked images in the game I can upload them.

    The idea of a generic model with overlays, like Custom Slave, has been discussed before. I feel it too much effort and would prefer to spend my time on other parts of the game

    "we have the 18 limit."
    What 18 limit. Are you refering to many development slave having SlaveGirl18.txt included? Just rename the file to another free number. Almost all have a readme explaining this

    In General
    Things have been slow recently, mainly due to family and health issues. I had planned a new alpha this weekend but not likely at this time.

    Sorry if I have not been to active, same reason.

  117. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  118. So very sorry to hear about continuing troubles in your life. I know that I'm not alone in wishing you the best in regards to health and family.

    However, if you do have the chance, please do upload a link for naked images. Thanks, for letting me work on this! I'm very happy to take on the project of developing images of breast enlargement, dicks, and piercings for all the current slave characters.

    Just include a text file if you have any instructions for naming conventions, or finished format. (I was planning on producing 800x600 pixel PNG files with transparent backgrounds.)

    It might prove to be too time intensive, but I wish to experiment with showing naked images wearing a harness, too. So could you also include the image you use for the advanced harness?

  119. Have no new realese?
    Great sadly.
    Be healther...
    I pray for you.

  120. I am very pleased with the new changes to the character creator! The new possibilities, backgrounds, races, advantages, skills, are amazing. I just found some expected trouble with some "advantages" not having clearly use in-game.

    For example, I created an furry character, and played it through two slaves to see if I noticed any different behavior towards my character, but it was perfectly normal, like if my character was human. Of course, I know this is like that because this is one of the very early alpha versions, and these things take time, that I understand perfectly. I'm just checking to find out if you're going to add more significant changes to the furry, vampire, catgirl, and other all-new advantages, which make the game much richer in every aspect.

    An example of normal behavior towards my furry female character: On one random encounter with a furry woman in the forest, where she runs because she's being chased by hunters, she flees, and the hunters go after her, not even stopping to think "Hey, that one's furry! Isn't her who we're after?", they just run past me and my slave, after the furry they didn't even manage to see. Then, they catch up with her, and in the following dialogue, no one seems to care that I am furry, not even the furry girl who got caught, neither the hunters, not even my own character.

    Again, I understand things are like that because this is an alpha. I just wanted to know if you're going to change that. Thank you for making this amazing game, your work is well appreciated! Keep up the good work :)

  121. I have the latest update for the game with the Advanced Options and all, but for some reason every time time I use the 'Touch' command in night training it keeps saying I have breasts, which pushes her towards the lesbian end of the spectrum. I've restarted the game (making sure that I select 'male'), redoing all of my stats over and over, and with different slaves, but it keeps saying the same thing. Am I doing something wrong, or is it a glitch? Thanks.

  122. is it just me or could it be a bug?
    the thing i'm having problem is 'debt' value
    from the new start i selected freelancer and start with some amount of debt
    and even if i payoff debt value does not change from 0
    anyway thanks for the cool game


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