Saturday, November 1, 2014

Starting Release

I am starting the release for version 3.4.01. I have stopped seeding the torrent for version 3.4 and I am uploading the update files.

Once the updates are uploaded I will recreate and start seeding a new full torrent This can be used to update an existing game installation

The various packs will follow later over the next week.

As an aside
Full Game:  6.03Gb
Update: 618Mb

It would be possible to provide a limited update of the core game only, without updates for Minor Slaves, Assistants, Slaves and a new Slave. This is a little complex and can cause issues for the updated minor slaves/assistants. This update would be about 40Mb. If this version is desirable please comment and I can upload it later


  1. Thanks for your work, man. I hope you feel better now.

  2. Keep it up man, luv ur stuff

  3. Great work, thanks.

  4. I would like an update for the 3.4 version + a seperate download all the updated slaves since the last full release torrent if possible.

  5. thanks so much and I look forward to playing the newest version. Also, when you get the updates online, I'll be happy to upload them to a few sites like filefactory, uploaded, etc like last time.

  6. Come on come on; I can’t hardly wait... :P
    I think this blogsite will crash how many times I’d open in a last few hours :D

  7. I'll gladly wait to download the full game version.

  8. Juhu - cant wait so see the .torrent file or the MEGA - Link :-) *like* *like* *like*

  9. Thanks for your work, can't wait to check it out. (Like always)
    Hope your health is better now.


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