Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Renamon Problems

The developer of the slave Renamon, ZeroBoyd, recently got a cease and desist letter ordering him to stop using Renamon

His inital post

Received a Cease and Desist Order for Renamon. No idea how it happened, but it happened. Request that this thread be closed and possibly for Renamon to not be included in future releases. With this I will also leave the forum.
A later clarification
Hello, ZeroBoyd here.

I apologize for leaving my post short. I changed my password to giborish for the forum to keep me from logging in further to prevent temptation to continue on Renamon. By this I won't return to the forum.

The Cease and Desist order was from the copyright holders of Renamon, not the individual artists that the images were found from. The main reseaon was that a beast (Renamon) was being involved in sexual activities.

This order has brought a lot of confusion upon me as well as you and I am sorry that I made it further confusing by leaving a short post. My main confusion is how they recieved my e-mail and physical mail when the download link was as a free, anonymous user, nothing more.

I hope that no one else on the forum would have this issue occur to them.

I have had some people at the FutanariPalace forum feel doubtful as to why they would only ask for Renamon to be removed, believing it to be a hacker/troll or whatever.

I find it difficult to know what to do here so I am erring on the cautious side and
I am removing Renamon as an official slave from the game.

This is the first time anything this significant has happened for the game, it was rather surprising. Especially considering the large amount of Renamon porn you can find on the web with rather trivial searches. For instance a lot of the image sites, both furry and non-furry have a large amount. One furry site has 4000+ images, another larger site over 14,000 images.

In general
If an artists works are used uncredited, please ask anytime and I will add appropriate credits to the game and links as requested.

 I certainly intend no offense to any copyright holders and will comply with any legal request to remove content.


  1. Is it possible to still get her through...unofficial channels as it were?

  2. Certainly understandable that everyone would want to err on the side of caution. However, your use of Renamon seems to fall within the Parody category of fair use. Obviously I couldn't advise this for certain, but there are many places that will help content providers being challenged by copyright holders on a pro bono basis. Check out for one example.

    1. By the sounds of it they are willing to argue this not on the idea of it being a parody but, rather, that it is bestiality. Which is arguable... But, all the same, I doubt you would win.

  3. "The Cease and Desist order was from the copyright holders of Renamon"
    What? Really? Are you saying that a japanese (Because Renamon it's a Digimon, and Digimon it's from Toei Animation and Akiyoshi Hongo.) complained about a release here, when it's full of Renamon porn, even in Pixiv, the top site with images?
    Did i get it wrong? It sound nosense to me. o.o"

    1. I believe this was the kicker: "The main reseaon was that a beast (Renamon) was being involved in sexual activities."

      Since Nintendo went crazy for a Pi*nite raping its tra*ner I would assume that Bandai would go the same route for Renamon.

    2. i think that it is more Bandai Namco case, because they are the copyright holders for Digimon in the US and europe ...

      and the most japanese artist/ mangaka or whatever are pretty open for fan works

    3. And what about the other Digimon characters in the game, Lillymon and Angewomon? Are those in 'danger' too? (o.o.)

    4. Possibly it is because they are not beasts as that was explicitly mentioned?

  4. Im not gonna lie i cried a little first time iv seen somthing like this happen to free content hopefully the last to but now im tempted to create a furry for this game. i would love a new furry slave for this game. so now to figure out what type of furry to make, theres already catgirls and even krystals in there, maybe a bird furry?

  5. It's too bad he stopped; copyright can't do shit because this entire game falls under fair use. If cmac were making ANY sort of profit then maybe, but because no one is getting any money, they couldn't have done JACK SHIT AND THEY KNOW IT. Fear mongering asshats. I would have told them to go fuck themselves and then frame their idiotic letter.

    If anyone wants to pick up the project, know this: they can't touch you unless you try to turn a profit off of it.

    PS: Cmac you are friggin' great man, keep up the fantastic work! But be sure to take it easy too :P

    1. Sure they can. They can take him to court and keep him there until he's so poor and desperate enough to give in. Its how big corporations steal from independent inventors. I'm not sure if they'd be willing to spend the money to do that to him but sometimes its better to be safe than sorry.

      I've had corporations do this to both my Mom and my uncle. My Mom eventually won after about 5 years but the corporation went bankrupt and she didn't get squat from her contracted severance package. My uncle is still in court and is getting close to bankruptcy despite having a patent and being able to show that he tried to sell them the device before they stole it.

    2. I understand that corporations can be tremendous assholes and bullies, but you are not quite right in this particular scenario. You even touched on it yourself: they wouldn't be willing to spend money on a lawsuit that they KNOW they could never profit from.

      I'm sorry your family got screwed over by greedy pig-fuckers, but trying to get your severance package / monetary compensation of patent theft from a large corporation is an entirely different matter than defending yourself from predatory prosecution by one. In the former, you have to prove (within a degree of certainty) that they have committed a crime against you, which as you noted can be hard if they stall and use dirty tactics.

      However, for copyright, fair use is a strong defense in this case: It is a non-commercial work with a transformative quality, using a relatively small percentage of the original copyrighted material, and would not substitute for the original in any market. That's basically a grand-slam. And they know it.

      And that shit about "I'm not sure if ... but sometimes its better to be safe than sorry." are the exact chilling-effects they are trying to cause.

      Of course, this is only US law, if its any other country it could be different. But the main point is, at least learn your rights before you decide to give in (or not).

    3. Please note (not that it matters much) I am covered by Australian law not US law

    4. I'm pretty sure Fair Use is an international law, not a US law.

    5. Fair use is a tad wacky. Same with parody laws. They seem to be in effect for the most part unless someone starts litigation. Keep in mind, the owners of the copyright just need to show that someone is using their character in a way that is not meant to be informative and it's entirely possible to bone someone in court. Fair use and parody are protected speech primarily in that they're used to present information or for the purpose of education. The actual laws are heavily misunderstood by people who think they actually have protections they don't.

      I only know this because I had a teacher back that was heavily into copyright law and showed me a bit of info about it. Specifically a case, similar to this in a sense, where a person was using a piece of altered artwork for the sake of an educational seminar. Despite it's use in a non-profit for education work, my teacher actually took the man to court and won. No major payment or anything, that wasn't the point. Some people just get antsy when others use their work/idea without permission.

      Regardless of that particular discussion, it's entirely possible that were it Bandai that contacted him, he could have been successfully sued after the cease and desist. That of course hinges on the person sending the note being the actual copyright holder which I'm more than a tad skeptical about.

      Anyway, sorry if I went on a tangential rant, just getting a bit of info out there that I learned back in college. Copyright law is one hell of a quagmire and kind of a crap-shoot when it comes to the courts.

    6. Using copyrighted material in ways that are not informative don't "bone someone in court" on that basis alone.

      "Fair use and parody are protected speech primarily in that they're used to present information or for the purpose of education" - Absolutely wrong. There are plenty examples of people using parody getting sued who fight and win by citing fair use. Family Guy comes to mind immediately.

      It sounds like the person your professor sued was actually violating at least 2 of the 4 principals of Fair Use. Even though it was not for profit, the purpose of the work was the same for what he was using it in, and it could potentially substitute for his work in the area of the market.

      He may have even been violating it in even more ways: He may have used a large portion of the copyrighted material, and there is a potential profit motive in at least two ways: If the seminar host is charging for admission (which is usually the case) then a profit is indeed being made off of his works. Secondly, and more importantly, it effects the speaker's reputation, and a professor's reputation can easily be linked to his pay-scale. I'm not at all surprised your professor won.

      I would be surprised if that, in THIS case, they would even have a leg to stand on:
      1) The purpose and character of use of the work was for non-profit, versus the commercial use of the copyrighted work.
      2) There is a transformative quality to the work.
      3) There is only a small amount of the copyrighted material used.
      4) The work would not substitute for the original in any market.

      Did your teacher tell you HOW he won? The law is only a crap-shoot for people who don't understand the law, and with using juries. Sure, you can get unlucky, but that's the exception more than the rule. You're far more likely to lose by your argument falling apart.

    7. Depending on who the C&D was from, and where ZeroBoyd is located determines if International Convention or United States law applies.

      Not to get too technical here, but profit motive is not necessary for copyright infringement. Also, there is potential trademark "confusion" present, which might also be a basis for the C&D.

      For international and comparative Copyright and Neighboring Rights, the appropriate international law is the Berne Convention, as amended most recently in the 'Paris Act 24' in July of 1971, specifically Articles 1-21 and 28-30.

      Specifically, Article 6, section 1, states that "Independently of the author's economic rights, and even after the transfer of said rights, the author shall have the right to claim authorship of the work and to object to any distortion, mutilation or other modification of, or other derogatory action in relation to, the said work, which would be prejudicial to his honour [sic] or reputation."

      The "author" of this work, in this case, is the corporation who hired the person to come up with the character (under employment theory of ownership, a.k.a that they were paid for their work, time and effort in creating the character on someone else's behalf). See Restatement of the Law of Agency, Second Edition, Section 220.

      If ZeroBoyd is located in the US, different rules apply. The US Constitution grants limited exclusive rights to works created by authors under Article 1, Section 8.

      These rights are modified by "Fair Use" provisions, which requires an analysis of:

      (1) the purpose and the character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes; (some use in a non-profit-motivated endeavor can STILL be infringement, and some profit-motivated use can still be "fair use").

      (2)the nature of the copyrighted work

      (3) the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and

      (4) the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.

      With all the works of SlaveMaker3, if CMac was in the US, there would be a reasonable argument that the whole thing would qualify as "fair use" under the auspices of 'Parody.'

      Under analysis (1): It is OBVIOUS parody of the characters. Weighs strongly.
      Under analysis (2): The nature of the copyrighted work: Was it created with "profit motive" as its sole source of idea, or was it created as an artistic expression? Even with the strongly recognizable characters, that they have "character history." (let's call them the "Disney" set, the obvious 'cross-grain' to that history that the game provides the parody that they're not confused with the normal histories. It is "transformative" as noted above. While this is strong, it is less strong than #1.

      Under analysis (3) the portion used: All things considered, it's tiny. none of the artists are using "sanctioned" art, so any "character" copyright infringement would be a "secondary" to begin with. Again, parody rears up, as any back-story of the characters is usually minor. Now, there would be a "stronger" argument for any "non-vanilla" slave that has something unique to that character's history, but still, it would clearly fall into parody, merely slightly more accurate parody.

      under analysis (4) the effect upon the potential market or value of the copyrighted work is nil. CMac is targeting an entirely different "market" than the copyright owners, which the copyright owners will NEVER target.

  6. I honestly doubt that C&D is real there have been tons of fake ones lately because they scare people away from things but she was pretty vanilla anyways.

  7. Yeah, I seriously doubt it was legit, and even if it was, you're entirely in the right, but unless you've got serious money, the risk involved in standing up to it can ruin you.

    It's all well and good to talk about how somebody has to stand up to this shit, but when it's you facing down prospect of getting ruined rather than anonymous internet dude #45194, suddenly the magnitude of the risk involved becomes a lot more clear.

  8. This is why I'd like to cast my paralegal eyes on it. Main reason why I feel it is less than legit is because it was served to ZeroBoyd instead of the Core Game Developer, Cmac. A module is nothing. It is the Game which would be targeted.

    And as there are a couple Rennie/whassername-the-trainer porn –not to mention the other digi/humans– flash games still going strong, I highly doubt the matter is bestiality. Less so since it is a Japanese Intellectual Property, and Japan is allllllllll about allllllll kinds of sexy "hentai-versions". There are umpteen Digimon doujinshi. So, yeah, I want to see it for myself, and if necessary run it past whoever I might know versed in the law of the CDO's issuing country.

    1. Hi Robin,

      It could be Character ownership vs overall "property" ownership. And/or it could be the US owners enforcing their copyright against a US "infringer" (aka a "local" action instead of an international treaty action). Or it could be that this particular character is somehow special vs the other characters mentioned.

      Or, it actually could be that they just are drawing the line at bestial*ty so that there isn't some "crusader" out there that says "BANDAI tolerates use of their character in xxxx game as sex between animals and people."

      But you're right. We ARE short on information.

  9. How soon can we expect new release of full updated game?
    Just curious, no need to rush...:)

    1. Anon,

      Bad timing on that question at this moment.


      Just My two cents on the Ren issue:

      Firstly, on the face of it; If it was legit, the entire dojin/fanfic world would be in mortal danger. That would
      include any character from any source used outside of copyright boundaries.

      Secondly; Last year, there was a spate of attacks by what I refer to as "Extortionware". The victim was hit by something that installed a file that locked up their system, claiming to be from the gummint (Complete with official logos and such), saying that you were trying to download illegal porn or music files, etc... It went on to say that the only way to remove it before a given number of days pending sending the info to the authorities was to go to a wire-service outlet and pay a "fine". This sounds rather similar in nature, even if not exactly the same thing.

      Lastly; ZB, I don't know what to tell you offhand, but I feel that you got hit by a bot. As was stated earlier in the thread, there are MUCH bigger fish out there for them to spear. Why would they single you out? It makes no sense.


  10. The best way to avoid legal ramifications is to avoid using the actual characters' names. Most of the pics used for many of the slaves are not even originally intended to portray the actual slave...they usually just share a likeness. No legal team would be able to pursue the SM project if the pics were similar but different, and the names were similar but different.

  11. Oh hell how did they find out about it? and if they found it what's to stop the others from bringing the copyright hammer on this game?

    1. It was probably a troll who lurks on FP and here.

      They also probably could've done a reverse IP lookup.


  12. I hate to accuse someone of lying but isn't this just a lie? I guess it caused certain problems at home and now they have to quit SM but for it to be copyright I don't think so. Firstly it has already been stated that the pics belong to various artists, no one has ever claimed they have done any of the art and secondly what is there to sue no one makes any profit from this.

    I don't know about the rest of you guys and girls but where I come from you 100% cannot sue someone or have them remove something based on copyright when its a non-profit making entity however have no idea how Australia laws work so its best to play it safe. If they really did that is pretty shitty when they get free promotion of their characters too.

    1. Where are YOU located? If I remember my classes correctly, there are only 3 or 4 countries which aren't signatories to the Berne Convention. ALL of them allow non-profit motives to be challenged and to have "infringing" material removed (in the US, it falls under DCMA).

      It is the nature of the work, not the "profit motive" which is determinative.

  13. That... doesn't make any sense.

    Renamon is the most prolific Digimon in all of rule 34. Thousands of people have used her/him/it without permission. Why haven't any of the artists/authors or other game designers ever gotten any cease and desist letters over their Renamon smut?

    I think the guy just got cold feet due to the pressure or something, and made up the whole cease and desist deal. I think anyone who feels they can continue the character content for the game should go right ahead and do it.

  14. I say we just disregard this "cease and desist" stuff and have someone else develop her. If it turns out true then this Ziroboyd suffers. If it's false then alls fine. Whose with me?

    1. Sorry no, I am not willing to let a developer suffer. As I noted for simplicity Renamn is not part of the game and I will not include her in further releases.

      If ZeroBoyd should let me know the letter was fake then sure Renamon is back in, but not until that happens.

  15. Another thing worth noting, often times a lot of copyright claims are made simply for the sake of maintaining copyright.
    It isn't nesseccarily that they need or want to go to court over it, but they need to send out a claim, so that they have proof they're still defending their copyright over it.

    I remember something along the lines of that if they don't contest it at least a little when/if they find out, they lose the copyright over it.

    So it could, in this case, simply be beaurocratic proceedure, not nesseccarily that they give a damn.

    1. Yes. That is called "having the property fall into the 'public domain.'"

      If you don't at least attempt to enforce your copyright, that is what happens (similar with "trademark" protection). You are deemed to have "waived" your right to object to others use of your work. The longer it goes on, the more likely a court is to determine that waiver has occurred.

      Some notable examples in the trademark relm are Frosted Flakes, Corn Flakes, Band-Aid, Xerox.... The list goes on and on.

    2. This principle applies to trademark law, but NOT to copyright law. You don't have to defend a copyright to keep it.

  16. you need to check if the direction of the mail is the real deal when they say are copyright holders but they no said who exactly are is strange

    1. That reminds me...

      Zeroboyd, if you're reading this and still have the e-mail, I'd like to have him check something. Notably the header of the e-mail.

      Pretty much every e-mail client has a way to verify the sender info who originally sent the e-mail, and it can trace it through all filters where scammers often fake their name. In MSN Live (or Outlook), you can right-click on the message and select "View Message Source."

      It'll pretty much show a traceroute text file which shows all the information related to the e-mail in getting from the original sender to your computer. It'll look like HTML code, but if you still have the e-mail, could you try copying and pasting it here?


    2. Obviously, I should mention that you should look for any personal information, such as your own e-mail address and name, and censor it out for privacy purposes. Just put XXXXXXXXXXX wherever there is private info.


  17. I've heard there is new popular scam where a hacker attains your RL address and sends out a fake C&D, its something like this decades Nigerian prince scam.

    1. I would agree if the letter demanded a "Settlement" fee to be paid.

      However, that doesn't seem to be the case here, as they just seem to be demanding that ZeroBoyd stop work on the property in question. Doesn't seem like a payoff would be generated from that sort of thing.

  18. Fact of the matter is, at this point the information we have only indicates that *ZeroBoyd* was issued a CDO. Not Cmac, not the Game nor game development team. Only one particular developer.

    Who, for any who might wish to claim him an "employee" of anything related to Slavemaker, has quit. CDO fulfilled.

    Which now means someone *else* could pick up the reins and continue. Cmac *could* continue with Rennie in the game as he was not specified. That would stand up in any court.

    Again IMO, a *real* CDO would not have targeted a bit-worker, but the main project itself. Cut off the head of a snake and all… That too would stand in any court. Lawyers know where to best apply a surgical action and they know a technicality can mean the difference between a win and a loss.

    So, ZB, please PM me.

    1. Love Robin, I have not forgotten about it. Some real life stuff, excluding the CDO, has arrived at my door step and won't leave until Sept 6.

      It should be finished by Sept 7, and I should be able to attempt to access the forum on that date, probably.

      As for the matter of why they sent it to me, I'm still trying to figure out HOW they sent it to me.

    2. Just to expand upon the problem of why Sept 7.

      Younger sibling decided to get married. Thought it wise to inform the family about it at the end of August. It was also decided that the ceremony would be at my place because the scenery looks pretty. I had no say in the matter. I just got word of it Monday, Sept 2.

      Between the CDO, the Wedding, and School I'm kind of a nervous wreck.

      -- ZeroBoyd

    3. Well in response to Love Robin, I was also immediately suspicious of the same things... only one person developing one slave was targetted, and that one slave has countless amounts of porn already on the internet.

      It's a good enough reason to be suspicious the sender of the C&D. That's why I suggest seeing who sent the e-mail by looking at the header, or by scanning and blacking out personal info the letter you got in the mail.

      Believe me, there are plenty of ways to get ones' personal info on the internet. It's kinda scary when you think about how someong could do a reverse IP trace, Google e-mail search, or numerous other ways. You may even have spyware sending your personal info without you even knowing. In a worst case scenario, it could even be someone close to you who's snooping in your computer's files and sent it to you as a prank.

      Personally, I think it's a troll, a scammer, a "social engineer," or just some psycho who's in love with Renamon but doesn't want to see her treated this way (or was working on his own module for Renamon). :P I mean, you didn't get the C&D until AFTER she was out, even though you announced it before, right?


    4. The wedding is over. One thing done, more to go. I also have some good news, probably.

      I did some weird phone search on google on the business card I received in the mail, just now found out you could do that.

      The business card I received was printed in English and had an English written address (e.g maple street blah blah) for a legal office of where the CDO was sent from. The search resulted in the phone number being listed in Kyoto, Japan (could not translate the prefecture well) and was a Pizza Hut and the map clearly said Kyoto. When I tried to put in the street address the computer yelled at me.

      From this I have taken that the card does not match the phone number given, unless layers work in or above a Pizza Hut. And I doubt that if they work for Bandai-Namco they would be working above a Pizza Hut. This might help prove the CDO is false, however, I do know that the Internet is not always correct. I believe the CDO will determine that, but it is just a half a page of text.

      Fenril, that is scary. Renamon was anounced before she was released and at least a good month or two before a download link was available. I also forgot I need to scan the physical document for Love Robin so I will either find someplace that can do it or just use the e-mailed copy.


    5. Ive heard of a group of people who try to flame and cause trouble for people who use renamon in a demeaning or pornographic way. I first heard of them through the youtuber DasBoSchitt who used a renamon model in one of his videos. This was his result in spite of them.
      The response from this "group" of silly people can be found in the description.

  19. Maybe not important to this issue .

    But any chance the main game can be upgraded ?
    Assistant able to do more options when they are part of your house hold .
    Cause having them in love not able to even work in Olson and Brothel or even cook and clean .

    Minor Slaves having more options , like Urd running her shop .
    More stats training in minor slaves , especially those slaves bought back or in love .

    Things like Red Lilly finished
    Lady Grey turned into a slave after X conditions are fullfilled .
    More Quests, or end goals in sandbox .
    Like becoming lord of the realm .
    Having Red Mansion etc etc ..
    Hell even enslaving the whole "Fantasy" kingdom !

    I mean it is all nice , new slave packs :)
    But want more core game options .

    1. There were many good suggestions several blog posts ago. It's probably back in the archives by now, but Cmac asked for suggestions for the next major update.

      My personal stance on the matter is "the more the slavemaker can do, the more the slave can do." Plus, it's a one-to-many situation. For example, if you don't start with Catslave Training, you can learn it normally through events in the game, and then by doing these events the first time, you can train many slaves to be catslaves without having to spend a whole week unlocking the ability to do so.

      The Red Lily event was being developed by someone else, so Cmac doesn't want to step on the developer's toes by finishing it, himself. Hasn't heard anything in a year, so it's probably not going to be finished.

      In that case, I do have an idea. Make an option to "Turn on/off Incomplete Events." Red Lilly would be one event affected by such an option. Lady Gray might be another.

      Personally, I do a lot of Take a Walk events at night, and usually personally supervise those events. Red Lilly seems to have a 100% chance of occuring if you personally supervise a walk to the Palace at night, so if I need to do any other events, I have to make my assistant take my slave there.


  20. You can come to Uruguay
    In Uruguay copyright laws are not like in other parts of the world
    You have to pay to a government entity and register for a broken system.
    At the end the reality is that you can copy up to win or offi or whatever you want and sell it anywhere in sight of all.

  21. I would really like less slaves now , but more game core upgrade .

    That collecting a household in sandbox is more then just well a achievement , I haven't been playing this game as long , but really love the sandbox option .
    It just feels unfinished , like example you got a Assistant in love with you , that assistant becomes part of the household , so you hire a new assistant , you can't even promote the "love" assistant back .
    Aside from sending them to do daily job to get income , help with other feature .

    Well am not ingratefull for this game infact the opposite , just I can see so much room for improvement .
    especially in sandbox mode , since that is the collect the ones you like stage .
    Now love the new slaves , each there own kind and preference .

    But it is beter to work on replay ability , since we already have way too many slaves .
    Replay ability or feeling of advancement is turning slaves and assistance into part of your household .
    And advancing them from there on .

    Red Lily probaly was created to make your female slavemaker a submissive personality , which in this game is too hard to implement , how about using that idea to make a rival slavemaker of opposite gender/hermaphrodite , to conquer or lose too .
    (so no matter what the player does , if lose or win , they get control of that household and vice versa)

    So can use that idea as start with Lady Grey , before tackling on the idea of red lily and rival slavemaker .
    This create a interesting dilemma when hiring new slave , random are taken by the rival .
    A bit like competition and can expand onto multiple rivals .

    Am just trying to help Cmac get new ideas and views , while in game terms it is hard to implement .
    But would solve the I get bored option , other idea is to turn current fighting mechanics into group fighting mechanics ,so the stronger your house hold the stronger you are .

    1. Be advised that the number of slaves has very very very little to do with Cmac, nor any impact of his efforts in upgrading the Core Game.

      With the exception of a handful which are Cmac's own, ALL THE REST ARE MADE BY 3RD PARTY DEVELOPERS. And yes, existing ones are still being upgraded, with MORE on the way. Same with Assistants and Minor Slaves.

      Has *nothing* to do with Cmac.

      Of course, for any who do not wish to have ALL the slaves, that is why we broke them into packs of 10… getting 10 when you only want a couple being better than having 100 forced on you all at once.

      Please get used to it.

      As for your other suggestions, you are welcome to join us at the Palace and help on the various developers' projects. Such as the Red Lily, which is not Cmac's, nor has anything to do with his Lady Grey Events.

  22. Cmac I've found a bug in the current release. When you give lady farun the nymph's tears potion as part of the evil mine quest the game forces dickgirls and furries on regardless of options settings and cannot be disabled again unless you start a new game or load a save before you gave her the potion. Could possibly be resetting the options to default values and thus affecting other options like bad ends and difficulty too, but I've yet to confirm this.

  23. Cmac and Love Robin,

    I have sent the CDO to both of you in a PM on the forums. There should also be two posts in the Renamon slave thread.

  24. Digimon media credit Akiyoshi Hongo with conceiving of and creating Digimon, and date initial copyright claims at 1997

    I doubt this was the group that sent a C&D letter.
    This is another person who got a C&D letter about Renamon

    We even celebrate a day (March 28) for Rena and her Smexyness. So I highly doubt the letter was legit, or if it was a group of stupid people who don't realize they have no power on the internet when it comes to any form of pornographic material that is not illegal in their country. Last time I checked, Furs were not illegal porno material.

    1. If we let idiotic fan groups control the internet, then nothing will exist.

      If you take all the porn off the internet, there will be one site left. And that site will be called, "Please bring back the Porn"

  25. you know its most likely fake

  26. Hi. Just found your site.

    Can you post the letter ? The reason given is really strange since renamon porn, with other mons, animals or humans, is a massive thing. Particularly in Japan.
    In fact Japaneses artists and company often think fan use, even porn, is free advertising and a cool mean to stop the natural decay of characters (lot of people would never had know of renamon without fan porn).


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