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Please excuse a lack of updated from e, I have been fairly unwell these last couple of weeks. I hope to resume work on the game in the next day or so.

Service for a Friend
a friend Dekoshu has been very passionate about the CISPA legislation in the US. He has asked me to spread the word about some petitions and information. Please excuse, this affect me personally less as I am not in the US and I have not been very aware of these legislative plan so please do not ask me anything on this as I have only limited knowledge. I am sharing this as a favour.

Before it's too late. Here are the links to make sure they know what is they need to see. They need to know this unless they like to see their videos removed because of some copyright claim or something. They might also go to jail. The Internet would be less reliable and more unsafe and the people who rely on the videos will not see them again because they are removed. Hell, you won't be able to see episodes as freely as you used to.


Petition Links:


  1. thanks they really need to rework that from the ground up. I live in the states so it effects me. if it went threw i could not get your game without worry of legal prosecution from the owners of the copyright's in America

  2. it doesnt really affect me directly, but i enter a lot of american sites so it still sucks.
    But on other note i want to play the game as full as possible i just downloaded the full torret(3.9GB), is there ANYTHING that is not there or can i start playing it?

    1. There is nothing else neeed to play. There are later releases of slaves and updates I have posted here in this blog, but nothing to prevent you playing

    2. i know i meant any extra contents like the slaves and updates i dont know exactly up to what point the game is updated on the torrent

  3. Cmac and Love Robin,

    I have sent both of you the CDO in a PM on the forums. I should have posted two posts in the Renamon slave thread as well.

    -- ZeroBoyd

    1. As I know people are wondering…

      After examining the email copy of the CDO, and while I still have an inquiry pending with the Bar Association in the "attorney's" state, here are my findings so far:

      The CDO is what we call "light".
      •It references a law code but does not provide a relevant excerpt.
      •"ten 30 days" is invalid terminology.
      •The "Law Office" does not have a web presence.
      •The signing "attorney" does not have a web presence.
      •The "law office address" does not exist.
      •The phone number provided *for a fax* is in reality the Main Voice Number for a City Hall. Called and verified with mine own ears.
      •The "attorney's" signature is incomplete; it is missing his credentials AND initials of a secretary.
      •The cited US Law Code does not apply to a collective work/compilation which Slavemaker and related/supportive plugin and addon modules are… as the US Copyright Law defines it in Title 17 of the United States Code, Circular 92, Chapter 1: Subject Matter and Scope of Copyright, Section 101. Definitions:
      ••A “compilation” is a work formed by the collection and assembling of preexisting materials or of data that are selected, coordinated, or arranged in such a way that the resulting work as a whole constitutes an original work of authorship. The term “compilation” includes collective works.

      Taking into account the above elements, the fake fax number being *especially* damning, it is my opinion the CDO is fake.

      It should be a couple days before my bar Assoc. inquiry on the "attorney" comes back, but I don't have much reason to believe he exists.

      Love Robin M., CP, RP

    2. So in a nutshell, it's a fake/forgery and a scare tactic. Figures.

      In the previous blog someone mentioned a troll-group which tries to protect Renamon and prevents pornographic material. I think I'll look into that and see what I come up with. I was unaware that such a group existed but I think it's worth my time to do some looking-into.

      I may make a post later on what I found out.


    3. My inquiry into the "attorney" with the appropriate State Bar Association came back as "unknown". The name signed to the "CDO" is fictitious.

      So. Hoax. Final Answer.

    4. M.I.A. (Maia Iliana Arina)September 10, 2013 at 6:18 AM

      Wow. Just wow. Who would waste his or her time sending a fake CDO? That’s a pretty big FAIL.

    5. So this so-called "Renamon Support Group" is really just someone or some group being overprotective of Renamon and is most likely just one person trying to speak for the masses in trying to stop using Renamon for all the evils of society. Yeah, like that's actually gonna fly.

      I was unable to find any website or gathering place so I suppose if Google fails me then it's most likely just a handful of individuals trolling.


    6. So does this mean that there will be a reversal on Renamon or will the developer and Cmac stay away? Sucks that a troll inflicted the fear of government on us like that.

    7. The fear was probably more on the developer rather than the community. From some comments you could see that people did not mind as she was a vanilla and some (rather one) said continue on and leave the developer to suffer. All-in-all is false, so lets get back to just lurking on the issue.

  4. As someone studying IP Law the things here I expect wouldn't be a problem but if the people who own the copyrights don't want it used I would say they have a right for them not to be *shrug*. What crisps is worrying more about is things like Youtube where you can find full movies, anime and the like that goes much farther than any fair use would permit. Do a search for any anime or show and I expect you will find full episodes on the site. You shouldn't be able to do this, want to see it buy netflix, or buy the movie or series itself.

    Just be on the lookout for cease and desist letters Cm but as you are doing transformative use (at least by my thoughts) you should be ok if you decided to fight it.

  5. Just how many times is thing going to come back..? This is like what, the 30th time?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Si,

      It is likely to keep coming back until a concrete clarification and resolution is presented. nee: Proven, or disproved. Simple as that.


      Melora Ilsen,
      Lay Sister of the Order of the Sacred Chalice,
      Saint Olfin of Bedwier Abbey,

  6. Excuse me...
    I have a little questions about the new update(3.3.04e) (I just updated resently)

    After the update
    Slaves won`t give birth anymore...? They can get pregnant but no matter how I play they won`t give birth?

    The change is that Cora will tell us that who is pregnant...

    But when I discuss with Cora
    I remember she used to say "who is definitely pregnant..."or something else similar...
    but now she only says "XXX is getting some weight......"

    Is this a kind of bug or...?
    I have a question about Kyon too 0.0..
    I want to try a special ending (Kyonko's Sister)
    but I tried many times still can`t meet a Mysterious Woman...
    Is it uncomplete @@?

    (And sorry for asking in such poor English... Well,I`m actually`m kind of afraid of asking...)

    Thanks for making the game ^^
    It`s really great !
    My friends and I really love this game~

    1. Pregnancies take 9 months (except tentacle ones) so it is probably just you have not waited long enough.
      To clarify this I might add to Cora's statment an estimated delivery date.

      For Kyon pleae check the wiki

    2. That would be awesome, cmacleod.

  7. it effects people outside of the states if they use a website with US located servers. (like facebook)

  8. M.I.A. (Maia Iliana Arina)September 11, 2013 at 12:13 AM

    I know this seem random (or maybe inappropriate?), after the whole ‘fake CDO’ story but...
    I had time to kill so I did a big update for the assistant Colette to remove her vanilla status.


    What is new: One Morning event (10% chance to get), involving money and Colette’s clumsy nature. Custom texts for Love Confession, Love Accepted, Love Refused and Unsure. They got small variants depending on your slaver gender. The Discuss and Intimacy actions are also customised. By using Discuss, you can now ask Colette about herself, the Morality of your slave in training or your own Corruption (if you have any). The Intimacy action only got a minor change. The French version had been updated, but partly translated. I also updated the Russian version with the English nodes to match the added features.

    1. MIA,

      Again, welcome home. :-)

      And your timing may well be good, and take the edge off the aforementioned goings-on.


      Tabrit and Birgit Ilsen,
      Ilsen Badehus,
      5 King's Road,
      Mardukane, Mioya

    2. M.I.A. (Maia Iliana Arina)September 11, 2013 at 11:54 PM

      No problem. I would gladly open another account on the SM wiki, but the sign-up/confirmed accounts problem is never fixed *sigh*. I still edit from time to time as an anonymous user, but I do not really like having my IP address visible like that. I’m somehow afraid that someone might ‘stole it’ (is that even possible?). As for the Futanari Palace, I do not know yet if I going to open another account, since mine was set to gibberish.

  9. maybe the person that sent the message was one of those people who like to ruin what others like to consider it as fanciful here in mexico the series like naruto and one piece are not as in the other countries that are edited by sanji example ofOne oiece always smoke but here goes sucking palettes can believe it.


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