Sunday, August 9, 2015


A new release of 3.4.03 is still in development, I had been aiming for a release at the end of last month, but a combination of a dead harddrive and a bad, bad cold have slowed things down.

At this stage my apologies I think I will promise a release by the end of this month but nothing more concrete.

Any developers with new content please contact me preferably by PM at the Futanari Palace or Fenoxo Forums to ensure I include everything in the new release.


  1. As a long time fan.
    We will be grateful for whatever you give us, and whenever it is ready.
    Take care man.

  2. Great! I look forward to it! Will it is have some noticeable fixes or is it to fix some bugs?

  3. Pretty rad! I just got back into playing this. Can't wait to see how much you've changed in the update!

  4. Lookup the primal and paleo diet try one of those I used to get sick constantly but barely get sick more than once every 3 months now.

    Also shouldn't you consider calling it 3.5 or 3.4.1 based on how long it's been/how much you've probably changed?

    1. really what does a version number matter to you? It means literally nothing to a user. It is only a means for developers for bug support so they know in which timeframe a bug is added/found so they can replicate is easier. For a user it means nothing. For all I care cmac calls it v123751723.2138658.7369.1.jasdgja sure he gets a headache just watching at that but for me it means 0 beyond the fact I should give it when I find a bug.

      If your IT dept fixates on the version numbering for rolling out releases then they are fools and show clear lack of knowledge. They should check changelogs to see if the issue/feature they find useful is fixed/added not whether it is v3.9 v3.9.1 or v4.0

      heck there isn't even a "standard" to begin with so the whole debate is even useless from the start. there are the v1.x.x.x release the eternal beta/ v0.x the date releases, the svn releases, the name releases some devs probably use star date releases as well

    2. I have no problems with people suggesting version changes, there is no need to get all out of shapre over a minor suggestion

      Version number matter because of perceptions and common usage
      - a change like 3.4.01 to 3.4.03 commonly means a minor revision where it is more small incremental changes, bug fixes wtc
      - a change from 3 to 4 generally should mean a major change with new features and improvements.

      FireFox though seems to have a completely different approach but this is the commonest way versions are used

      Generally for this game I reserver updates like 3.4.03 (ie the 03 changes) to represent a small bug fix release with no significant feature changes)
      A change from 3.3 to 3.4 represents significant game play changes like new trainings or major event alterations.

      3.4.03 is close to being 3.5 but I am indecisive.

    3. Two other major aspects you should also consider for version changes are, one trainer related changes (like character creation related or events) since they must weight more than slave related content due to their across the board effect. Two, game back-end changes, since they could break the usage for some hardware/system setups then they must entail a version change even if no playthrough mechanics is changed.

  5. If you change the ionterface, 3.5 would be apropiate. In any case, a great news for a great game.

  6. I'm anxious for the end of the month now! ^,^

  7. Perhaps this is a known bug, but Saeko Busujima has fairly big ones (3.4.03):
    Even checking the "Talk" rule - which usually halts conversation degradation - hers falls no matter what.
    Some of her night ations have negative impacts on normal skills too - in particular Masturbate interferes with conversation. Also, when loading a save of her from the start of her training, it lists her Warrior Spirit and Neko Spirit as "NaN/100", which I know is how Flash identifies Null values.
    Ironically, her constitution improves through Etiquette, WTF?

    1. Apologies, I meant Yoruichi,
      Also, when I load my save that is some days into her training (had Warrior Spirit up to 100), it NaNs both Warrior and Neko spirit.

  8. three days left, will he be able to do it?

  9. Nope, in all fairness the forum did crash in addition to drive problems. Completely understandable.


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