Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Revised Slave Maker Design - part 2

As a followup to my last post, this is an alpha version, basically functional. I do not recommend this for general gameplay as I have done little testing.
Install overtop of an existing installation, you may wish to backup

Still this as the design system working and I would welcome any feedback or suggestions for the system.

Also has the Shop allowing the purchase of multiple items and a new potion drinking screen.

New Slave
otacu has released a vaniulla slave, Eri Sawachika from School Rumble

updated link with fixes

updated link with more fixes


  1. Yo, just reporting a bug. The back ground i chose was Ex-Milk Slave but i'm getting the events that leads up to demon slave maker ending. And while i'm here may i say i love the extra customisation, great idea. Thank you.

  2. How can I add the new slave I've I've already got a 'slave 18 file' ?

  3. Just rename the text file to the next in sequence numerically, say to SlaveGirl20.txt

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  5. I believe i found a bug,when i go to docks and go to option 2 it does not let me advance and go foward,the option menu is not there and it does not allows me to save or anythign else just load game,options and close game.

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  7. Great idea! Question: in future can I be able to take brothel housing (and Brothel Madam) in advanced?

    Sorry for my bad English

  8. I found a bug with the first portion of the creation tool. If you choose gender and go into the advanced area, exit out of that (back to where you can chose your gender) change gender and then go back into the advanced portion the text will stack on top of itself. Hope it helps

  9. There is a bug during charater creation. If you move to another tab after selecting options from 'Advantages' tab, some of the selections are gone when you return to the 'Advantages' tab, and your points are not restored.
    Also, the new slave Eri has a bug that, even when you are playing as a female slavemaker, the game events texts say that you have a cock. I found this bug on the first night I started training her when an event came up. Another event occurred during the next night, again saying that my character has a cock.

    Btw, how do I use the purchasing multiple items function in the shop screen? I put 2 in the number box and clicked the potion, still got one bottle. I must have done something wrong I think? I had enough money to buy two. In fact, I bought two bottles using the old-fashioned way.

    Thanks for creating and updating this great game! I appreciate you for all your efforts you put into this.

  10. Sorry for posting another reply right after posting one, but I'm curious: When you select a package during character creation, you get a background story. When you customize your character, you don't get one. Is this intented? Well, of course it's not important by any means, and I don't want to bug you to write background stories for each of the numberous combination of options players choose while creating characters. I just though some flavor background stories wouldn't be too bad for selecting different hometowns, or special events in the past, or some of the options in the 'Advantages' tab, like 'noble', 'wealthy' which I think have plenty of possibilities to write a background story out of.
    For examble, you can have your character born in Marduke, and make him a noble, and have Alchemy skill- then get a background story of a young noble living in capital, having studied alchemy during his school years or something. How 'bout giving nobles the option to live in a fancy noblehouse or other nobley places as starting housing?
    Well, and then I guess you would have too much to write insignificant, unimportant flavor texts. If you would allow, I could write some. However, I'm not that good a writer by any means (-:.
    Anybody has ideas about this? Well if its only me who likes to see flavor texts and background stories even if they don't affect gameplay much, then I guess I'll have to just play the game as it is.

    Also, I found something that might be a bug, or it might not be. I dunno... Well, you can choose 'slut' in the 'advantages' tab with a male character. is this Intended?

    I'll let you know if I find more bugs.

  11. I think I've found another? You can choose 'ex-milk slave' and 'noble' at the same time. Well... this combination 'could' be possible in some extreme cases? hmm... I guess not? Dunno, but is this intended?
    Again, when creating a hermaphrodite slave maker, you can choose 'ex cowgirl' and 'noble' at the same time. There might be more of simmilar cases in character creation where the combinations of options don't really make sense...

    Agh; then I'm plaguing your post with replies after replies, really sorry for that.
    Damn, why isn't there 'edit' function? It doesn't look good at all... Three... long... replies...

  12. Just one more... You can push F1~ keys which loads save files with corresponding number... That is good, but if that was an empty save slot, an error message saying that you can't load appears in the center of the screen and never goes away untill you restart the game.

    'Load failed
    Save game does not exist'

    like this.
    This never goes away no matter what you do. Even if you start a new game, load, or save, or do planning, or view options, go to shops.... it doesn't go away. You have to exit game and run it again to get rid of it.

    Again, sorry for all these rambling... I guess I'll have to write down what I've found and put it together in one reply. Man...

  13. Found a bug. When clicking on the advanced option and customizing my character, I clicked on the "Wealthy" advantage. When I finished and go back to double check everything, I discover that the game has chosen the "Cruel Master" advantage and "Wealthy" isn't marked. I change it back and triple check due to this bug and discovered that the game picked "Cruel Master" once again.

    Furthermore, I discovered by unclicking "Cruel Master" after this bug happened, I recieved 10 additional points for removing "Cruel Master". So I can get a extra 5 points everytime I do this since chosing "wealthy" only costs 5 points and "cruel master" costs 10. This bug also applies to Female and Dickgirl characters. But instead of "Cruel Master", "Brothel Madam" and "Unnatural Cum" is selected (Which both of those are 20 points which results in a extra 15 points)

    Not only does this bug allow for farming out points, but it also allows more expensive advantages cost only 5 points. The only way to keep "Wealthy" as an advantage is to never go back to the advantage tab. If you do, it'll always be unselected. And if you keep the advantage that was selected AND pick "Wealthy" and leave the tab only to go back to it, well you just lost 5 points because the game unselects it again.

  14. I have this error - can not change the name on his own (using the advanced selection character)

  15. Patmann2007/ I've experienced the same thing! However, in my case, sometimes I could keep 'wealthy' but then again, other options were unselected. Still sometimes, I could keep other options but 'wealthy' was gone.
    Also, I share the experience where selections are changed. Like in your case, 'wealthy' -> 'cruel master'.
    So in short, in my many tries, sometimes option A gets unselected, sometimes option B get unselected.
    I don't think it has a strictly fixed pattern. But they are surely strange.

    Btw, I thinks the selections in 'hometown' tab doesn't really affect gameplay much, as they give tiny bonuses only, and doesn't affect the story, much(as far as I know).

    It's good to finally see someone cutting my 4-reply streak. It now looks more like a discussion rather than a midnight rambling. Phew, if not for Patmann2007, and warlord.andrej-wrafgxp, it would've been a five-reply streak- damn, imagine that...

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  17. I've found a bug. When you load saved game after you run the program your skills are missing. Here are screenshots:

    Hope this helps.

  18. I found a bug where when you select the different tabs at the shop the different options disappear until you're left with only soothing potion, lust draft, and one other potion. Energy drink and obedience potion disappear from potion tab, both books disappear from their tabs as well.

  19. Love the new changes to character design and the merchant shop. Unfortunately, like Drakonix, I experienced the loss of my character skills after opening a saved game.

    I also came across a bug when I agreed to talk to the Seer. When the Seer's fortune telling screen opens, I noticed the tabs for the slavemaker Stat 1 and Stat 2 were visible. Problems arise if you click either tab. The various stat screens all become visible at once and overlap each other.

  20. Probably my ineptitude showing, but:

    the system froze when Shampoo, serving as an acolyte, heard the attack. The buttons to allow a response are apparently off-screen

    the "save" option (and two other buttons) seems to appear only some of the time

    I did not get a picture to accompany the slaver's guild work or martial training.

    I installed the updated program in a new directory, then copied in all of the missing files (slaves, etc.) from my original SM3 directory.


  21. Sol, try playing the game in windowed mode, and ajust the size till all of the text is on screen, alot of multi-option txt (especally at the beach) seems to run out of the bottom textbox instead of moving to the side box. Cmac, check your coding on text, cause the text tab seems to be broken sometimes.

    Also Cmac,some of the item options seem to not be properly coded, one that DOES NOT work properly is the All Catgirl Items for All Slaves, the items NEVER show up, you have to buy the set from Lady Farun, and in some cases the I've found it impossible to encounter Lady Farun at the docks after the first slave, she just won't show up, and I Walked to the Secure pens five times a day (except for day 1) for her entire training time, and Farun never showed up.
    Im not sure if the item glitch also happens with ALL Ponygirl Items for All Slaves, but it seems likely.

  22. Thanks Cmac, I figured it would end up being something that simple. doesn't hurt to ask though, just thought I'd say thanks and break up the bug reports a little bit.

  23. Just incase you need to find where the errors are from I included my advanced selections from slave stat menu below.

    Statistics chosen:
    Slut, Wealthy
    Amazon Tribe
    Male, Large cock, Avg. build
    All sex toys
    Addition clothes

    Slaver Stats:
    Charisma: 50
    Conv.: 50
    Refine: 50
    Const.: 50
    Renown: 13
    Attack: 40
    Defense: 40
    Lust: 40
    Dom: 40 (removed original stat pnts to have more pnts for other options)
    Corrupt: 0

    1) fortune teller it shows "your stats" 1 & 2 on the side of the screen.
    2) when visiting the beach at night the options go below the screen/window.
    3) when you visit the port for the first time and you meet a girl tied up and you get two options "comfort" or "promise to help her when you can", these options are way below the screen/window that you cant choose.
    4) when you're at the sleazy bar and a male customer asks for a 'private' performance, the Yes and No are not withing the menu boundaries.
    5) ~ongoing testing~

  24. Confirming these bugs:

    - All cat girl items for all slaves, items don't show up
    - It is possible to get unlimited skill points in char creation phase by choosing the master advantage, then change tabs, master check gone, then click cruel master on and off for 10 skillpoints per click
    - If you check wealthy, when you return to advantages it will be gone and cruel master will be checked instead.
    - checking slut as male will result in a wealthy advantage when returning
    - Weapon Master goes to slut when returning
    - Noble and lesser noble works as intended (maybe check the code on those two to help adressing the issues?)

    You can stop the bug by choosing a skill (eg. slave master 2) after checking the advantages you want but as long as you only choose advantages, they will screw up when visiting the advantages tab after choosing them.

  25. frist i want to say great work i will really enjoy this once its fixed

    bug in making char i choose sex name and then click advance and if i click back i notice my chcar name is reverted along with breast or dick size also notice some back grounds tend to over lap like back or forward button from time to time

  26. forgot to add that

    as a guy it allows me to pick amazon thought that was only for females ?

    also think you can add an ex slave
    gives a bouns to your slave traning for being able to relate and understand the slaves better

  27. Updated links with fixes for most of the reported issues.

    Note jason, Amazon is fine for males, they are slaves of the ruling dickgirl/female, that is why it give you back 5 points

  28. Forgot to note, most of the reported bugs are fixed in the above, some are pending, but please remeber I noted this is an alpha, more for comments and ideas than to be a working game, but it should work properly now

  29. I just tried the advance creation and crated my slave maker fine. Noticed that on slave maker 2 tab that when you move the mouse over an advantage or trait it does not tell you any info about that trait or advantage.

  30. Additional fixed posted.

    slave maker 2 tab? Which do you mean. There hints shown properly for me (the skills need some fixing though)

  31. Buttons and tabs don't have any text in Firefox, IE, or the standalone app, in the new creator. Work fine in store and other areas.

    Firefox only: Text doesn't erase properly when changing between tabs on the point-based screen, leading quickly to an unreadable mess.

    Don't see options for toys or jewelry in the new shop.

    Looking good other than that!

  32. lust+ alchemy+trader+advanced trader+caravan+ lefsh+cruel dominatrix+ex cow(i girl)= demonic cock events(anal fuck night). If choosed custom backgound then name not saved(only "Slaver"), almost everytime not history(sometime see standart - Ex Cowgirl history for female)

  33. I'm in a lil bit of hurry.. so I'll be rushing a bit..

    I've tried more character creation with newest fixes applied... and still the advantages tab doesn't work right.

    This time, I picked wealthy(with all other available options), and moved to another tab, and returned, to see it gone. Instead, cruel dominatrix was on... which I didn't pick. In fact, I already picked dominatrix, so I can't select cruel dominatrix in the first place. But when I returned to the advantages tab, they were both on.
    As a thing to remember, this doesn't happen when you only select wealthy. This only happens when you choose multiple options(if you can't reproduce this error, try selecting all available options) in the advantages tab.

    Same goes when creating a male character, when you choose slut with all other options, when you return to the tab you will see slut gone. This time, cruel master is on... and again, I already picked master, so cruel master can't even be selected, but they're both on...

    However, what's more strange is that sometimes you get this bug, sometimes you don't. But you always get this bug when you freshly run the game and began creating a character for the first time on that session of slavemaker.

    Another bug I've encountered is that
    1. You create a character - picked a package
    2. retire
    3. Create another character
    4. background story of the first character shows... even when you used the advanced option!

  34. In game are bug - goto in shop, switch between sop page and almost all element clearly(remain on the 1 tab of two on the 3 tab and the third Bondage)

  35. B.Bear
    Strange I cannot reproduce any of advanced tab issues.

    Similarly the issues people have reported with the shop, it works just fine for me.

    The issue for the story I see, it is a minor thing.

    Just a note as I said in my post this is not really tested in detail. So really bug reports are not that essential.

    What I was posting it was to show the system and get feedback on it, thoughts or ideas to improve it conceptually, not just bug reports for minor issues.

    I have had some improvement ideas in the forums and I an working to implement.

    Still, bug reports are appreciated, but not important for this prototype

  36. Maybe add values diametr both holes for slaves? And cape maid stat broken? Maybe add cape refin. for pony-girl and bonus for cat-girl? What doing vampir slaver(how feed?)?

  37. Found and fixed the shop buttons vanishing.

    "And cape maid stat broken?"
    Can you explain what you mean here

    "What doing vampire slaver(how feed?)?"
    To be implemented, but it will be
    a) a night action with your slave
    b) a sort of slave maker training

  38. I found a rather anoying bug in the editor, as a dickgirl, if you choose a background of Cock of Demonic Origen AND choose the advantage Unusual Cum, Unusal come ALWAYS overides CoDO every time and as such you NEVER recieve any of the demonic origen events.

  39. Hay c mac i have a sugestion for the game and its about more events and endings for the slavemaker like hi said some time ago events conotated uith the degree of dominance/submission but too with the degree of lust, conversation etc. i think the idea of bad ending its not very pratical by the reason of the difrent cenarios bad end on/of so in my opinion and for the game over with the possibilitie of lost the progression i think is beter just turn on/of the bad ends during the game for a full vue of the 2 kinds of events but not popup the game over wo mut be replaced for a penalisation in the final avaliacion for the guild member.
    that its just a idea ofcourse and not a critic about your greath job ^^

  40. cmacleod42 said...
    "And cape maid stat broken?"
    Can you explain what you mean here/

    Not cape in cook and clean stat. In sandbox and company.

  41. On B.Bear's noble + ex-cowgirl issue. Why wouldn't it make sense that you were born noble and then were captured by Astrid to work as a cowgirl? You've been freed later after all. Can't remember what noble bonuses were right now, but I don't see how you couldn't have both as you obviously liked your work there as you can resume it when you want. So, you have re-acquired your benefits as a noble after your freedom and also have backstory as cowgirl. Implies Astrid is a bit daring in who she makes into her cows, but that's not really our problem :P

  42. vampire slaver oO

    why not a succubus as slaver or something ...
    angel or a fallen one could be fun too...

    or how about hmmm let me think a little more....

    more past events are given....
    more skills and so on too...

    race selection could be fun too... i mean a drow/dark elf priestess or something as a slaver would be hot oO

    but for the idea and so good work ^^

  43. another bug with the saving: any Item advantages you choose do not carry once you have saved. The items will still be there for your curent slave, but subsequent ones donnot receive them.

    also NarutoXD, it is possible to get a succubus slaver through Cock of Demonic Origen, or at least it SHOULD be, I seem to have trouble getting it... I do however like the Drow/D.Elf idea, I actually have one of my SM profile pics for femle as one.

  44. the problem is...
    what i would like is a succubus without a cock

  45. Mayflower/ Yeah, I think you could put it that way... It makes sense, yes. I just thought a lil bit of background story explaining the combination would've been nice... but it's not really important anyways... btw, I tried writing those background stories a lil bit... ended up acknowledging that I have absolutely no talent for fictional stuff (-:.... even my literature teacher ten years ago agreed so after reading my short stories...

    Just a lil question to cmac. You can choose your body size/dick size/breast size- do they have any impact in game? Maybe just not implemented yet?

  46. I'm assuming that there's nothing in-game for a vampire trainer yet?

    The possibilities are intriguing, to say the least :)

  47. All, just a note, most of the advantages are not implemented as this is a prototype. Thinggs that were previously in the game are, but new bits are yet to be done.

    So Brian, no not yet, but you can make a Vampire Catgirl, as you can currently meet in the game.

    B.Bear, yes it is trick to write backgrounds for the many combinations of advantages, town. I am undecided what to do for the screen. If you pick a Special Event then I can show the event description for it.

  48. amazon tribe for a hermaphrodites says Nobility 1 but does not give you the skill nobility

  49. Stormtiger, what it means by nobility 1 is that you can then purchase the Nobility advantage instead of only being able to choose the Minor Noble advantage.

    Still having problems obtaining the Succubus maker background, when you reach the point where you would normaly have an event that changes your background from Cock of Demonic Origin to Succubus it seems to skip the event and the Background lable becomes blank. finishing a slave and starting a new one, or saveing and then loading returns the lable to "Cock of Demonic Origin" with all correct nightly events except those referencing the succubus you ... merge with... I honestly don't know how to describe it.

    The items need to be coded so that loading a saved file does not cause you to lose items that are for "All Slaves" when you finish your current one.

    On another note, some suggestions:
    Since we now have Vamp makers, why not Were-Makers? You could even have different types of were's such as different types of felines, your traditional wolves, maybe som foxes or some type of mythological creature, how about some type of bird?
    Similarly you could have a Kitsune slave maker since you already mention Inari in game.

    On thing that would work well once you have implimented exploration would be an Explorer or Archaeologist background, where you are more knowledgable about such things.

    Anyway tell me what you think.

  50. You simply add the ability to select the race on the same screen where you select the photo - for example Futanari - Neko, for women - Drow, and for men - a light elf. Also, the photo should be divided into human and inhuman.

  51. this is awsome and all but will we ever be able to train Yoko? I mean she;s ever otaku's dream of having as a sex slave.

  52. i dont know if its a problem with my com but i cant save i save it says game has been saved the next time i wanna load it says save game does not exist any help???

  53. Cmac any chance for a Sorcerer/Magic caster so we can cast spells on our slaves(must be bought/learned though quest/other action and linked to the Dominance stat)? I think the advance setting is a nice option for those putting time into making their slave maker.

  54. Xenotype
    amazon tribe for a hermaphrodites cost 25 points and does not give the option to purchase Nobility, which is 20 points, while Mardukane only cost 5 points and gives you the ability to purchase Nobility.

    when you select Weapons Master and Master advantages your whip skill level is only 5 while the rest of your weapon skills is 10.

    on the tab "Your Stats 2" when you place the mouse over any of the Traits/Advantages it does not give any info about the advantage in the text box like it does for skills.

    Is it correct that increasing Corruption cost you build points instead of giving you points.

  55. AndreZachJohnny
    Most likely you have a clearer like CCCleaner running that is deleting cookies which notmally includes 'Local Shared Objects' which is what the save games are.
    Also id running in your browser some security settings will delete these automatically on exiting the browser

    it is possible but is a matter of ideas and time for it. I would prefer though that true magic is rare in the game...

    actually the nobility issue for Amazon is a bug, if you are a dickgirl you should be noble, that is why it costs 25pts

    For Whip and weapons master, that is correct. Whip is not really a weapon a warrior would use, so you start lower with it

    Yes, it is correct that corruption costs. It can be desirable, what is you want to progress in the Demon Cock story, ir Inhuman Ancestry. Otherwise in the game there is little penalty of problem with the stat.

    Yes, I know there are no hints for the advantages, just time and effort to do it.

    Your reported bugs from your posts are all fixed.

    I may prevent decreasing initial stats, so the starting levels are the min levels. Undecided.

  56. A beta is expected soon(to make the interface)?

  57. Having problems with Lady Farun in the alpha. I meet her at court and then go to rescue her at the pens (selecting Try to help) but the text doesn't show up. Then trying to visit her results in her maid denying access.

  58. DMP
    as noted this is not really a playable version. I am working on expanding that event, to add another variation and expand the text and options. It is broken as a result.

  59. I hope that lesbian games will also be expanded (especially trance)

  60. how do you customise and explore ur house or is it not in this version???

  61. This is not a version, just a demonstration of new features in development.

    sO AndreZachJohnny, those are under development but disabled in this prototpe

  62. I have a suggestion, which actually goes back to older versions as well. I would like to use the "unusual cum" trait on my male slavemaker, but its setup for only hermaphrodites. Could you allow males to take that trait? I think it makes sense in game context and there are other traits exclusive to the hermaphrodite, like the milking one.

  63. ide was wondering if male slave makers will ever have the option to chose to suck a futa slaves dick? and thks for your herd work :)

  64. everytime i download this game or any other version i end up stoping at the choose your girl moment, i may just be retarded, but can some go through and tell me step by step the requirements to make the game work


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